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Carrie Hanson is in love with a different species Trent a pampered uber rich socialite who’s also her boss Everyone keeps telling her it’s a train wreck looking to happen but her heart wants what it wants So despite the billion and one reasons not to Carrie commits to this inter species relationship But while she's off being trained for her new job responsibilities a beautiful ex fiancée is working hard to get Trent back and Carrie fired

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    As most know I loved The Worst Week Ever Carrie stole my heart from the first page and she did again Oh Stupid Heart Be warned though this book is completely different from The Worst Week Ever Yes there is still humor dry wit situations that you would thinkNOT AGAIN but this one humanizes Trent He tries to be charitable on the train and that backfires somewhat When he tries to be charitable to his friend Jon it finally works Of course he had a bit of help from Carrie and Mars againMars Jack and Sam are back to help Carrie and Trent but my heart broke for Sam There is a secret that Jon shares with Trent that really through me for a loop ; Great twist and explains alot of Sam’s resentment towards Trent but Sam deserves better He is still holding a candle for Carrie though In some ways so does Mars but he views her as a somewhat savior to his own job with Trent Read the book and see if you agree with meI loved the introduction of Jon and Patty They are the ones that truly humanized Trent for me in this book I finally understood where Trent truly came from growing up and with talking to Jon Trent realized that he could leave his former life behind and build a future with Carrie Plus he’s a writer that I swear everyone had read and love except TrentThe office situations were the best in the book for me Grant was a slime Coco a complete bitch and Dan was the glue that made Carrie finally feel appreciated and necessary when it came to her work Loved loved how Carrie finally stood up for herself and got mad a Trent during a work situation too Of course it broke her heart afterwards but I felt like Carrie was coming around to the fact that Trent didn’t always truly value her as an employee Sure she was the glue that kept the company afloat but somehow in this book Trent forgot about thatThis book read has fast as TWWE but it very well paced and of course Ms O’Connor can write dialogue with the best of them She makes her characters come alive on the page whether it be a word or maybe a raised eyebrow Plus I still want Carrie’s house and garden ;To answer Liza’s uestion of the right guy for Carrieits hard to say really I liked Trent better in this book but I on the fence if he is truly the ONE for Carrie He’s about 80% there but he keeps reminding us of his track record I liked Joey the cop in the first book but he was absent in this one If I had to pick I would say Sam but then Carrie would be only a sloppy second for Sam and I want Sam to be truly happy in a relationship There is so much to Sam that when you read this book you will come to understand him and sighI highly suggest that read the series in order to understand all the characters and situations that Carrie and Trent go through Ms O’Connor has written a brilliant tale about two different species her words that somehow find love but that road is long and the journey isn’t complete yetI received this book from the author and I wasn't paid for my honest review

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    ConundrumWhat a mess dealing with the first book’s messes brought to light And the new messes created Great fun watching one person grow but kind of horrible seeing how abusive one person is capable of being to everyone they know Very interesting and cringeworthy at the same time

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    Oh Stupid HeartBy Liza O’ConnorBlurbCarrie Hanson is in love with a different species Trent a pampered uber rich socialite who’s also her boss Everyone keeps telling her it’s a train wreck looking to happen but her heart wants what it wants So despite the billion and one reasons not to Carrie commits to this inter species relationship But while she's off being trained for her new job responsibilities a beautiful ex fiancée is working hard to get Trent back and Carrie firedMy ReviewCarrie and Trent have finally admitted their feelings but the road to love is never smooth Jealousy and insecurities are a part of any relationship but when couples are as different as Trent and Carrie it’s bound to happen Not to mention it seems like the world is out to get themor at least Trent’s ex fianceOh Stupid Heart is the second book in the Long Road to Love series and continues the wacky relationship that began in Worst Week Ever I loved how caring and sweet Carrie is She is than willing to put up with just about anything yet remains true to her moral compass Trent has improved a bunch since the first book but still has a way to go He doesn’t have a filter when he’s angry Ms O’Connor writes a fun story that engages the reader and keeps them laughing with the wacky events that happen I like how Trent has changed but I still worry that Carrie is putting into this relationship than he is Although I love how she’s developing a backbone with Trent and not letting him or others run her overI'm looking forward to the rest of this series

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    The Zaniness lives on This is a continuation of the story from Book 1 BUT there's a lot of rehashing of the events in Book 1 so if you didn't read #1 the only thing you're missing is the reading of experience of Trent being an a hole jerk However this trend of jerkiness continues in Book 2 such that I'm starting to think that Carrie is as emotionally stunted as her growth and yes that's a low blow pun intended because there are SO many references to her short stature in this that it made me wonder what the author's issue was and I have to wonder if there's to her story that what we learn in book 2 Generally it's not the men who have issues with her height it's the women interestingWe know she's a twin and was treated poorly by her parents in favor of the other twin and it also appears that health wise the other twin was also favored as we learn about Carrie's health issues with her underdeveloped stomach and eating issues We also learn that this former fiance of Trent's has destruction up her sleeve and admittedly some of it did not make sense And there are criminals within his employee base than not Coco has her hands all over Trent and all over his businessShe's in an emotionally abusive relationship with her boss who has huge trust issues and tends to rage without thinking He's really most incompetent And the excuse that he's trying is ridiculous She needs to get out and find someone deserving of herNow I'm curious about Book 3 after reading the synopsis Gah

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    After reading Worst Week Ever A Long Road to Love I had high hopes for Oh Stupid Heart Liza O'Connor did not disappoint Her books are well written well edited and depicts the lives of her characters which might very well be real in witty prose and dialogue Oh Stupid Heart had me snarling at my family's attempts to interrupt my reading Seriously I'm spending time with a good book why would I want to make dinner? Look in the fridge I'm sure there's something thereOh Stupid Heart is both funny and cute and the only thing wrong with it is that it ended Luckily it's part of a series and I look forward to O'Connor's next releaseI like to think that I normally write elouent reviews giving a recap of the story characters my reaction and so on I'm unable to do that with these books because I only have one thing to say about them Read them They're funny You won't regret it

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    First book is betterThe guy is a jerk Only a desperate lonely insecure women would put up with a guy like that Ugh

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    Ok so going into the series the writer draws characters into the story a little twist thrown into the mix to have you wondering how it's going to play out still giving romance love steamy a little and you'll be shouting at the pages trying to tell Carrie to wake up and get her head screwed on I'm loving the way the whole story is coming on but those cheeky one liners you can honestly hear people say or think well it makes it all so refreshing to have an author with a sense of humour but not too much that it's dragging you away from the plotoh yeah I'm ready for #3

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    This is the first and only book by Liza O'Connor that I've read It can be a stand alone book but I think if I had read book 2 it would have been multifaceted amazing story instead of a great story This is not a typical love story But there are many parts where you cheer for Carrie are glad Trent is not as bad as he was and are gleeful when Coco gets what's coming to herOverall this is a great read and lives up to the title and blurb

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    Poor Carrie is put through the wringer yet again as the man of her dreams continues to open his mouth to put his foot in itLiza has come up with a wonderful continuation of Trent and Carrie's story Trent though trying to improve continues to prove Rome wasn't built in a day And Carrie continued to show love really can be blindThis was a whirlwind ride that I had a hard time putting down definitely enjoyed it and I can't wait to see what comes next

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    I liked this one a lot better than the first one