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Eight years ago Michigan retirees Jack and Beverly Donnelly had helped Libby Newton recover from an unspeakable tragedy Now the tables are turned and it’s the old couple who need Libby’s help when the most recent conseuences of Beverly’s progressing dementia have left the old couple homeless Libby now the general manager of Banyan Bay Resorts one of Orlando’s premier timesharing properties secretly stashes the old couple in a new luxury unit intended for the resort’s VIP guests until she can find them a new home But the problems start almost immediately as Beverly’s dementia leaves her in a state of constant confusion over her unfamiliar surroundings and when she announces that she’s seen “Thanksgiving pilgrims” unloading boxes behind the resort’s pizzeria Beverly’s announcement falls on deaf ears – until Rebecca Kendall an attorney from Seattle shows up at the resort a short time later trying to retrace the last steps of her nineteen year old Amish daughter found dead in a south Florida motel six weeks earlier Libby doesn’t believe the two incidents are connected until Beverly is found dead a short time later the tragic victim of a double homicideWith the help of her sister Mia who’s in Florida doing an exposé on the elusive treasure salvor Dain Lyons they retrace Beverly’s last steps – only to stumble upon a killer who soon has the sisters convinced that poor Beverly had been the sanest one of them all

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    This book has it all a little romance some suspense and uite a bit I never saw that coming It is a combination cozy mystery and suspenseromance which makes it a great book for all three genres of readers This story entwines the lives of Libby her sister Mia the couple that helped Libby through a horrible time in her life and Rebecca a mother trying to understand what happened to her daughter

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    This is a combination book cozy mystery romance and suspensethriller I am not sure that is not just too much for one book The storyline is rather complex and there are lots of divergent but relater sub plots As I read the book I sometimes had to stop to think about just who was who and what was going on with this and other characters and whether there was any tie in with the basic story or whether that was yet to come I only gave it four stars because of that I think if the reader likes one of these genres they could find the book interesting but could also find the book a bit much like I did The basic story line involves staff at a resort in Florida who are involved in a variety of things besides their basic jobs helping a less fortunate couple drugs possible murder to name a few The writing is well done though can be overpowered by trying to figure out what exactly was going on and how it all relates Character development was also well done I personally think there could have been better developed romance in the story but I am a romantic at heart I did enjoy reading the book and the ending was somewhat of a surprise one little sub plot that crept in at the last moment I think anyone who is looking for a book that will surprise himher with all that it has would enjoy this one Just be ready for something that looks like the author tried and succeeded for the most part to include anything and everything in the way of different genres I received this from Library Thing to read and honestly review

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    Turn A Blind Eye by Marta Tandori5 STARKudos Ms Tandori Turn A Blind Eye has it all; a little romance some suspense and uite a lot of I never saw that coming It is a combination cozy mystery and suspenseromance which I found uite delightful a must read for all who love these three genresThis story entwines the lives of Libby her sister Mia and her love interest Dain a salvage hunter off the coast of the Florida Keys Jack and Beverly Donelly the older couple that helped Libby through a horrible time in her life and Rebecca a mother trying to understand what happened to her daughter Add to the cast of characters a drug cartel missing drugs a cold blooded hit man and even an innocent Amish family caught up in the middle of drug smugglingMs Tandori has a great talent for creating suspense and the story is a whirlwind of subtle dramas that come together wellThe twists are timed well and the need to know just what is going to happen next makes this a good one for mystery lovers the suspense is awesomeFrom page one until the very end Ms Tandori has a way of lending details to the story that make it impossible for the reader to put the book downBe prepared to stay up late you won't want to stop reading you won't be able to stop reading

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    Turn A Blind Eye A Florida Murder Mystery by Marta TandoriJack and Beverly Donnelly are dear friends of Libby Newton When Beverly’s dementia leaves the couple homeless Libby decides to help Libby is the manager of a hotel in Florida and decides to let the couple secretly stay in one of the rooms Beverly sees something but with her state of mind is not sure what happened Beverly doesn't realize she is in danger and she just witnessed a crimeThen Rebecca Kendall an attorney from Seattle shows up to investigate the murder of her nineteen year old daughter Also Mia Beverly's younger sister comes to town to investigate a story regarding a sunken treasureSoon Beverly and Mia are working together to solve a mystery People are ending up dead Together the two are determined to find the truth Can the dead girl and the crime Beverly witnessed somehow be connected?A fast paced murdermystery Set in Florida a great location There is suspense drug dealers and family secrets The story is original the characters are likable an the plot is interesting and kept me guessing I feel those who love a good who done it will enjoy Turn A Blind Eye

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    I have read other Marta Tandori books so I looked forward to this one The prologue was interesting However I can't shake the feeling that this story has been written by other writers with far less talent than this author The story is okay but there are too many characters which were not very interesting and too many subplots If you want to spend some mind numbing time reading a decent book then this title is for you Honestly this review is hard to write given the uality of the other works Continuance Too Little Too Late and No Hard Feelings that I have read by this author

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    An interesting portrayal of events when a conservative culture crosses paths with the darker side of modern life I really liked this aspect of the story but found the rest of the book a little short on detail when it came to credibility and depth of the other characters Perhaps the author was trying too hard to create a happy ending for everyone when the real outcome of the story as presented included tragedy for all principal character groups I would have liked to see input from an editor to address these issues

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    Turn A Blind Eye started out at a fast pace I was immediately drawn into the story The author did a great job keeping my interest through out the entire book I was happy to read how the two sisters repaired their relationship Marta Tandori should write a seuel

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    Great characters that stand on their own and have their own storiesthis fast paced storylinethis is a great example of six degree separationthe characters finally converge in one ending at one locationa good and simple well written bookthat everyone will enjoy

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    Blind EyeIt was a little hard to follow in the beginning but it finally made sense how all the characters were connected It had a lot of twists and turns but it kept the story interesting I liked the fact there was very little nasty talk All in all a good story

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    Great book lots of twists and turns in the plot very enjoyable I look forward to reading of her books