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Riese uncovers the fascinating startling and often disturbing facts of Streisand's life Hers is the ultimate Cinderella story that of an ugly duckling who became a swan on Broadway and then in Hollywood in films including Funny Girl The Way We Were and A Star Is Born 24 pages of photos

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    I almost gave this four stars because Barbra Streisand has lived a fascinating life and I enjoyed vicariously experiencing much of it through this book However the first chapter and the long last section spends so much time on The Prince of Tides just one of her projects that at several points I thought the book should have been titled The Making of the Prince of Tides Obviously the author thought that would be a selling point when the book was published around the time the movie came out but Her Name is Barbra is intended as a portrait of her entire life so the amount of pages dedicated to this one movie was distracting and annoying If you skip through those sections and don't mind the gossipy negative tone of some of the book you will probably like it just fine To me the takeaway was that Barbra Streisand succeeded not just because of her extraordinary talent but because of her eually extraordinary drive to succeed Good for her

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    While the book covers the majority of her career a lot of it also focuses on the creation of the Prince of Tides The tone of the book is a bit catty to the point that you can't really know how much to believe Still it makes for a good read

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    I was expecting a gossipy bitch fest along the lines of J Randy Taborelli’s Call Her Miss Ross What I got instead was a multi faceted portrait of a very complicated woman What some may interpret as bitchy others see as assertiveness I guess Overall it was a pretty even handed treatment and Riese’s breezy style made it a uick read The only problem is that he devotes way too much space to The Prince of Tides the thorny production of which easily takes up four times as many pages as any other project Streisand did Random things I learned from this Barbra exhibited diva like behavior well before she got famous as a youth she pioneered the thrift shop chic look by wearing self consciously kooky ’30s castoffs and son Jason Gould was likely gay from the day he was born Of course I too would be ecstatic if my mom invited Donna Summer over to the house for an afternoon chat Scrubblesnet review February 1 2009

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    This book has reinforced my earlier impression of Barbra She's a control freak But I still consider her one of my favorite female singers It was written in 1996 though and a lot has happened since then I'll bet More men dated and marriage to James Brolin And her son Jason has long since come out of the closet

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    This is a 'Can't put down' book for me It really shows how Barbra really is 'behind the scenes' and how determined she's always been to reach for her goals It gives of an idea of the person behind the voice and face and not the image she'd like to portray to the public

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    This is a very interesting readable biography

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    I read this book mainly because I don't like her After reading it I still don't like her and now I know why

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    love my Barbra