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Blind follows one traditional non racist skinhead's journey for revenge after the murder of his best friend A darkly comic novel about a scene as strict as it is chaotic with a strong background of punk oi and working class roots in the San Francisco bay area Contains some graphic language and content

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    While I'm not going to attempt to write a full review on this amazing book I will say that no person especially no self respecting traditional skinhead should ever go without reading K Rodriguez's novel This book is by far the best skinhead novel I've ever read though one would say I'm biased by the fact K Rod is from California and so on but make no mistake I've read the complete Richard Allen collection; a load of novels by minor league British authors and a few other American light weights and save for Don DeGrazia's 'American Skin' only Kendall's novel comes closest to the true street life of the working class she aims to represent in her work It is true that Richard Allen was writing about some of the characters he may have come across in his times; perhaps Skinheads then were parodic in their everyday activities as they surely are represented thus in his novels The other light weights from the UK; the likes of Martin King or Steve Goodman for example have written mediocre books that; while they may be written in proper English fall short of entertaining the audience the way a poorly made indy flick would Put it this way if they made a film out of one of these guys' books you'd walk out within the first ten minutes guaranteed A bunch other British and American authors have attempted to bring up some stories about the skinhead cult the way they see it and some the way they've experienced it but with little or no success at all Their stories fall rather short of amusing interesting or even enticing; they are flat and boring reads for the most part Still as I've said before only American author Don DeGrazia who actually published the first edition of his novel while in Britain has accomplished the task of presenting us a novel the likes of K Rodriguez's However Genaro DeGrazia speaks in the context of a Midwestern Chicagoan coming of age while K Rod tells beautifully her West Coast version of the facts So here we have two versions of the American experience and I can really tell you these two authors got it right I cannot begin to tell you how much I've really enjoyed reading K Rod's novel but if you want to measure the joy I experience while doing so then let me tell you I have read the book three times in three sittings during the Spring of 2013 and the Autumn of 2014 and I'll do it again the moment I get a chance Kendall you freaking rock

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    A well told engaging and totally addictive tale about a trad skin whose best friend is murdered He ends up looking for revenge and the story neatly ties together several different strands for a very satisfactory conclusionThe story drew me in and did not let go I found myself thinking about it while at work while driving while eating The main drawback a lack of a good editor or maybe a lack of an editor at allThe rare awkward sentence and the far too often use of the wrong word such as dawning instead of donning or wreak instead of reek were minor distractions but a good editor would have spotted them A good editor would have polished this story to a brilliant shine but that is not to say that it was dull by any means blind was close to brilliant poor word choices and all