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What do you do when your magic makes you a target? Run Fight Die14 year old Kai Koson had nothing to do with the apocalypse thank you very much He was just a baby the day a coven of blood witches ripped a hole in the universe and the demons fell screaming from the sky Earth and its magic perished Witchkind was hunted and annihilated Now because he was born a witch Kai must spend his life running and fighting for survival Even his own uncle seems determined to abandon him With nothing left to lose Kai runs away and joins a team of galactic bounty hunters But instead of providing an escape it sets Kai on a path that will destroy everything he believes about himself and the apocalypse transforming him into the most wanted teenager in the galaxyWritten with humour imagination and darkness Bounty Hunter and its protagonist Kai Koson stand confidently beside Percy Jackson Artemis Fowl Alex Rider Young Bond Mortal Engines and Harry Potter

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    What is Bounty Hunter Really About?I have been reliably informed that it is tradition here on Goodreads to review your own book Seems odd but I’m a sucker for tradition Won’t catch me eating anything but turkey come Christmas Day and I always wear my paper hat Actually this is a brilliant opportunity to tell you what you’re really getting into when you pick up this book Yes there are witches and demons and magic distant planets and spaceships It’s a science fiction fantasy where the world runs on magilectricity It’s a post apocalyptic nightmare where demonic forces rule and ninety percent of the population have been wiped out But Bounty Hunter is not really about any of these things The setting is a fantastic one but the story is highly character based Kai might be from an alternate reality but a lot of his problems are recognisable He’s growing into his own skin He’s challenging the people and the world around him He’s arguing laughing crying stomping off in a huff and doubting the people that love him the most – he just does it surrounded by gods and demonsAnd another thing I have terrible problems trying to describe the tone of the book Just by reading the blurb it sounds very dark and there certainly are dark parts to it awful things that happen but there is a lot of humour in the way it’s written I don't do Emo and I’m happy to declare that my writing style has been heavily influenced by TV shows such as Buffy Stargate Firefly House Doctor Who Big Bang Theory Sherlock and Supernatural I like snappy dialogue I like to look at things from a slightly different angle I like sarcasm I like friends and family who fight like cats over the last piece of kibble but in reality would die for each other That’s Kai Cassius Sam Yamiko and Galway That’s the story That’s Bounty Hunter Come for the fantasy plotline; stay for the lovehate and stupid jokes

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    SummaryThe book is beautifully written and kept me engaged all to the last minute in a fantasy world where the author treats jokingly everything even the apocalypse with the skill of a great writerMy advice ignore the blurb It starts well but to me it gives the wrong idea in the end about what matters in this book It comes across as too hyperbolic and doesn't do it justiceWe can ignore the title too while we're at it Did you think it'd be about bounty hunting? It's notWe're in an alternative post apocalyptic Earth It's an Earth with witches and aliens and demons and where magilectricity is the power source for technology 14 years ago witches have opened a barrier between universes and demons have fallen unto our world wiping most of human race Kai is a boy witch in this moment in history when witchkind is not understandably very popular The plot unfolds with many twists developing characters building the world they live in and even change the world as they knew itWorld Building in motionWorld building is intertwined with the twist of events sketched and increasingly polished as we move along It's world building in motion unlike the static infodumps you commonly find in fantasy stories The choice of the author on how to get us into the world has been surprising to me because the world of Bounty Hunter is a rich magical world it has a complexity that I wouldn't have thought easy to present in motion But the writer draws skillfully every detail at its place shapes it along with the story in the points where the plot needs itI love the world building style at HollisWe are drawn into the world in so many ways through the eyes of Kai learning his way through a witty turn of phrase or lively through dialogue It's like the world is out there all around us and we can look at it as if looking through a window but we only have time to take a glimpse then the plot changes and we move along with it until we catch another glimpse and it all falls into place It makes so much sense embedded in the story as it is that our glimpses are unforgettable But we can't catch our breath it's world building on the run What's the world changes as events happen it's not just a backgroundI think the seuel will have to have infodumps and that's fine I actually like them Bounty Hunter is the first book where characters find the way to start healing their world from the conseuences of an apocalyptic event This healing starts towards the end of the book I think in the seuel we'll eventually experience the world at its fullestCharactersIt's hard to not like Kai As clumsy and naive as he is he's trying to do what he thinks right and make everyone happy with an innocence that I cannot but feel sympathetic with He has the problems of the age he's only fourteen but they only make him so easy to connect withSecondary or episodic characters are not so secondary after all they're well sketched which makes the dialogue flow very understandable Kai's uncle the team on the bounty hunters ship are all recognizable individualities As for Laon the demon lord although he appears rarely rarely than I would have wanted he's a distinct and very likeable personalityThere are hardly any real bad guys in this fantasy except a witch ueen but who cares about her The demons may have wiped most of humanity but they're definitely no cliche bad guys I was thrilled by what we learned about them from Laon's first dialogue with Kai to the intellectually delightful episodes inside the demon ship did you think you'll have uantum theory in a children book? You have it and awesomely written and understandable it isRaces and characters form an ethically complex landscape we're not in a simplistic good vs evil war like too many fantasy books That's a really cool thing it made me identify with characters and get involved all alongStill a few times through the story I felt there is a superhero that Kai's destiny has a little too much of extraordinary I think this is my problem with many YAfantasy books I'm not comfortable with the super in superhero However amazingly every time I felt that the next pages restored the balance and Hollis had a joking take on it at just the right time tm The perfect bit of joking makes it all fun loads of FUNWriting styleBrisk funny lively the writing style deserves the very special mention I loved the turns of phrase the ordinary dialogue or exposition suddenly turned around with a deliciously revelatory twist Hollis knows how to tell things differently than you'd expect I found myself smiling in many scenes and I've been entirely drawn inI don't look at this book as any other Young AdultChildren book The writing style is great and it's great writing that makes a bookI recommend it for all ages fantasy fans or fans of science fiction embedded in a fantasy Note I received a copy for free from the author for an honest review This work by Alfaniel is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 30 Unported License

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    710I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewI can promise you that this book is unlike any other you have read It's a real pick and mix of fantasy sci Fi and dystopia Magic witches demons aliens Alternate universes space travel new technologies All of which excited me immensely It was refreshing to have the main character Kai as a realistic teenager A bit cocky and self assured on the outside not so much on the inside A bit of a trouble maker and a gob shite pardonez moi but still lovable In fact I love all of the characters They are all totally believable and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with themThe reason I give this book 355 or 710 is because I feel it was a little too fast paced in some areas I wanted the book to slow down I wanted to learn a bit about the alternate realities and I wanted to see Kai in some hunter rather than hunted scenes In short the book wasn't long enough I felt it could have explored much before reaching the finaleHowever I understand that this isn't the last book that Kai is participating in so it will be interesting to see what other secrets his universes holdOverall fantastic characters a good mix of comedy and some gripping fight scenes but my thirst for exploration wasn't uite uenched Oh and lookout for Kai and Cassius' friendship it made me laugh a lot Thank you for the opportunity to read your book

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    Great fun read – good storyWhen I picked up Bounty Hunter I initially wondered whether it was going to be a slow read or if I was going to bounce and space jump with it like the description indicated After reading the first few pages I didn't have to worry I knew I was going to like it So much that I read it all in one sitting – well actually that's a lie I went out twice – once for a cappuccino so I could curl on the sofa with some white choc and cranberry cookies and then some Vietnamese Bun bo nam bo – cos I was too lazy to cook and wanted to get back to reading It's been so long since I stayed home on a Saturday to curl up and read and Bounty Hunter did not disappointWarning Spoilers aheadFirstly witches demons and space travel? How do you blend the two together? Author SJ Hollis managed to do so effectively although I had a bit of trouble swallowing the technology part of it at first While she wisely introduced the transportation element gradually starting with jetbikes jetships and then spaceships powered by magilectricity power from the witches I still can't get my head around using mirrors as THE communication gateway for everything think mobile phones ship communicators security cameras etcI also felt the title didn't do the story enough justice because it wasn't just about bounty hunting There's a much deeper story going on here and really had very little to do with any bounty hunting at all But this wasn't enough to detract me from reading a very enjoyable storyFrom the very beginning when Kai faces off with the demon in the bar you know he isn't a normal fourteen year old kid although he displays no relevant skills other than a flappy mouth and a knack for falling and getting hurt He is not always uick thinking and a lot of the times his mouth lands him in situations that need a lot of work getting out ofKai's parents are dead and he's been raised by his strict hulking Uncle Galway who has spent his life protecting his nephew Because Kai is a witch A very bad one and in fact a uniue one because he has never learned how to nor wanted to use his powers Kai has spent his whole life hiding from demons because in this alternate universe on the planet Earth the witches from a generation ago committed an unforgivable act They tore open a rip in the fabric of the universe and sucked the demons through Demons have a special place in their hearts for witchesTired of continuously hiding his existence Kai makes the bold decision to join a couple of bounty hunters who happen to be two girls around the same age as him and a younger boy As it turns out they are also witches who hunt down criminals for bounty money Sam is the young bounty hunter girl who recruits him Yamiko is Sam's partner leaving Cassius the youngest of them who is the pilot ship technician and sarcasm master Cassius is actually my favorite character but Kai rivals in a very close second Bounter Hunter is well paced with moments of action and adrenaline pausing at the right times for explanations The book is peppered with many humorous moments something I loved The interaction between Cassius and Kai was especially entertaining Nearly all of the characters were fleshed out well and it was easy to relate to them The only character that I thought could have done with 'fleshing out' was the witch ueen She just wasn't evil or mad enough for me And with everything revolving around Kai his friends and the demons I didn't think it was necessary to mention aliens as well although this I suspect is the author's way of preparing us for future installments of Bounty HunterSJ Hollis has a clear engaging style and nothing in this book was ever too difficult to understand With a wicked sense of humour Bounty Hunter kept me glued all the way through but there were one or two places in the earlier chapters where I did feel the humour was forced However again it was barely noticeable and did not distract me from my reading Definitely solid writing and great editing hereThe plot was well thought out with good twists and a satisfying ending I have just two uestions though how did Sam escape from the all powerful witch ueen? What is the witch ueen's power?Overall Bounty Hunter is a great fun read and if SJ Hollis decides to turn this into a series I would definitely read the rest My rating? 4

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    Great readI couldn't put this book down so I ended up reading it in one sitting and getting nothing done I just couldn't wait to see what was going to happen nextI love the characters the demons the story the writing the planets and universes I loved it all I had no idea I would love this story so much based on the description I was a little disinterested I guess I can't judge a book by its cover or its summaryKai the main character is a very likeable young teenage boy In the beginning we're not too sure what Kai is but he does know how to deal with demons He has spent his whole life with his uncle running away from town to town never staying in one place for than a month While he's at his current job and ends up fighting a demon a girl comes in and stuns the demon saving Kai's life She is a bounty hunter and wants to recruit KaiAfter learning some disturbing news from his uncle he runs away and decides to join Sam the bounty hunter This is when the story gets really interesting His and the other hunters lives are changed from then onI really like Sam and Yamiko both girls are very strong willed and tough They are exactly what Kai needs in his life because he doesn't really know how to think on his own Cass is just great he is the brains of the group He knows how to fly the ship better than anyone and he's only 12 He is a genius and he knows it and makes sure everyone else knows it I also love his sarcasmThe adventures that this group get into are grand as well as not fit for teenagers Luckily they know how to handle themselves better than most adultsAll in all this is a great well written story I will be reading any and all the bounty hunter books that come out since the author says this book is just the introductionI received a copy in exchange for an honest review

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    This book has a beautiful eye catching cover and is the main reason I wanted to read it I always feel it's important to mention the cover with indie books as they are the thing that help them stand out from all the other indie books I wasn't sure how i'd get on with the plot I always want to like books featuring demons witches and other urban fantasy stuff but I've not found that book yet that really grabs me This book however is the game changer I loved it The alternative version of Earth out in space and the strange demon ship are all great settings And this book is full of wonderful characters you will like the main character Kai Theres nothing not to like and he's pretty funny which is always a bonus His new found friends are also likable The kinda people you'd be happy to spend time in a space ship with Cassius is a really well written character and he was my favorite in the whole book I like all his little remarks In fact the only character I didn't really connect with was Galway he seemed to distant for me to have any feelings for him The little plot twist with the betrayal was something I just didn't see coming and I honestly didn't think that I would end up feeling sorry for the demons Overall this was a great read and I would definitely read a seuel

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    Snazzy beards and hypothetical chickensI came across this book by chance and I'm so glad I didIt was the artwork that captured my attention first as all book covers should that then led me to discovering a beautiful new world created by SJ HollisThe book itself was exciting fun and beautifully imaginative As I was reading I fell in love with the playful and natural style of writing and found it unbelievably comfortable and easy to read It was so easy to create this world visually in my mind and the thing I loved most about it was all of the witty banter and humour throughout the storyWhat made my experience of Bounty Hunter even amazing was being able to share my thoughts with the author on Twitter It's always nice to read a book in the comfort of your own thoughts but to share a great book with the mind that created it was an honourI would definitely recommend this to anybody who loves YASci Fi even comedy or just to anyone who likes reading words yes wordsI can not wait to read all about Kai's next adventure

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    Bounty Hunter” is a very creative book which is primarily aimed at young adults however I think a good well written book appeals to all ages and in my opinion this meets the criteria I am well past being a young adult and I thoroughly enjoyed itThe plot is fast moving and full of action and a touch of humour There are lots of twists and turns it certainly was not predictable and I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next Kai is a treasure – a mixed up teenage boy who is not sure who or what he is I loved being part of his journey to understanding The other characters are eually well thought out and I particularly liked the lovehate relationship between Kai and Cassius and who could not Galway and his devotion to Kai I will certainly recommend this book and look forward to a seuel

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    Let me preface this review by stating that apocalyptic scenarios are not my usual fareYet I thoroughly enjoyed this book Hollis' writes a delightful fantasy tale with a bit of humor sprinkled in I do like futuristic storiesthoughand this fits the bill on that frontThe young central character Kai is forced to grow up really fast with one setback and challenge after anotherIncredibly he perseveres with remarkable resilienceThe dialogue is sophisticated and the pictures that Hollis paints really come alive in printSo if you might think to dismiss getting Bounty Hunter because the subject may not be your cup of teathink againI'm glad I did

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    Rating 90100Review This book was a real page turner From the first few pages I was hooked and didn't want to put the book down I loved the way the characters were built The way they conversed made them feel so real Every one of my readers know that I'm a huge post apocalyptic genre fan and this book definitely didn't disappoint me I loved how the world actually ended the world as the characters knew it The best part of the book is that you laugh throughout it even though there is plenty of action the humour really made me giggle and made me love the book I would recommend this book to any Apocalyptic fan out thereReviewed by IABookReviewscom