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Alternate cover edition for ASIN B00EO5DCT8Imagine if you were the first and only female police detective in Acapulco investigating crime in a city both deadly and breathtaking Mexican drug cartels battle for control and politicians are bought with blood money Your partner once vowed to destroy you Your new lieutenant is a drunk Your lover might leave Acapulco And then the restaurant you just left blows up That's the situation for Detective Emilia Cruz in HAT DANCE the second book in the sensational police procedural series taking the mystery scene by storm Terrified by her nightmares of the restaurant fire and shaken by norteamericano hotel manager Kurt Rucker's possible move Emilia must catch a violent firebomber and find a missing girl before the iconic beach city is destroyed Neither investigation is easy because the influence and impact of Mexico's drug war is everywhere just like the salt breeze coming off the ocean Emilia's police work is soon hijacked by savage political rivalries a corrupt Vice cop and a woman in prison who knows than she'll say As Acapulco screams for an end to the flames the arsonist evades Emilia's sting operation Meanwhile the missing girl's trail leads to Acapulco's famous lucha libre fighters Inside the coliseum the heat of both investigations ignites into an inferno If Emilia's only chance to survive is to dance with the devil will she take it? Would you?

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    From the serenity of the luxurious Pasodoble Bar with its view of a bronze sunset to the flamboyant lucha libre on the wrestling stage of the Coliseo author Carmen Amato keeps us captivated in scene after scene in Acapulco based Hat Dance Her authentic depictions of settings enrich your reading pleasure and make you feel as if you’re actually thereIn the lead role of Hat Dance is Emilia Cruz a female detective who has no ualms about following dangerous leads that drop her right in the middle of the action Dealing with volatile situations involving corrupt police to drug cartels to hookers demands brains as well as brawn and Emilia doesn’t let us down We are privy to her innermost thoughts from start to finish which heightens the suspense when she’s forced to face her demons in ways than one Emilia is smart and tough on the job yet caring and vulnerable in other aspects of her life—ualities that contribute to a well rounded character that you can’t help but admire The rest of the cast is painted with eually vivid strokes of realism and I could easily picture Emilia’s interactions with themHat Dance is an intricate mystery with well paced twists and turns that will keep you guessing as the story progresses The high caliber of writing alone is worth the read A thrilling addition to the series

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    This is a really good crime thriller It captured my interest within a few pages and then I couldn't put it down The main character is Emilia Cruz a female police detective and we meet a wide range of other characters from bent cops to hookers politicians and soldiers all of whom are very well described The plot is good and we have a combination of a bombing campaign and a search for a missing girl which keeps the story moving at a fast pace The story is set in Mexico and the author brought the local culture vividly to life which for me was the outstanding attraction of the book Without being heavy handed in her writing the author illustrates many of the challenges of being an honest and committed female police detective in Mexico The author also highlights the problems the country faces with bribary corruption drugs and the role of the armyI really enjoyed the main characters and look forward to reading the other books in the series I strongly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good crime story with the added bonus of it revealing an insight to life in Mexico

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    Hat Dance is the second novel in the Detective Emilia Cruz mystery series set in Acapulco Mexico One evening Emilia is out for dinner with Kurt Rucker her hotel manager boyfriend when they witness an an arson attack which is initially believed to be an assassination attempt on Acapulco’s popular female mayor The attack triggers political repercussions and the mayor wants Emilia and her partner Franco Silvio to target her main political enemy the Army At the same time Emilia is looking for a missing girl as part of a personal case involving missing women in Acapulco While the cases are not related soon Emilia has her hands full with bothEmilia is the first and currently only female detective on the force and her struggles to be accepted by her colleagues seems to be just as difficult as they were in the first novel She doesn’t get intimidated by anyone when it comes to solving the case even when her superiors ask her to look the other wayHat Dance is an intricate mystery with fast paced twists and turns filled with excellent characters plenty of action and than a few good plot lines Amato excels at bringing Acapulco to life describing the corruption reaching the highest levels of the political ladder yet giving the reader glimpses of the wonderful people living there I didn't love the first book of the series Cliff Diver but really enjoyed this one and am looking forward to reading of this excellent series

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    In this exciting second installment in the Emilia Cruz mystery series Emilia and her grudging partner Silvio investigate half a dozen suspects and possible motives for a series of arsons at high end establishments in Acapulco From bombs to Botox this novel has it all Crimes arson extortion prostitution narcotics money laundering People politicians detectives vice cops army generals entrepreneurs professional wrestlers madams Themes gender and class discrimination political corruption narcotics cartel domination and moral declineToo much? Not in the hands of Ms Amato who has a talent for weaving a wide array of characters themes and story threads into a thoroughly engaging and believable adventure from start to finish Emilia Cruz is the true heart of this novel She is a mix of guts and vulnerability physical strength and insecurity intelligence and naivety With keen insight she will one moment develop a major lead and the next make a shortsighted blunder All of these ualities help the reader identify with her and cheer her on as she confronts dangerous underworld figures The minor characters are also memorable each one vividly painted with a distinguishing character flaw personality trait or manner of appearanceMs Amato also realistically builds the tension between the human desire to be open and trusting against the practical need to remain vigilant and wary in a corrupt world The reader’s intelligence is honored by giving just enough information to avoid frustration while holding back enough to let the imagination work This mystery will keep you guessing throughout the twists and turns of plot Highly recommended

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    It's not easy being Emilia Cruz the only female on the Acapulco police force Most of her colleagues seem to be either on the take from local businesses or the cartels or running side hustles and they are all sexist Her mother who seems to have some form of dementia has taken up with someone else's husband and they both live with Emilia Her newest case involves fire bombing of some local restaurants and she is also trying to help an elderly woman in the local barrio whose granddaughter has disappeared Recommended to readers who enjoy a well written mysterythriller with a strong female protagonist

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    Ms Amato uses vivid descriptions and lively personable characters in a story that is not only well put together but also entertaining I was transported to Acapulco and as Emilia got deeper into her investigation and the situations became dangerous I found myself on the edge of my seat literally Great read

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    Detective Emilia Cruz as the first and only female detective on the Acapulco police force has an inherently stressful job Not only does she have to constantly prove her worth to her male colleagues and superiors but she's also not sure who she can trust Corruption and cartel influence are seeping in at all levels She's still mourning the death of her partner Rico who was killed on duty in Book 1 and her new partner Silvio has made it clear he doesn't want to work with her Her new boss has a drinking problem and is basically incompetent First he yanks her off the money laundering case she was working with Rico gives it to some crooked cops who make evidence disappear and assigns her to a high profile arson investigation involving the city's popular mayor Just when she's making headway he orders her in a different direction On the side she investigates a missing person case for her priest that the department doesn't want to handleHer personal life isn't stress free either Her boyfriend Kurt a Norteamericano whom she has not yet introduced to her family is considering a job offer in Belize which would most likely bring their budding relationship to an end Her mother Sophia who suffers from mild dementia is cohabiting with a married man who reminds Sophia of Emilia's deceased father Emilia has been the adult in her relationship with her mother since her father's death when she was a childThe author does a great job of immersing the reader in the colorful Acapulco setting and has created a sympathetic and complex protagonist The descriptions of the inner workings of the police force bureaucracy the government the army and the cartel feel very real Hat Dance is a very enjoyable page turner

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    Carmen Amato’s second installment in the Emilia Cruz series is as exciting and entertaining as the firstHat Dance continues the story of Acapulco’s first female detective It opens with a scene that combines a romantic relationship with a wall of intrigue suspense and possible disappointment The protagonist is drawn into a life changing choice situation within the first few pages – love or workHigh end restaurants in Acapulco are being targeted by arson The uestion is whether it is drug cartels the army or is it politically motivated assassination attempts? The answer remains unanswered until the thrilling climax Detective Cruz and her partner Silvio contend with gang members politicians corrupt police and powerful army personnel in their uest for truth and justiceAmato ends each chapter in a fashion that demands you turn the page and go on to the next In Hat Dance the first major event starts in the last paragraph of Chapter 1 and then explodes at the beginning of Chapter 2 The story rolls on from there Her exceptional descriptions of the locale and characters put the reader in the middle of the actionMs Amato does a masterful job of filling the information that is needed from the previous volume so the reader is not left wondering However I strongly recommend reading the first in the series Cliff Diver before devouring this one Then not only will you have read two exceptional books but you will have then invested further in the charactersBy doing so I am sure you will like I am be looking forward to Emilia’s next adventureI seldom offer a five star rating but will make an exception in this case

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    Hat Dance An Emilia Cruz Novel by Carmen AmatoEmilia Cruz is the only police detective in Acapulco Mexico Emilia is on a date with Kurt Rucker a hotel manager when an explosion occurs in the restaurant It looks suspicious and she is now investigating a possible arson On top of that she is looking for a missing girlEmilia faces a lot of obstacles along the way vigilantes the Mexican Army and a dirty cop The suspect list starts to grow and people are in danger including Emilia but nothing will stop this tough determined woman to do her job catch the bad guy and find the missing girlA thrilling murder mystery with a lot of twists and turns Set in Mexico also makes for an exciting read Emilia Cruz is a very likable character and i plan on reading the other books in the series

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    It was great to see a continuation of the romance between Emilia Cruz and her gringo hotel manager their differing backgrounds and social statures keep things unpredictable without losing sight of the excellent mystery in the plot The amount of violence might have turned me off if I wasn't already a fan of the characters and of the author's writing style so I'm glad I had already read Cliff Diver and The Beast so I would understand how much violence is not the story but part of the culture Emilia Cruz lives in Excellent book