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Billy is than a little nervous Even with all the excitement of his first kids only camp out there is something truly bothering him Listen to the fire crackle as the Miller children in their campfire tradition each tell a story Will the fire last till Billy can fall asleep? Worse yet what will happen when it is his turn to tell a story? Lastly why won’t the fly and mosuito buzzing around the campfire leave him alone?As in traditional Twilight Zone episodes that the author grew up with Mr Cognard creates three uniue and unpredictable stories that both children and adults will all enjoyThe book is packed with illustrations by Gabriella Cognard a tween with artistic flair well beyond her years Alternate cover edition ISBN13 9781482320985

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    Important Update I had to share this book with two of my favorite young readers Many thanks to the author illustrator for making each gift so special for these girls I found one young lady at a baseball tournament last weekend and happily handed over her copy Later in the day her mother tracked me down My sweet Stella tore her eyes from the pages long enough to look at her mom and say I think this is going to be the best book I've ever readSo my review is superfluous now At first I want to judge this book by its cover The campfire calls to me then captivates as I notice it’s not at simple as it seems But before I know it I’m completely caught up in the uintessential summer read Three siblings surround the glowing embers to swap stories and sleep under the stars Billy being the youngest is participating fully for the first time so being in his head at the beginning perfectly sets the scene“Billy began to worry that like the fire he might not make it through the night”The eldest Jack begins with a fantastic tale featuring a dragon When Chelsea follows with her own natty narrative she subtly weaves in bits and pieces from her brother’s story in a sweet but not corny kind of way Billy may be bringing up the rear but he can spin a yarn as well as his siblings And he’s pretty slick about bringing in a real life characterAuthentic and relatable in a dreamy sort of way I thoroughly enjoyed this tiny tome that probably fits best in the Juvenile Fiction genre but I can easily imagine anyone enjoying it Huge thank you to the author for sharing this with me

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    Billy is excited yet nervous about attending his first ever kids only camp out with his siblings Chelsea and Jack Billy is the youngest of his siblings and it is his first camp out with them He is afraid of the dark and what will happen when their camp fire burns out? As per tradition each sibling tells a story around the campfire What will Billy talk about? How will he face his fear of the dark when he and his siblings finish their campfire stories?Each sibling takes a turn telling his or her not so scary campfire story The stories are cute and appropriate for children of all ages The stories told around the campfire are short cute and will appeal to both boys and girls alike This book was beautifully illustrated by the Author's daughtersI also put this book to the test of my young reader My son has to read nightly for his English class He read Three Twigs for the Campfire over the course of 3 days and really enjoyed it I like that this book is not scary and really does appeal to readers of all ages The stories that are told around the campfire are uniue and entertaining The siblings have a good relationship and encourage each other during the night and while they each tell their tales How will Billy face his fear of the dark? What story will he tell? Read and find outI received a copy of this book from The Author in exchange for an honest reviewSee of my reviews at wwwopenbookpostcom

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    Remember camping out the in the backyard? How about your very first time? Billy is finally old enough to camp out with his brother and sister but what will happen after the fire goes out and they are finished with special campfire stories? Will he be able to sleep outside in the dark with all of the nighttime noises and the bugs? Three youngsters tell their tales around the campfire each using their imaginations to build another world When Billy’s turn comes he surprises even himself as he finally settles in to join an honored family tradition Three Twigs for the Campfire by Joseph Cognard is a delightful trio of short tales woven into one pivotal moment in a young boy’s life Feel the familial love as the older siblings work to keep things tame for Billy and he strives to show his maturity Nothing is too scary but filled with the magical fantasy that lives in a child’s mind Meet a dragon and as each story unfolds and enjoy the memories of camping out for the first time Perfect for bedtime story telling encouraging a child to read to you and talk about each story Perhaps a future storyteller is in the makingI received this copy from Joseph Cognard in exchange for my honest reviewPublication Date January 10 2014Publisher Joseph CognardGenre Middlegrade Fiction ShortPrint Length 64 pagesAvailable from For Reviews More

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    I was given a free Kindle version of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review I would like to thank the author Joseph Cognard for giving me this opportunity I enjoyed this book It was a uick read something that I could snuggle up in bed and read from last night and finish it before my kids woke up this morningThe story is a simple one three children having their annual camp out in their backyard and while they are sitting around the fire each one takes their turn telling their story The stories are rather cute and they contain illustrations which I think add to the book and make it a good book for families to read together I know that when my girls are a little older I'll definitely be reading this book with them I really think it is something that they would like especially due to the fact that they enjoy setting up a tent in our living room and camping None of the stories are scary or even creepy in the slightest which is something I wasn't expecting and it was a nice change to be honest The first story the teenage boy Jack's story is about a dragon and I thought it was heartwarming and cuteI'm glad I had the chance to read this book It truly was a good one and I'll probably read this one again in the future with my kids too

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    If you are looking for something interesting fun and short to read this book is for youWhich seemed a simple story about three siblings having a camp at night in their backyard ended up being a sum of three small stories These stories are very different but somehow amazing in their oddness Billy Chelsea and Jack take turns to tell a story They aren’t the classic horror stories you would tell in a campfire They are stories about friendship dragons a mosuito among other things The main point is that each story entertains you in a different way whether is mystery comedy or just the creative mind of a child The artwork is amazing faithful to the descriptions with easy lines and soft color they are a great addition to the book This book is not recommendable only to kids but to adults as well because they have two levels of interpretation A kid might see it as a fun book however an adult may find important messages between the lines of the story And also a kid might feel relate to some of the characters which could be useful for themOverall a well written book with beautiful drawings easy to understand and with a good storylineI received an ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    This was a delightful read We have two brothers and a sister around the campfire telling stories The youngest Billy is having his first opportunity to stay after dark Each of the kids tells a story and as Billy struggles with the darkness he finds his own story to share This is a great read for upper elementary and middle grade readers It is very entertaining but does have a spooky factor going on to be aware of for the younger reader There are illustrations done as I understand it by the author's daughter that break up the chapters I read this book on my Kindle so they are a little difficult to see on the device but they are a treat to see with the storyI received this book from the author with a reuest for my honest review without any compensation whatsoever other than the joy of reading a new book

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    Three Twigs for the Campfire is a creative short story aimed at children and teens The book has lovely illustrations by the authors two daughters in the first few chapters and the final chapter contains artwork by mixed media artist Karen MullarkeyI received Joseph Cognard's book through Goodreads First Giveaways

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    Three Twigs for the Campfire is a set of three cute vignettes wrapped within a larger children's short story Three Twigs tells the story of Billy on his first ever 'camp out' in the backyard with his two older siblings He's been invited to camp out with them before but was always made to go inside to bed when it got late This time Billy has has free reign to stay out as long as he'd like but it's not as wonderful as he'd imagined The fire begins to die down after a fun evening of ss and storytelling and Billy grows and panicked as the darkness begins to close in around them This happens as each of the siblings tells a surprisingly non spooky campfire story Jack tells a story of a man that trades a dragon for an imaginary mouse Chelsea tells a Pandora's Box esue story in which opening a black box forcibly separates a person's emotions from their body Billy tells a tale of a fly and an adventurous mosuito that simultaneously serves to help him overcome his fear of the dark All three stories are accompanied by illustrations I am obviously not a small child so I tried to put myself in a young child's shoes when I read this story And I uite liked it The stories weren't particularly scary which was nice as I still don't understand why I ever tortured myself as a kid with those Goosebumps books I thought each campfire story was great as a standalone and yet they worked together seamlessly to fit into the overall story of Billy overcoming his fear of the dark Though my adult skepticism had me thinking 'Yeah right this kid got over his fear of the dark in one evening?' I tried to cast my disbelief aside as it's obviously a children's book I liked that it was actually Billy's own story that helped ease his fears the most and in the end it was really up to him He didn't rely on the reassurances of Jack or Chelsea in fact they were asleep by the end he came to his own rational conclusions about the darkness It was kind of cool as an adult to see this kid work individually through these psychological processes My only real criticisms about the book lie in formatting and editorial issues I would have preferred it if each story had been italicised so as to separate the stories of Peter Pam and Julia Benny and Ralph from the thoughts and interactions of Chelsea Jack and Billy There were a couple of instances where I was confused before realising that the author had switched from the imaginary world to the real world Having the stories in italics or even having a couple of spaceslines to better indicate the transition between each 'world' would have made for easier reading I also think the book could use some editing to optimise sentence structure I'm a bit of an English nerd so as I was reading I was mentally going along and rewording things in my head to read better passive vs active sentences connecting sentences etc I also noticed a couple of incorrect uses of apostrophes and semi colons as well as words that don't exist convulted and shinning Not massive issues but I'd suggest that the author borrow an English nerd pal for the afternoon to have a look over his work Overall As someone who doesn't read children's stories this was a cute enjoyable read It was nice to retreat to the world of an 8 year old for a little while and think of how I too feared the dark as a kid I thought the author did a great job in weaving together the three short stories within the larger overarching story I thought the illustrations were cute and younger readers would enjoy them There were a few issues that could be fixed with proof reading but I think it's a nice effort overall FTC Disclaimer This story was sent for review by the author

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    Three Twigs for the Campfire by Joseph Cognard is a very clever entertaining compilation of three short stories each narrated by one of three siblings around a campfire in their backyard The three short stories are not specifically related in any way yet the way Mr Cognard has woven them into a single longer story works very well The entire presentation is fun to read and is completely appropriate for adults as well as children This book is written in a style and manner that a young reader could handle yet it would be eually entertaining for an even younger child to have read to himher In the case of the younger child it would be reasonable to read each of the three short stories on separate nights thus stretching the book out over three nights of bedtime storiesIt's been half a century since I could be considered a young reader or an even younger child but I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed this story Not only did I enjoy the overall story but I enjoyed each of the three campfire tales as told by the siblings There is nothing in this book that could even remotely scare a child or cause one to have nightmares uite the contrary I believe both boys and girls will find this book to be delightful This is one of those books your children will want you to read to them night after night I highly recommend this one Five Stars for Three Twigs

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    Review also posted on my blog Twigs for the Campfire was a charming short story about three siblings Jack Chelsea and Billy each telling their own imaginative story during a camp out at night I thought the title of the book was great – it really fit perfectly with the content and atmosphere in the book Three Twigs for the Campfire was a really fun bookI loved how well the stories were woven together All three were strong and could have stood on their own for a uick children’s read but combined they made for a really creative book Accompanied with fun and uirky illustrations too this book was great entertainmentJack Chelsea and Billy were all likeable characters too although I did expect to see a bit from them instead of the stories they were telling I thought their caring nature and the way they acted with each other was a nice positive sibling portrayal for young readers Billy’s fear of the dark would be relatable too for some children so the plot has all the appealImaginative creative and entertaining sums up Three Twigs for the Campfire for me and I think it’s written really well A brilliant fun choice for young readers and in fact people of all ages 45I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review