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Helen Marie Lightfoot is dead and she has plenty to say about it Born to a coven of notoriously beautiful witches Helen—a rising blues rock star—looks back on her brief but colorful life and the family curse which condemns her to a life of solitudeFor Dante and his younger brother Serafino—two young wizards growing up in a patriarchal world of privilege run by a shadowy organization known as the Brotherhood—life has become a horrifying ordeal under the tyranny of a sadistic fatherWhen Dante is sent by the Brotherhood on a mission to murder Helen in order to right an ancient wrong he ends up falling in love with her Now he must defy the Curse the Brotherhood his father and his personal demons in order to keep her aliveSexy amusing and deeply moving Helen’s Curse is a character driven paranormal romance for young adults 16 and over with a strong edgy voice set in New Orleans during the late Sixties

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    This is not the usual genre I read but it was free This is a paranormal romance about relationships that gone bad Helen is dead and the story goes back in her words about being brought up in a coven of exceptionally beautiful witches She acts the part of the perfect Catholic girl who becomes the lead guitar and singer of a folkrock band Going over the line her grandparents whom she lives with put the ca bosh on it and send her off to Spain on a school trip Dante has seen the beautiful woman in a dream and will search until he comes of age for her If he doesn't marry her he has to kill her Serafino Dante's brother as met this beautiful woman in real life and has fallen for her The brothers are wizards who have been brought up by a sadistic tyrant of a father Helen is marked and has some evil out to destroy her Unfortunately I did not know this was book 1 of 2 So I will read the second to find out the ending It was a bit long and some times confusing for me I don't read many paranormal stories with witches warlocks and wizards so some of the culture was strange to me Very interesting story

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    REVIEWA fast paced and compelling novel of passion and the paranormal the reader is thrown straight into the action and like the reviewer above I was soon hooked and read the whole book in a couple of days Although it is set in the 60's the themes are timeless in this intense tale of lust and obsession cruelty love jealousy and power It is easy to imagine this book becoming a film meanwhile I look forward to the seuel