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“The courtship” says Imelda “lasted from April 6 to 17 and we were married in Church on the first of May; so the period between our civil and our church wedding was longer than the period of courtship”Ferdinand Marcos as even his courtship shows lives at a pace infinitely frenetic than is the style in what his American biographer calls the “lazy” and “slothful” South though what’s Southern languor to outsiders is Southern grace to the South itself Trained to that other gentler rhythm expressed even in the honeyed accents of her folk Marcos’s wife was bound to stumble before she could fall into step with him especially since life with Marcos as a relative says is “a crisis every five minutes”Says his wife “Being married to Ferdinand is a day to day challenge for me”

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    This is not just a reportage during the Marcos regime This compilation from 1964 to 1970 seems to be a primer on how to run for presidency and how it is to be the head of state and becoming a first lady Reading through the pages the charm of Mr and Mrs Marcos catches one's attention easily So much so that their words alone can pass as a validation to their integrity If you will read this I encourage you to have other readings about the issues discussed here Be a wiser reader

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    If there was ever a person who was an ass licker for the Marcoses the author is it He had it in spades in the pages of this book I was imagining him slobberingly kissing with gusto the Marcoses's behinds No wonder he got a National Artist award while Macoy was in power

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    Before judging why the author wrote this one why not contemplate why he wrote this kind of book? Yes during the administration of Marcos If you were in his shoes wouldn't you do the same? Have you read how Nick Joauin helped freed his friend Jose “Pete” Lacaba? A poet screenwriter journalist and activist Pete was detained during the administration of Marcos But with Nick Joauin's influence Pete was freed

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    This is by far the least of Nick Joauin's books that I enjoyed From what I have inferred Marcos is really a good speaker Imelda's portion however makes me tire At first I enjoyed her appreciation of the arts but when the latter part came I became exhausted by her beatification etc