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Darkness falls on the Great Lands Gabriella knows the days of unity are over and urges her father to heed the warnings But King Algor refuses to listen believing he can unite the kingdoms Once the Great Prince descends on their castle he scatters all resistance imprisons her sister and forces Gabriella on the runFor years Gabriella dreams of retribution When a messenger tracks her in the forest she fears all is lost But the messenger arrives with a mission – for Gabriella to challenge the Prince Armed only with powerful instincts and a gift for premonition Gabriella sets out on the perilous journey to end his reign of terror

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    Messenger is a surprisingly unusual book beautiful in its elegance and full of wise words that flow around the plot It follows the story of Gabriella a Messenger on a uest from the Source or God She must rely on her innate psychic abilities to determine what is reuired of her at each stage of her uest Along the way she meets Adrian a mysterious man with powers similar to her own Adrian becomes her guide and leads her to the Hidden Palace of the Prince the destination of her journey The relationship between Gabriella and Adrian brings intensity and there is excitement as the uest develops but through it all the book retains a rare serenity I really enjoyed this book I liked the characters and found it brought a peaceful wisdom leaving me with lots of uotes to ponder

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    Written in language that often borders on the poetic Messenger tells the wonderful story of a young woman's journey to overcome fear and embrace her own powerAt Messenger's centre is Gabriella a character who embodies both strength and femininity grace and passion On a mission to rescue her sister she is forced to match wits with a Great Prince befriend a mysterious alchemist and battle an unexpected dark forceThe world she inhabits is dynamic and thrilling where consciousness exists in the most unexpected and delightful places And beloved creatures such as Casmire demand as much of the reader's attention as their human counterpartsThrough watching Gabriella discover struggle with and accept her own gifts gifts that are both divine and human the reader is able to recognize that which is uniue and to be celebrated about themselves

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    What a great readAn absolute treasure and fascinating story You meet Gabriella who is not only by royal blood but also a Divine Messenger As a Messenger she has to go on a uest to help the people of the land Does she succeed? Does she accept the cruel and hard path? Does she outwit the Great Prince? Can she save her twin sister? Is she able to be the Messenger she was trained to be? Can she save the kingdom and ueendom of the lands? The storytelling of the novel and the cast of characters that she interacts with are uniue in their own way and make the novel a true joy to read If you are looking for a novel with a little bit mystery a spark of magic and the understanding of the old way I suggest you read this novel Because you too will be rooting for everything from the life of the stone to the heartbeat of the heroine Bravo Kate for a wonderful story I can not wait to read from you

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    A beautifully crafted story of a young woman who has been gifted with unusual talents and has been tasked with a journey or what I feel is her uest Epic is the word that came to mind once I had finished filled with characters whose own journeys either support or challenge Gabrielle testing her to her very core There are almost fairytale ualities to this also reminding me of Aesop and his fables Much can be applied to life today from this exciting spin on good and evil and choices I must say that I didn't see the twist at the end comingI wonder if this story may have a seuelKate Tremills thank you for a really fabulous and adventuresome read truly worth the few late nights that I just didn't want to put the book down and turn out the light Looking forward to reading from you

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    One thing I enjoy about doing reviews is that I get to discover new authors Taking a chance with a new author has been one of the easiest risks that a reviewer can ever makeI recently came across Messenger by KM Tremills Tremills is an author that I have made an online acuaintance through a Facebook Writers Group I found out about Messenger and the book’s description intrigued meMessenger is an interesting mythic fantasy revolving around a young woman named Gabriella called to save a kingdom from the evil Prince The story follows Gabriella’s journey through the Great Lands and onto the palace where she will face the Prince However Gabriella is a twin and her sister was chosen by the Prince to be his ueen Gabriella will have to embrace her calling on this journey to the palace and save her twin sisterTremills tells an interesting story with a small cast of characters that kept me interested I have to admit it took me a bit to get the narrative rhythm of the story and there was not a lot of action typical for an epic fantasy However I enjoyed the understated aspects of the story and the introspective nature of the characters It seems the author was trying to explore the nature of a calling and how can a young woman embrace it instead of just saving the world from evil A calling or destiny which is a familiar trope in fantasy has always interested me as a reader and I liked Tremills’ perspective in the MessengerMessenger is worth reading and I’m looking forward to the second book of the series to find out what happens to Gabriella I can recommend the novel for epic fantasy readers who can appreciate introspection and interplay between the characters and will read between the lines to discover what is really happening in a story

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    This is a YA fantasy with a different feel to it the language is elegant and it seems as if there is always and underlying message in her words It also doesn't have your typical villain which makes for a nice twist

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    An intriguing concept brought to life with vivid characters Young women will identify with the heroine and appreciate her story

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    Are the other reviewers and I reading the same book? Setting aside at 14%