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DAVID AHL'S CLASSIC BASIC COMPUTER ADVENTURES is back in a Special 25th Anniversary Microsoft Small Basic Edition The Small Basic text based computer adventure simulations you will develop in this tutorial are based on historical personalities like Marco Polo Amelia Earhart and on historical events like the Tour de France The Longest Automobile Race 1908 and the 1847 Oregon Trail We have also included some fiction adventure simulations like Voyage to Neptune and the Hong Kong Hustle We even included all the original GOTO subroutines for your nostalgic programming enjoyment To grasp the concepts presented in DAVID AHL'S SMALL BASIC COMPUTER ADVENTURES you should possess a working knowledge of Windows and have had some exposure to Microsoft Small Basic programming or some other programming language We offer two beginning programming tutorials MICROSOFT SMALL BASIC FOR KIDS and BEGINNING MICROSOFT SMALL BASIC that would help you gain this needed exposure This tutorial reuires Windows 8 Windows 7 XP or Vista and Microsoft Small Basic Version 10 The Small Basic source codeis available for download from the publisher's website wwwComputerScienceForKidscom after book registration Philip Conrod has a passion for writing tutorials and books aimed at beginner programmers and he's done an excellent job of covering all the fundamentals of Small Basic programming He has also published a faithful port of David Ahl's Computer Adventures for Small Basic Check it out for some cool game ideas Vijaye Raji Creator of Microsoft Small Basic Philip Conrod has done a great job porting my original BASIC COMPUTER ADVENTURES book to the latest version of Microsoft Small Basic The Small Basic Computer Adventures play just like my original adventures I highly recommend Philip Conrod's new Small Basic Computer Adventures book to both kids and adults David H Ahl Founder of Creative Computing

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