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Time passes sometimes too uickly other times not fast enough but that’s not what’s important The essential thing is what we learn about ourselves during that passage of time and how we apply it Will we continue to follow the destructive paths we find ourselves on? Will we give in to circumstances that seem completely unchangeable? Or will we desperately fight to hold onto those we love and to what’s good inside us—no matter how terrible the cost?I only know I would do whatever was reuired of me to keep Portia but in a world of witches warlocks and demons anything can happenMy name is Vance Mangum and this is my story

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    Favorite Lines “Don’t allow yourself to be confused by names and labels—instead learn to accept things as they are You are a special being gifted with a higher power which has been passed down since the beginning of time Use your gift wisely and allow only good energy to flow through you”“You know I love you with every fiber of my being”“Yes I do” Needing to touch her I ran my cupped hand down the side of her cheek “And I can’t stop being awed by it”“I'm no longer there I cannot and will not let you live a life where something like this could happen again”“It’s time to stop running It’s time to face him head on Hold on tight Dad because now I’m coming after you”The tears were flowing by the end of this book Man this poor guy He's hunted by his crazy power addicted father That's Vance's life He has been on the run as long as he can remember His father hunts him every day every hour every minute He wants Vance's blood He's become a demon by drinking the blood of Witches and Warlocks Vance has extremely powerful blood In walks Portia When he's sees her his world stops He will not run any he's found his life mate she's everything to him The The past has caught up with him and it has such a heart breaking effect Great author amazing passionate writing I need so much I was given this book in exchange for an honest review GHBFOUR BLOOD FAIRIES

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    Journal EntryI've never wanted something so badly Everything about us seems to fit right together It sounds crazy even to me the cynical person whos never believed in all the gushy love stuff I remember how my parents fought before we ran; love has never been very successful for the people I've known Yet now I find myself in the middle of it and I want it so badly I need her want to keep her with me always want to always feel the way she makes me feel Happy I can't recall ever being this happy I love her Such a Sweet Memorable Book Not only will you be drawn into the amazing love story and connection that Portia Vance have but you will find yourself laughing at times Some parts of the story were funny I felt so sad for Vance when the story begins I just wanted so badly through the whole book for him to finally find some hope and a place to call his homePortia was so sweet trustworthy and very protective of Vance I loved there connection to each other It was strong and unbreakable One of those epic loves Vance was charming kindhearted loveable and so very romantic Your heart will be soaring because of him You will forever have a special place in your heart for Vance I know I do in mine after reading this book I couldn't help but smile and be swept away by him Especially what he does for her on Halloween; you will know what I'm talking about when you read it He is all of this as well as strong and courageous Just an amazing character Portia Mullins Blessed Be I give now my heart to thee My soul is yours to bind and take My love for you will never shake I promise to always keep you pure And never into evil lure Let heaven be our destiny I love you Portia so mote it beJust make sure to prepare yourself for the ending It literally broke my heart and I found myself shedding a few tears I could've protested because it didn't end how I wanted but it leaves you wanting to know

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    Have you ever wondered what the other main character in a book you were reading was thinkingdoing when they weren't in the chapter you were reading? Well Lacey Weatherford takes care of that with Fire and Ice Vance's side to Of Witches and Warlocks in Fire and ice we follow Vance on the run from his demon father We get to see his POV with all things Portia and what happens to him when he is captured LOVE it Brilliant idea If you liked Of Witches and Warlocks this is a must read

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    Chapter 5 one year gone by Vance is still going out of his way to bump into Portia to listen to her thoughts and drool Creepy stalker is creepy won’t finish can’t recommend it

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    Love it

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    Eyes rolling back into my head I gritted my teeth against the pain and this time I succumbed to my weakness uickly welcoming the blessed relief of darkness I had not read anything paranormal written by Lacey Weatherford before I knew she could write awesome contemporary but was really keen to see how she would weave the amazing romance that she can write in with the paranormal elements When I signed up for this tour I didn't realise that it was a spin off of sorts of the Of Witches and Warlocks series But now I'm desperate to make a start on those books because Fire and Ice sure did not disappointVance Mangum has been on the run and in hiding for a good portion of his life Unable to put down roots and form friendships Always looking over his shoulder waiting for the past to catch up to him Until he sets eyes on Portia Mullins Vance has never wanted anything in his whole life as much as he wants her He will do whatever it takes to stay with her and vows to do whatever he needs to protect her But when his past collides with his future will Vance be able to hold true to those vows? Vance Mangum Blessed beI give now My heart to thee Fire and Ice is Vance's story A story from the males point of view is one I will devour every time They are my most favourite reads And getting their take on romance is pure perfection And boy did Vance deliver His thoughts his feelings his love Just wow I loved all of itFor a really good portion of the book the paranormal almost took on a back seat position to the romance The first half of the book really focused on the connection between Vance and Portia I'm not a huge fan of instant love Instant attraction yes But when it comes to paranormal I'm much inclined to accept it And while it wasn't exactly instant love between Vance and Portia that instant buzz and connection was amplified And I loved it I loved being inside Vance's head and experiencing all his feelings for Portia He was committed to those feelings right from the outset I need her want to keep her with me always want to always feel the way she makes me feel Happy I can't recall ever being this happy I love her Portia was a character that I can honestly say that I liked everything about She was sweet and kind and even though we are in Vance's head Portia's love for him came through so clear and strong Fire and Ice Opposites who fit together so perfectlyIn the second half of the book the paranormal really kicked up a notch It was exciting and page turning and even had moments of being heartbreaking it's not all smooth sailing for Vance and Portia Sometimes the things that you run from will eventually catch up to you Witches warlocks magic evil and surprising twists will all come into playA simply fantastic paranormal romance from Lacey Weatherford In what I've read of her books so far she has shown me that she writes perfectly the romance that I love to read I can see her becoming a firm favourite of mine 55 Need the Next Book Now Stars

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    This book showcases why Vance Magnum is one of my favorite “Book Boyfriends” “You’ve got to know I want you than anything in this world Portia Emotionally physically magically mentally i want it all — to possess every inch of your being” When I heard that Lacey Weatherford was going to release a book in Vance’s POV I was ecstatic The whole time I was reading Of Witches of Warlock series I was constantly wondering what Vance’s thought process was Don’t get me wrong Portia’s POV was great but as a female reader I sometimes tend to want to know things from the male characters POV since I am a female They say a woman’s mind is a mystery but so is that of a man’s Yes I know this is fiction but you never know whether or not the Author asked a male’s opinion as research for their book “Portia I love you than anything in the world but if you know what’s best for you I suggest you get back into the bed and cover yourself” Fire Ice start of pretty much in the same spot as the first book “The Trouble with Spells” did The only difference between when I read Portia’s POV and Vance’s is that with Vance the readers got his journal entries along with his point of views These journal entries took place in his present and in his past which incorporated flashbacks into his past which was a nice treat Any uestions you had for Vance in the first book of the Of Witches and Warlocks series or just the first book were pretty much answered and with explanation The actions he decided to take for whatever reason come to light through his eyes which made me fall even in love with his character than I already had We as readers get a better in depth perspective of how much he really is in love with Portia enter swooning here “I mean if I didn’t think your dad would shoot me I’d drop everything I was doing right now and come over there Then I would pound on your door until you opened it and let me kiss you senseless” Reading this book was just a pure delight because how it coincided perfectly with book one I hope that there are books in Vance’s point of view because I just ate this one up and definitely want much

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    I received an ARC copy for an honest review First I want to say that this is the first book that I read from this authorOh wow totally what I was not expecting I just finish reading this book and I have to say that I love it but of coursed I love anything that has to do with witches warlock and demons and I have to say that I love every single second of it I read this book in one day cause I couldn't put it down and I just want cant get enough of it I love the characters love the spells and love the connection that the main characters have with each other just LOVE itLet me just say that Vance Mangum is just plain sexy Vance have being on the run for years his being running away from his father since the age of ten and he could never be able to stay in one place for long that's into he and his aunt Marsha decide to run to a small town their they get the protection that they need against Vance father that's when Portia comes into the picture the first day of school Vance feels a strong connection towers Portia he did not know why he was having strong feeling for her that's when he decide to do some research about it and no too soon he discover that he could hear her thoughts and feel everything that she was feelingI love the connection that Vance and Portia have with each others love it when she start to discover new things about her with his help I love seen this two together and love it how Vance shows her that he will do anything and everything to protect the ones that he loves and care for meaning his friends and familyI really enjoy and felt in love with this book and I hope that once you read it that you get to love it as much as I didAuthor Lacey Weatherford THANK YOU for introducing me to this amazing awesome characters and this wonderful book cant wait to read of your books

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    I've seen many of Lacey Weatherford's book around book sites and stores and they all seem pretty interesting This is the first one I've read from her though and am now even interested in her various seriesThis particular book follows Vance Mangum a teen on the run with his aunt avoiding his estranged and dangerous father The book starts off with a bang of excitement and energy and doesn't loose much of it throughout the book Vance's character is explained as well as his past and his story if you will We also get to see his aunt a girl he's fallen hard for and the town he's moved intoThe plot is interesting and you immediately feel connected and intrigued by Vance and his life Mrs Weatherford is a talented writer and easily draws her reader in with an interesting plot fascinating characters and exciting situations I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to fans of paranormal romanceI was given an eCopy of this book from the author via Girls Heart Books Tours to read in exchange for an honest reviewBe sure to check out my blog post for this book Includes excerpt book info and for a limited time a giveaway Check it out here

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    4 StarsKnowing since childhood that he was a warlock Vance has been on the run from his psychopathic father for years Never being able to settle into a new life or make friends always being prepared to leave at a moments notice when his father gets too close That’s until he meets Portia She is a young witch but doesn’t know it her parents have decided to keep her magical abilities a secret from her until she comes into her powers at sixteen but from the moment he saw her Vance felt the connection He knew she was his soul mate and didn’t want to leave herI haven’t read ‘The Trouble With Spells’ but I would really like to because apparently it’s the same story but from a different point of view a very common thing for writers to do these days and a trend that I have to say I am a fan of especially if the book is good and the characters are likable as in this caseThe story is a paranormal romance and for a change written from the male’s POV though we can also get to see the world from Portia’s POV too which was an interesting touch The story flows well and it was easy to fall into this world and believe everything that was happening I enjoyed it and have added Lucy Weatherford books to my TBR pile starting with ‘The Trouble With Spells’Copy supplied for review