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Lynn Hana Alexander is a 25 year old Japanese American shape shifter haunted by guilt She’s been uestioning herself and her dragon abilities ever since she failed to save her grandmother When her best friend is threatened by mysterious fires burning up acres of West Texas Lynn rushes to the rescue determined not to fail again However with a tempting firefighter a flirty city developer and dragon pheromones distracting her how is she going to find the arsonist?And worse is her primary suspect a malicious rogue dragon or the love of her life? Author's Note Wildfire is a paranormal mystery with romantic elements It is not a traditional romance I hope y'all enjoy the read

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    Awwww I don't want it to be over This book was great I loved Lynn She was such a real character The blurb that describes the book doesn't do it justice I decided to read this book because I have been in the mood for different lately I haven't read many mysteries in years but I'm addicted to anything paranormal so I figured it was worth a try The closest comparison I could make is The Dresden Files without the witty humor I hope that the author decides to write dragon stories Lynn is the main character She is a dragon shifter who is suffering from the recent loss of her grandmothermentor and the nasty breakup with her fiance She's struggling with her place in the world and the fact that her dragon seems to be attracted to everyone in her friend Jen's town makes things even worse I liked Jen as with Lynn she seems like the girl next door Then we have Jack and Henry Lynn finds herself attracted to both but at the same time suspicious that one of them is involved in the recent arsons If you've read some of my other reviews you'll know that I like it when the author goes in depth with the characters careers Having worked for a newspaper I found Lynn's coverage of her stories very interesting Unlike a lot of mystery type books lately she's not a private eye or something but falls into a journalism career I also liked that the story is based in Texas since there aren't many paranormal books based there I enjoyed the history of the area All in all a great book and I plan to read Mina Khan's other books Book provided by the Author through PNR NaUBA group AuthorReader Exchange

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    Really great shape shifter story I liked the whole concept and the characters involved all except for the villain of course The story kept me guessing on who the villain was for the first part of the book and it's nice to not have it so obvious at the beginning It doesn't hit me so much as a romance because of the suspicion keeping the heroine and hero separated even though there is an attraction and sexual tension between both It comes off as of a fantasy with sparks of romance but the story was still very good and kept my attention which is hard to do when Supernatural is on ;3 My only complaints about the book is that there are some areas where mindspeaking is involved but the words are not italicized or made any different from the normal text so it caught me off guard there are some punctuation errors towards the end of the book and finally I wish it was longer I didn't want the story to end and I wanted to see of a development between Lynn and Jack's relationship book provided by the Author through PNR NaUBA group AuthorReader Exchange

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    Dragons Hottie Cowboy suspect Small Town Backdrop for an arson mystery? Bring it baby I read the blurb and was convinced that reading this one would be no hardship I love being rightLynn Alexander is from a long line of Japanese dragons Her life has hit an all time low with the death of her grandmother that she is convinced is her fault estrangement with her mother finding her long time boyfriend had cheated on her with a skank and being stuck in a dead end dull job of writing ad jingles instead of using her journalism degree Her dragon is even restless and she tries to follow her dead dragon grandmother's advice about centering herself After the mishaps with her dragon would she ever be able to trust and accept that side of her nature? Something has to giveAnd that something happens when she gets a premonition in the middle of the night that her best friend Jen who has moved out to West Texas is in trouble Lynn looses her dragon and flies with all possible speed to her friend not knowing what she will find On arrival and spotting a wildfire headed for Jen's house she is hit with the scent of another dragon and her own dragon goes lusty when she is slammed with all those musky male pheromones Little does she know that her arrival on the scene has put her on someone's radar She takes care of the fire and transforms just in time to avoid freaking out the regular humans The fire was no accident and a dragon was involved Firefighters and other rescue workers are swarming so she can't tell who the dragon is Fire investigators rule it arson but soon another suspicious fire occurs and this time its a family home so off they all go to do what they can even Lynn At the Jarvis fire Lynn meets the enigmatic Jack Callaghan who rescues young Timmy and his cat He's heroic he's fun and he's attractive but she suspects that he's something and too good to be true As the facts and clues mount up Jack stays high on a short list of others as her suspect as the dragon arsonist Are the fires connected to the new secret development project or is a male dragon trying to impress her with a bizarre dragon form of courtship? Is Jack the man she can't get out of her thoughts the dragon or not? Lynn can't make heads or tails of anything and the one stocking her is getting ever closer to what he wantsThe plot on this one grabbed me from the get go I enjoyed the dual dilemma of solving the arson crimes as well as figuring out the dragon angle Everyone seemed to have their secrets agendas and pasts so it was pretty up in the air at first before the change in narrators from Lynn to the others helped me as the reader know what was going on overall even if the main players were still in the dark With the understanding I got knowing what was going on before Lynn and Jack did it did leave me impatient at times while I waited for them to figure it all out Not that I blame Lynn The pacing fluctuated a bit as it shifted between action and internal stuff when characters had to deal with personal growth It never got boring and a few times it got downright nailbiter thrilling There were some side issues that I was glad to see dealt with like the thing with her mom the situation around her grandmother's death Jack's family history and understanding who and what the dragon master was The climax was nice and big I wondered in that last bit as it raced along how they could possibly get out of such a tight spot The resolution was a bit abrupt but satisfying nonetheless with the direction it was pointing towardThe backdrop of the West Texas community and the people was a treat and could almost be included as another character in the story because of how well developed it was I've never been in that part of Texas but I felt like I was through the descriptions in the story Description was woven in so that it added depth without bogging down the storyThe dragon aspect was creatively done A little background into the dragon history was given and a bit about that side of Lynn's nature and that of other dragons but it was left of a mystery in ways My curiosity led me to wanting but I have to admit that much would have interfered with pace and plot It suited the story to have less anyway because Lynn herself is a young dragon and alone now just trying to find her way so it wouldn't make sense for her to have all the answers about her raceThe story teetered between a combo of character development suspense and romance It got a bit heated no pun intended a few times between Lynn and Jack but the other components of the story interfered before it could get too interesting Lynn had trust issues mostly in herself plus she still hadn't accepted her dragon half so couldn't imagine anyone else accepting her dragon either Jack had the Callaghan name and reputation to live down so he had to gain perspective and realize that he wasn't the only one who faced not being accepted for who they were It was interesting getting the villain's perspective woven in to make him than just a two dimensional figure But back to Lynn and Jack hooboy were they good together Jack is almost every girl's dream because he's a sexy cowboy AND firefighter Lynn thought he was an arsonist and killer and could barely resist all that charm and appeal Let's just say that I found him so appealing that I didn't care if he was the bad guy Kidding sort ofSo all in all it was an engaging read with its blend as a Paranormal Romantic Suspense hinting at a bit of spiciness and promising a bit of dangerMy thanks to the author for sending along a copy of her book in exchange for an honest review

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    A refreshing new approach to shapeshifters Drawing upon traditional mythologies but adding her own spin to things as well Ms Khan gives us a very uniue sort of dragon shifter in the form of Lynn Alexander and others who are seen or mentioned within the story While there are strong romantic elements here this is primarily a mystery who is setting the fires in a small West Texas town that claim at least one life and leave many homeless Lynn is a typical young woman in her early 20s She has known about her abilities for most of her life and learned from her grandmother how to use them Circumstances surrounding her grandmother’s death have left her doubting her own judgment and than a little afraid of what she might do when in dragon form Still for all her self doubts she isn’t lacking in courage and when her best friend is in imminent danger she doesn’t hesitate to answer the call Arriving just in time to avert a catastrophe for her friend she ends up staying with her and getting involved in investigating the recent string of arsons in the area In the course of her investigations she discovers a new career in journalism and two possible love interests in Henry and Jack Despite her dragon’s raging hormones however Lynn remains focused on her main priorities and sticks to doing her job instead of indulging her desires or fantasiesHenry is an enigma from the start He’s working for a local development company that has an interest in buying the land currently occupied by several different landowners to create a new upscale housing development This fact alone makes him a suspect in the arsons for clearly his employer will benefit greatly if the landowners are willing to sell because their home has burned down; but is he being paid to set them? Or is he really the charming and sincere man that he seems to be who sympathizes with those who have been affected and is something of a victim of circumstance?Jack is likewise something of a puzzle for while on some levels he seems to be well respected in the community he’s also something of an outcast simply because of his family name He’s a Callaghan and distrust and dislike of the Callaghans runs deep in this small community due to wrongs done to others in the area by one of his ancestors While he seems to be an upstanding and honest rancher and volunteer firefighter he still seems to have something of a dark side –as well as a few unaccounted for absences that make him a suspect as wellThe pacing here is excellent with the author feeding us just enough clues along the way to hold our interest but not enough to be able to tell what the real answers are You’ll think you’ve got it figured out then something will happen that changes your mind – then a little while later something else happens that changes it back Ms Khan manages to keep us guessing right up until nearly the end and manages to throw in a twist or two along the way that you probably won’t see comingOverall an excellent read and one I’d definitely recommend to fans of mysteries particularly ones with a paranormal element to them Paranormal romance readers will like this one as well I think for there’s enough romance happening to keep things interesting on that front as well though don’t look for any steamy bedroom scenes here because there aren’t any It probably goes without saying that dragon fans will love this and will likely be sueezing over the uniue worldbuilding regarding them 4frac; stars to an excellent and highly recommended book Note I read this in a beta version and my review is based upon that There may or may not have been changes to the text or story that are unaccounted for in the review

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    This is an original review from I personally purchased this title and all opinions are my own Wildfire by Mina Khan is a nontraditional type of paranormal With dragon shifters and cowboys set in Texashow could one go wrong?Wildfire is a great example of what I love about self published books It keeps that nontraditional and free spirited edge to every page I think the author nails it by calling it “a paranormal mystery with romantic elements It is not a traditional romance” Although it certainly did have some romantic elements I would certainly not define it as romance either It had a slight Urban Fantasy feel with the mystery background and character developmentLynn is a Japanese American dragon shifter who finds herself luered to Pleasant Valley Texas where her best friend resides Lynn finds than she expected in so many different ways The development of the story was clear and well written With some hot cowboysfirefighters thrown in the mix the adventure contained on the pages was yummy and fun I think any paranormal or urban fantasy fan would appreciate and enjoy Wildfire

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    45 STARSThe first thing that caught my attention about this book was “Cowboys Dragons” I didn’t even have to read the rest of the title I was intrigued I love dragons and there is certainly nothing wrong with cowboys in their tight jeans cowboy boots and hats The story didn’t disappoint from the beginning to the end there is action mystery and bewitching characters that keep you thoroughly entertained The author has created a uniue world of dragons that she brings to life with her vivid descriptions and captivates the reader as the story progresses at a steady pace with fight scenes that are believable and well writtenThe suspense builds as Lynn a dragon shapeshifter tries to figure out who the arsonist is and save the lives of her friends Lynn uses her job as a reporter to investigate the crimes and then things become even complicated when the arsonist tries to draw her into his game and she doesn’t know who to trustLynn believes that another dragon with weird psychic powers may be involved but can she trust her instincts especially when things are complicated by her past The story does concentrate on the mystery and paranormal elements of the story but there is enough romance involved to keep things even interesting especially as Lynn seems to be attracted to two men both of whom could be suspectsThe book is an interesting mix of paranormal and mystery with life like characters that keep the reader entertained throughout I will certainly be looking for books by this author and I hope to see in this dragon world

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    Cowboys Dragons Not much needed to say about this story because that's right up there on my Top 10When Lynns grandmother died she was left with unanswered uestions and a whole bunch of guilt Trying to get her life back together she's begun to start dreaming of things coming When she sees her best friend Jen in trouble she flies to her rescue Unraveling a whole lot of trouble Jack is one of the wealthiest ranchers around Although he lives under the black cloud of his ancestors He's trying to do better for the town in West Texas but he's turned away by than a few When Lynn hits town the sparks between them fly But are these the sparks that are causing all the trouble?Whispers in the wind torment both Lynn Jack as they watch from the sidelines as tragedy after tragedy happen Who's to blame? Is there a sinister plot to damage this town? Or is there someone else hiding in the black clouds?I really enjoyed this story It's fairly fast paced the author builds this small town in Texas to an unbelievable reality in your mind and makes the characters work The good the bad AND the ugly come to life with her story telling abilities

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    I have to say I loved this book It had a very interesting story line which kept you captivated and had you wanting to continue reading and wanting to know who is responsible for the firesThe characters are interesting and were thoughtfully constructed Lynn has a hard time of it lately her grandmas death and dumping her cheating fiance Add in Jack and Henry which are handsome men who attract both her human and dragon side and both attracted to Lynn but both have her uestioning which one has alternative motivesMina has spun a suspenseful and interesting story which leaves you hoping she will write dragon storiesI hate giving away ending but have to say that you will be happy with the outcome of this book and if you like inuisitive reporter who did its and romantic tension this book is for youI rate this book a 45 out of 5 I recieved a copy of this book for my honest review

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    This book was utterly frustrating to me On the one hand dragons On the other hand they are also people And idiots D On the one hand the premise is intriguing On the other hand it is poorly executedThis book I could not toss it aside because I was too intrigued Yet it actually frustrated me to read it I could not just skip to the last chapter because I wanted to know not only what happened but how it happened Ultimately I think the characters were too one dimensional We basically just get to know the MC and her about to be love interest Maybe there were just not enough other people to keep me entertained And in an interesting twist for a PNR the next book involves characters that are barely mentioned in this one One thing it did really well It handled the death of her parents this was going to happen it was stated uneuivocally early on After recently losing my father this was a very painful thing for me It concerned me that it would drag me into a deep dark depression But it didn't Destiny was sad but she did not dwell on it She did what she needed to do and loved her father It was beautifully done and well handled And that brought this 2 star read up to 3

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    Lynn Hana Alexander is a Japanese American dragon shifter tormented by fleeting memories of her grandmother's death by fire She feels enormous guilt for her grandmother's death because Lynn failed in saving herSo when she sees her friend threatened in the same way in a dream she doesn't think; she shifts into her dragon form and rushes to her from her apartment in Houston to her friend's home in relatively small Paradise Valley in west Texas Once she arrives she immediately smells the musky scent of a male dragon nearby who calls to her and brings back memories of when her grandmother died She is determined to find and bring this rogue dragon to justice as she feels that he's also connected to her grandmother's deathLynn was a journalism major in college and after the fire her friend Jen encourages her to write a story about Jen's fire to gain some publicity for what has been happening in Paradise Valley and hopefully help bring the arsonist to justice After submitting her story to the paper she's offered a job as an investigative reporter takes it and starts investigating Lynn uickly discovers that Paradise Valley is being plagued by fires which reinforces her resolve to actively pursue tracking down the dragon responsible Being a relatively new dragon she flounders in her investigation as she's not adept at deciphering who is and who is not a dragon but she perseveresThis story is primarily a paranormal mystery with cowboys and dragons Solving the mystery of who is setting the fires is paramount Additional subplots include Lynn's confusion over her developing dragon side her amnesia over what really happened when her grandmother was murdered and her poor relationship with her mother who keeps encouraging her to renew her relationship with her ex fiance who Lynn had found to be cheating on her Within the mystery of all the fires Lynn seeks to discover who and what she is There are romantic elements also Jack Callaghan is a hot fireman and a nerdy cowboy his family has lived large in the area for years and Jack serves as a part time volunteer firefighter He meets Lynn at Jen's fire and continues to show up at each of the successive fires She is shocked when they first meet as he is the same person that she has been dreaming about They are mutually attracted to each other but Lynn worries that he may be the arsonist rogue dragon Henry a smooth talking city developer is also at the fires and he's also attracted to Lynn Both men distract her from her primary purpose and she has to fight her own hormonal urges arising at the most inopportune times Overall I found this book to be an enjoyable read I was drawn to the book by the paranormal aspect and the author utilizes those elements uniuely well in the story I loved the dragoncowboys aspect and thought it worked very well The story was good and the characters were well developed My one issue with the book was that I wasn't able to fully connect with Lynn so I enjoyed the mystery but didn't really develop sympathy with the heroine I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys paranormal mysteries 3 stars