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When Cepheus a dark god forces seventeen year old Ally Ashworth off an isolated overlook she has no idea she's falling into his world or that the necklace she's wearing is actually a key one with the power to ignite the next world war But she's carried beyond his reach and into the one place where he's powerless the forest of GilgameshAlly's never been Miss Popularity but her outsider status takes on new meaning when she's rescued by Liam Cheveyo and his peculiar friends After seeing them shape shift into their freaky animal counterparts Ally smacks hard into a few truths magic really does exist and although getting there took no effort finding her way back might be impossibleFeelings between her and Liam begin to grow along with the realization that in this world she's stronger and better until she's caught in a trap set by the creepy spider boy Cepheus sends to retrieve her But Ally's not going down without a fight not after learning the horrible truth about the passagewaysThe survival of both worlds depends on it

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    Saunders' Tome is simply terrifc The beautiful cover drew me to check it out just so I could get a closer look at it I was not disapppointed and have xhecked out what it was all about I decided to purchase and read How serendipitous was I? Immensely this is normally not the kind of thing that I'd read but I've not regrets whatsoever It was absolutely great Thanks Ms Saunders; please write some books

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    Review The author sent me this book in exchange for an honest review The author in no way influenced this review Describe this book in one sentence Real world meets parallel fantasy universe in an epic battle of light and dark forces Rating PG to PG 13Why this rating? Violence destruction mild kissing and some language Seven wordsFor ages 12 35Recommended to Fans of Graceling Fairest Dragon Slippers and Ella EnchantedStars Three and one half out of FiveWhy this number of stars I actually feel bad giving this book a lower rating than I think it should have I didn't believe this noel was worth a four star rating but it should have been higher than three point five stars as well I enjoyed the fact that the cover applied to the content Every image you see on the cover you will find in the book I also like what the publishing company that published this book believes in They believe in telling the reader what they will be reading before they read it The company tried to create a system much like the movie rating system G PG PG 13 etc I loved that when you read this novel you can tell how much time effort and love was taken to put it together The words are so entrancing that you uickly find yourself transported to the forest the book is set in Some things however could have been done to make this book even better The first few chapters were confusing and rapid This makes it hard for the reader to get their bearings After a few chapters I figured out what was happening and was enchanted but those first few chapters really threw me Earlier when I was talking about the publishing company I mentioned their rating system I had to go online to see what that was all about To make it easier for the reader they should have included the rating system as a page in the front of the book Last but certainly not least I really did not like the last chapter of the book I feel like it was of a first chapter than a last Ms Saunders in my opinion should have used it as the first chapter to the second book in the series Would I read the second book? When the second book comes out I will be one of the first in the line Summary and pictures come from Goodreadscom

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    I was basically hooked from the first chapter We're in the middle of Ally's nightmare and things aren't necessarily going according to plan When she wakes up reality sets in She's basically a normal teenager getting ready to start college I guess you could say that this is of a NA book then YA because of that The story continues on as Ally is thrown literally into a parallel world where we meet the tall dark and handsome LiamJust as in the beginning of Ally's story I was completely pulled into Liam's as his begins Just from these first few chapters I knew that this story was going to be good The writing is fairly smooth and I liked my first impressions of the characters and the storybook world the author had created I also really liked the play off of Greek mythologyLiam's and Ally's first impressions of each other aren't as favorable as mine They are both strange to each other and are also both outspoken in some ways so they end up annoying each other a little That changes though as they get to know each other better They end up sharing their thoughts with each other and filling each other in on the world they live in or in Ally's case came from There is also an almost immediate chemistry between the two They share some sweet moments and Liam finds out what it should feel like when you kiss someone I really enjoyed the story as the plot progressed and Ally and Liam are banded together with other friends as they take off on a journey There is enough suspense to keep the story moving and some intense moments I wasn't exactly sure how things were going to end or maybe accurately how they all were going to arrive at the end Not that this is This is only the first book in the seriesHere is one uote from Ally that I really likedShe had never dreamed she could feel this happy againWhy?Because dreams can be dangerous What if you imagined your life traveling a different path only to find that place was out of reach?But what if you never try?Overall this was a great read If you like mythology fantasy and sweet love then I would definitely recommend picking this upContent CleanSource Purchased from during a free promotional period

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    What happens when you fall off a cliff and wake up to 3 strangers? You ask to use their phone so you can call your mother of course But the strange looks Ally receives is anything but reassuring The last thing you want to hear is “Phone??” Where the heck is she?Let me start off by saying that I actually almost put this book down The author had warned me it might be something that I am not used to reading But I have read something similar and I actually ended up really engrossed in the story Every time I had to put it down to do non reading things I found myself itching to get back to itKeep in mind there are several characters mostly guys and each have a characteristic about them that the reader must remember at some point or another That is what I always got hung up on It is probably just me though But the two main characters are the most prominent of course and are easy to follow Readers are going to love themI know I did And little by little I found myself wishing Ally would just find a way to stay with Liam He is where she needed to beAs the story progresses Liam and his friends must do a 5 day travel to meet with his father in hopes of finding a way to get Ally back to her world So much happens on the journey just in a couple days’ time and we reach the end of the book before they make it to Liam’s father But the stuff that happens brings them closer to the answers they have been seeking all along There are people they meet along the way that plan huge roles in their journey and finding those answers And magic is everywhere around them and in themit really is a fantasy tale if I have ever read oneI recommend this story to any and all who love fantasy magic and supernatural It is fully loaded with all that and and is sure to keep the reader entertained I know it did me and I am really glad I kept reading I look forward to the next book so I can find out if Ally decides to stay with Liam or return to her mother

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    Cindy Saunders created an incredible fantasy world within Double Star one that I found myself completely engrossed in to the point that I read the entire book in one dayAlly is transported from modern America to the Forest of Gilgamesh where special young men bear the physical and personality traits of the animals spirits they harbor These Shanyo escort Ally on the first leg of what uickly becomes a very dangerous journeyThe author does a remarkable job in character development throughout this story From Ally's character who can't understand why the people around her have never heard of a phone to all the Shanyo she does a great job of balancing individual personalities With six characters on the journey plus a multitude of supporting characters along the way Cindy Saunders never lets the reader lose sight of the strengths that make each character uniueDouble Star is a fascinating read and one that I highly recommend to all avid readers It spans genres and is a great first installment of what I can only assume will be an exceptional series I impatiently look forward to the next

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    Original review posted on Gin's Book Notes I picked up Double Star when it was on a free promotion sale but I can honestly say I would have gladly paid 299 for it It is a book that once I started reading it I didn’t look up from until the end and was startled to find that the rest of the world hadn’t slipped away into the pages of Double Star with meThe world building is fantastic the characters are well developed and the story is just wonderful Cindy’s writing allows you to get a really good understanding of many of the character’s struggles and personalities and you feel as if you grow close to many of them rather than just one or two main characters There is conflict action character growth magic and mythology galore I’m not going to go into all of the characters because honestly they’re all greatIn a lot of ways I felt the same after reading this book as I did when I finished Harry Potter The connection to the characters and the world they lived in was very vivid and I can’t wait until book 2 of this fantastic series comes out It is a wonderful young adult fantasy that I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone

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    Cindy Saunders creates a world parallel to ours in which the oddities of our existence is highlighted Ally's world is turned upside down when she finds out she is a long long way from home where the people have never even heard of a phone How will she get back to her mother on earth the only family she has left when there are no such things as buses far less for planes where she is? On her journey she has met a uaint little family and what she experiences far surpasses her expectations Saunders takes the reader on a thrilling emotional journey leaving us in awe and anticipation at the last words in this first installment of her Double Star Series I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in feeling like there is still hope for good in this world

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    Cindy Saunders debut novel is nothing short of amazingDouble Star has the perfect balance of fantasy magic romance and humor Cindy beautifully revealed the strength and vulnerability of each of the main characters that allowed readers to develop a really wonderful relationship with each of them This is a delightful adventure that is sure to keep the reader entertained and one that I would recommend to anyone Now bring on the next book pleaseReceived from Goodreads First Reads

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    The author did a wonderful job on this bookVery magical and just made me get lost in the story I was wanting to take my time and also wanting to rush thorugh it so I would find out how the story ended I wasn't disappointed When I read stories like this it makes me believe in anything Makes me wish I could go back and be a child again and to feel the magic of all things and believe in the ones I don't believe anyThank you for writng such a wonderful book

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    I would love to read the next book This is a YA good clean fun fantasy world The writing brought wonderful images into my mind of the alternate world