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As national governments cede society to international and soon to be intergalactic corporations Sontem launches the Nexus and the Argus two intergenerational starships sent as emissaries to the cosmos but whose sole mission is to secure mining rights for the parent company The ships are armed with the best of mankind's minds and technology and a sense of manifest destiny Captain Anderson Grant of the Nexus the second starship in Sontem's budding armada prepares to boldly fight and screw where no man has before But Anderson and his crew struggle to maintain their humanity in the face of deception exploitation sexually aggressive aliens and a system that ultimately respects its crew for their genetic capacity than their individuality

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    What is it with aliens and sexual experimentation?I received a free copy of this book for an honest non reciprocal review And I'm uite pleased I did for the story certainly kept me interested until the end This book reminded me of those classic old school scifi stories where all the alien races are interested in finding out is what the human space explorers are like in the sack Admittedly being old school the detail in such exploration and experimentation is limited just like on the Nexus So if you're looking for alien eroticafortunately this isn't it I freely admit I didn't like main character Captain Anderson Grant at all He talked about sex so much it sounded like it'd been a long time since he'd had any Yet when he doesah I won't spoil the story for you Wilson illustrated Grant's character so well I wanted to kick Grant in the tender regions myself on numerous occasions Yet his was the ideal perspective to tell the story because of course all the alien races assumed the leader would be the most interesting to experiment on or withI think my dislike for the character made me enjoy some of those parts of the story than I would have if I'd sympathised with the manThe names can be confusing as Grant calls many of his crew by their abbreviated job titles so it was uite easy to get mixed up There is a reason for this that comes clear toward the end of the story Luckily Grant managed to think about them in such a way that it was easy to remember whether the similarly named crew members were male or female The female ones he tended to identify by admiring their bodies or remembering when he'd last seen them wearing very little; whilst the male characters he tended to think about how dodgy they looked smelled or a combination of the two The ending left me in no doubt that there will be a seuel and I'd be interested in reading it for there were whispers of trouble brewing that Grant might not be able to sleep his way out of Though somehow I suspect he'll tryA solid four stars

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    Nexus tells the tale of a starship carrying hundreds of crew that heads into the galaxy to seek out new life and new civilisations – and make mining treaties for the benefit of the corporation who sent them out Their captain is a sex obsessed smart arse and the rest of the crew aren't much better I found myself irresistably imagining Carry on Star Trek for the first half of the novel for the non Brits reading this the Carry On films were a series of innuendo laden comedies – Nexus has much the same feel with vast numbers of sexual references fleeting nudity and efforts at humour but no actual sex scenes The novel has no underlying narrative thrust and feels like a clutch of episodes run together Despite the Star Trek vibes the majority of the events are shipboard with only four somewhat sketchily described alien worlds visited – the core of the story is the interaction between the characters stuck on a ship for the long haul The captain's view is that the majority of that interaction involves sex He also in best Captain Kirk mode gets involved with a sexy alien telepath – the consideration of the rest of the ship's response to her is one of the most interesting themes of the novel As the book continues the ethical and philosophical uestions of the future of the crew and of their obligations to their parent corporation take centre stage leading to a finale that heads onwards in the hopes of a seuel The writing is good and witty in places and has a nice line in SF references It loses a star for the lack of narrative drive but the growing humanity of the characters as the ship travels on compensates for this to some extent Not perfect by any means and the obsession with sex can become a little wearing at times even the aliens seem sex obsessed in human ways but still original than most Star Trek lookalikes

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    The story starts by introducing us to the Captain of the exploratory space vessel Nexus It is the second ship to leave under the guidance of the Sontem corporation to seek out new worlds and establish mining contracts with them The captain is a foul mouthed and has no internal filter He speaks his mind and he does in a way that people respect This even includes a young man who gives the Captain a poor first impression by harassing a young woman He is renamed Private Dickbite by the CaptainThe story follows the crew as they travel from world to world looking for sentient species they can negotiate contracts with Their methods are less than admirable and in some cases disturbing but the crew is just doing their jobs as laid out by the Sontem corporation I don't want to say much specifically about the story since it builds upon itself uite uickly but on a ship that is design for many generations to go on this uest for contracts there is bound to be a variety of conflicts especially when you add in the dynamics of different species Nexus is a story filled with a broad range of conflicts that keep the reader reading because you have to know what is going to happen next If you are a fan of science fiction then this is a book you should buy and read today

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    Nexus by Nicolas Wilson is a highly original and enjoyable science fiction story set on Nexus a star ship that sets out to explore the galaxies and which actually should have been named the Enterprise had the corporation that built it not been sued by the copy right holders Very entertaining references to other science fiction work much talk about sex and original interaction with aliens make this an odd but rather well done new helping in the genre Wilson uses worm holes aliens and other traditional science fiction elements in this story but for me the strength lies in the characters he has created which with their banter and the sarcasm in their dialogue are uite a break from the serious norm of the genre and make this a rather entertaining read To tell you my favourite parts would spoil the fun for you but if you don't mind the sexual innuendoes and uirky humour in science fiction you should definitely enjoy this

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    The starship Nexus has a mission to seek out new alien civilizations to negotiate trade and mining rights for their employer Sontem I was truly impressed that a lawyer was part of the greeting party But the mayhem they find parodies Star Trek The Captain reminds me of a Catch 22 character It's a highly entertaining read with scattered bits of real science and cultural issues I highly recommend this book and I look forward to their new adventures

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    Interstellar RomcomI missed out on some of the American humour How to describe it? In keeping with the books styleInsurrection Wacky Races Invasion of the sex crazed telepathic alien

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    Nexus is a huge spaceship sent from Earth to further explore the universe and subdue aliens Standard scifi then? Far from it The narrator is the arrogant bullying sex obsessed captain who gets away with his behaviour because of his sense of humour and intelligence His value as the captain becomes evident not so much when he is pistol wielding his attacks on bear like or other weird aliens but when he instigates a momentous decision cusp in the plot about three uarters way through The need for that change and its conseuences lift the erstwhile misogynistic captain to a new level Until that point we don’t even know his name even though he is the narratorI am as interested in sex as the next deviant but to see it as innuendo or described three times a page for over 300 pages when I’m relaxing into a scifi novel There I’m sure that comment will sell copiesBesides the sex the other main feature of the writing style is the captain’s wry sense of humour I like it though his puns can be cringe worthy Better examples are 'I missed the bed by a foot but the floor was surprisingly comfortable' I imagine the constant use of abbreviations admittedly often used in military institutions is also meant humorously I will let readers work these out as the writer does NavDiv EngDiv SecDiv SecOff BacFarm and SecDet Easy and sometimes fun to work out but it can lift the reader out of the fiction dream especially when placed close together as in “PsychDiv would ask MedDiv to castrate me if I traumatized one of your SecOffs”Nicolas Wilson also goes a little OTT with his uasi scientific and engineering explanations Don’t get me wrong I know plenty of scifi readers who love knowing the nitty gritty details but sometimes as Santiago says to our captain “It’s a little insulting getting a chemistry lesson in baby talk but is how your mind operates” Haha yes and we readers agree That’s not meant to be negative I’m having fun and there are keen moments worth uoting too Eg “I’ve often found that men who want power least exercise it best” And “Telepathy’s a known unknown” Both I might uote on Twitter The latter uote is an example of the narrator’s penchant for echoing his own words but there’s plenty of names and incidents that nerdy readers will recognize as possible homage to classic Sci Fi Eg Santiago from Mike Resnick’s best selling novel Haley as the ship’s AII like the approach to first contact in this book Drop a Commbox onto the planet and wait for the locals to learn English or for the box’s translator to successfully do its job before landing with guns Trouble is the latter always seemed to happen bringing me to an issue I have with most scifi novels The aliens are not alien enough They have the same kind of hierarchical structure as on Earth down to Kings nobles and captains Yes they are single celled or weird looking but within minutes of contact they are speaking and acting like Americans even down to idioms and references to American TV shows and history In Nexus we have an alien captain saying “They’re not going to nickel and dime us to death” What? And they use pistols that our captain can just pick up and use with a trigger and “it’s safety is off” Haha groan Overall Nexus is full of ideas sex fights and intelligence that should appeal to most scifi readers

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    Utter trash I was given this book for free from the author so I felt some obligation to finish it but I just couldn't I tried I really did But the vast majority of fanfiction I've read on the internet is better than this bookThis book is what a 14 year old writes in high school when he's just discovered that girls are hot and wants to screw one Almost every page there was a sexual joke or reference It never bloody stopped All the aliens are sexual in some way one is a giant single celled organism the tried to have sex with the first contact euipment Jelly monster fetish anyone? Another was a bipedal humanoid lavender race with giant tits and ass that communicated by telepathically making the crew dream and daydream of giant orgies with the aliens And it only got worse It's like Star Trek crossed with HBO crossed with b on 4chan And internet memes What the hell were those doing in here? This is set far in the future The cake is a lie would be meaningless nonsense by then Look I loved Portal as much as the next guy maybe even but this was too much All the women acted the same and so did most of the men They all had the smarmy smart ass thing going on All the dialogue lines had horrible one liners and zany zingers that got so tiring It's difficult enough to believe that one person could act like the constantly but an entire shipful?To top it all off the main character the captain is a complete Mary Sue Not only is it insane that someone who acted that childish was given full command on an entire generational spacecraft but he has all the power He can kill whoever he wants for whatever reasons he wants he has full authority to go through any personal files on the ship including medical ones He can know the full intimate history of someone without their permissionBut that doesn't matter because he can do no wrong apparently Everyone likes him or at least secretly likes him even those he treated like shit He gives preferential treatment to women who of course all have or all want to usually both bang him All of them Even the ships AI The emotionless non physical entity that is a computer with no need or desire to reproduce Wants to have sex with him Hell all the senior staff on the vessel just happen to be exes from his pastI'm not done yet It still gets worse he even has a horribly tragic backstory that he wasn't even indirectly the cause of and wasn't his fault but still feels guilty about it and blames himself for it Which of course for some reason garners sympathy from everybodyThe captain acts like a teenager in highschool from the way he speaks his thought processes his choices and actions Everything The whole damn book is complete drivel I can't even think of the right combination of words to fully get across how bad this book isJust avoid it Completely At all costs For your sake

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    Contains Mild SpoilersNexus is one of those difficult books to review Mostly because I thoroughly enjoyed it It’s basically an R rated Star Trek if all of Star Trek’s jokes were about sex So here are the bad points It’s vulgar Excessively so Practically everything that comes out of the Captain’s mouth who is of course our main character is some sort of joke about sex or genitaliaThe Captain is almost textbook Mary Sue Marty Stu in charge of the ship and unuestionable authority The guys who dislike him are jerks he’s a great fighter and has a tragic past which of course wasn’t his fault but he still blames himself for it anyway He also makes so many vulgar jokes that you get tired of him after a while and its amazing that his crew hasn’t And of course every female in his vicinity wants to sleep with him Including aliens and the ship’s AI There’s a lot of exposition It’s interesting exposition this alien species is like this because of this this and this but a whole lot of it nonetheless Sometimes characters stop the Captain just to tell him their life stories which of course he listens to because he has nothing better to do Those things would have made me stop reading before I reached chapter three Nothing is annoying than a Mary Sue male or female So here’s the catch I found myself enjoying this book The AI is incredibly funny and easily steals the show every time she’s on the page the heads of division have their distinct personalities despite the large cast and are pretty ingenious and the world building literally so because they’re looking for new worlds is complex and fascinating even if too sex focused at times Even the science is fun to read if you like that sort of thing Which I do The author clearly did his researchIf you’re looking for a laugh happen to like the Star Trek premise and can handle all the vulgar jokes on every page then by all means this book is for you The sarcasm is biting and I found myself laughing aloud at parts Overall three stars

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    Set in the future the reader finds the Captain of the Nexus out in space The mission is to discover new life and planets in order to set up mining contracts for the Company a powerful organization on Earth The crew meets up with a variety of aliens from single celled blob creatures to tumor ridden ugly Rhino beings to violent Chewbacca like creatures Throughout their adventures it becomes clear that the Company doesn't play fair and the Captain must make some crucial decisions as to the fate of the Nexus and its crewI loved this novel The characters are vibrant and imaginative The hero Captain resembles Captain Kirk in all his swagger but the author takes it up a notch Our hero is a fantastic one liner run on of sexual jokes His compassion for his crew is masked by witty and naughty entendres He also has a tendency to attract unwanted sexual advances from the new species he meetsresulting in some very awkward and fun moments The other characters are named after their jobs we only discover their real names at the end save for Elle a former lover and lieutenant of SecDiv and Sam a beautiful alien telepath In the beginning of the book the reader does have to pay attention The supporting characters are referred to mostly by their job on the ship SecDiv MedDiv SciDiv NavDiv etcThrough the supporting characters the sexual innuendos continueWhat is best about this novel is the dialogue It is fast and furious making the reader pay attention to every detail There are some moments where the technical dialogue becomes heavy but it didn't happen often enough to slow the reading Because of this the plot moves along uickly and smoothly There is also the uestion about Dalaxia a colony and what truly happened there The author wisely dangles that carrot throughout most of the bookI would highly recommend this book but do have to warn readers If you are affronted by on going sexual humor this novel may not be for you