PDF/EPUB Camille Singleton À À The Hobble Knobble Gobble Tree - a middle grade fantasy

Middle Grade FantasyFor centuries children have been disappearing Ten year old Abigail wonders about the poem that has to do with a creepy ancient tree Granted birds or suirrels are never seen near the tree the tree never grows leaves and nothing grows around the base of the tree but are the protruding knobs really the heads of children that the tree has devoured? Abigail has never fit in at school and if she proves how brave she is by tying a ribbon on the tree surely she'll gain respect from her classmates But what Abigail doesn't know is that the tree has been waiting for HER

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    Loved this book One or two unexpected things happened like when Vand was red eyed or the spider was going to feed Abigail to hisher young not giving her to Ioxin? I was dissapointed when I couldn't find The Edge of Nowhere It seems annoying and ironic to have to go almost all the way out then have to go right back to the start

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    Where do I get book two? I've been reading this book with my son he loves it