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When he walks into the hotel room to meet his boss’ wife – Aisha – for the planned tryst Olai expected to find her hot on the bed waiting for him He does find her on the bed naked But then there is a curved stabbing knife hanging from her chest in a vicious stab Blood She had just been murdered and blackmail is an angry bitchOn the other end of town the SSS has just lost the Senate President and the only lead they have on the crime is the senator’s wedding ring But then the ring is missing and in its place is a personalized letter sent to the Head of the SSS signed the angel of death The killer is one step ahead of them and the SSS knows it is only a matter of time before there is another murderThere is only one man who knows how to stop this killer But Olai would never take up the case especially when he has just been commissioned by General Omar Ali – his boss – to find the man who had planned to spend the night with – Aisha – his wife and to put a bullet in the man’s headOlai finds himself between a hard place and the rock of Gibraltar when he finds out the man who kills Aisha is the same person who murdered the Senator But he has twelve hours to prove himself since the police has that much time to find out the man who had planned a night out with the senator’s wifeOlai is really in a Sueeze

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