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Young Adult FantasyThousands of years ago a king of Lower Egypt worshiped the demon of chaos and destruction With the aid of an artifact a golden fly the Grand Vizier betrayed his king and sent him into exile The fly finds its way to Lesley a twelve year old girl in present day Indiana who unwittingly learns of its magical powers But will she learn of its curse before it’s too late?

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    OH MY GOSH this story is amazing Whoever would've thought a golden fly could be so creepy and dangerous? When Lesley is given a golden fly by her childhood sweetheart a curse slowly kinda possesses her I was literally SHOCKED by the results that happened later in the story I didn't think the conseuences would be that sad and terrible Goodness I loved it all I'll definitely be reading this one againI must say that I really liked romance in this story too It didn't feel rushed or forced to me despite being a very short story It felt very natural and friendly