Epub Barbara Ann Brennan À À Hands of Light A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy

With the clarity of a physicist and the compassion of a gifted healer with than twenty years of professional experience observing 5000 clients and students Barbara Ann Brennan presents the first in depth study of the human energy field for people who seek happiness and health and who wish to achieve their full potential Our physical bodies exist within a larger 'body' a human energy field or aura which is the vehicle through which we create our experience or reality including health and illness It is through this energy field that we have the power to heal ourselvesThis energy body only recently verified by scientists but long known to healers and mystics is the starting point of an illness Here our most powerful and profound human interactions take place the precursor and healer of all physiological and emotional disturbances Hands of Light offers a new paradigm for the human in health relationships and disease an understanding of how the human energy field looks and functions training in the ability to see and interpret auras medically verified case studies of healing people from all walks of life with a variety of illnesses guidelines for healing the self and others

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    A must read basic 101 for everyone interested in energy I really loved this section Heyoan On Death We have already died in forgetting who we are Those parts of us that we have forgotten are walled off from reality and we have come into incarnation to retrieve them So although we fear death we have already died and in the incarnation process of reintegrating with our greater being we actually find life The only thing that dies is death During our life we wall off experiences that we wish to forget We do this so effectively that we do not remember many of them We begin this walling off experience early in childhood and continue it through our life These walled off pieces of our consciousness can be seen in the auric field in terms of blocks and will be discussed in the chapter on psychodynamics The real death has already occurred in the form of that internal wall As you know the only thing that separates you from anything is yourself And the most important thing is that death has already occurred in those portions of yourself that are walled off That would be perhaps from our vantage point the most clear definition of what the human being considers to be death It is being walled off and separate from It is forgetting It is forgetting who you are that is what death is You have already died You have in fact incarnated to bring to life those pieces of you that are already in what you call death if we should ever use that word those parts have already died

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    UPDATE I came back to this book after a psychic woman told me my chakras were blocked I read it for an hour last night This book is dense definitely not a reference book I went to look up specific chakras and how why they are blocked and that information is spread throughout the entire book every chapter is about chakrasIt is designed for people who want to learn about energetic healing and the entire human spiritual experience Serious old school woo woo Brennan is an energetic healer who writes about BIG picture things like how spirit comes into form on earth our calling work we have to do here how we leave the concept of time She tells stories of healings she has done then gives the reader a detailed How To of energetic healingThis book reminds of what I already believe We are spirit in human form we came here for a reason we are pure energy and life is painful so energy gets stuck and blocked As Matt Damon's character Will Hunting said in one of my all time favorite films Good Will Hunting Let the healing begin

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    The author is honest and straightforward from the very beginning healing techniues are not simple to learn; you will probably have to study them in a class She only aims at helping you be familiar with the subject material p 11 I am fascinated with the author's scientific knowledge of physics and she ties in all that with her field of healing energy field etc With her we can't help but admit that we are composed of fields p 22 and we sense the presence of a person in the room without seeing or hearing field interaction; we speak of good and bad vibes of sending energy to others or of reading each other's thoughts All this is great but why does the title say on the cover a guide to healing through the human energy field? I kept reading and looking for that supposed guide and I have yet to find it All I am reading is chakras and chakras and the anatomy of chakras etc but where in the world is that guide that teaches us that we get to heal by the laying on of hands? Isn't the title here misleading?

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    This is a great book Barbara shares her in depth knowledge and understanding in this field of healing The book has helped me to further understand the human energy fields aura and provided an insight into healing practices along with exercises and techniues that I can practice to enhance my abilities In addition to her books Barbara has set up the Barbara Brennan School of Healing with campus' in Miami United States and Japan She is seen as world renowned expert in her field So if this is an area of interest for you then you absolutely need to read this book

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    I am not finishing this book because my body is clearly not responding to the text In all other books I have read on energy work whether about igong or prana or yoga my hands my scalp my body responds I can literally feel the energy within me stirring While reading this book I felt nothing which tells me that this book is not meant for me Maybe it is simply a matter of bad timing and later I will return to it to find it inspiring I doubt it The author really emphasizes that the book is best used in a classroom environment or at least with the guidance of another Under the circumstances one has to wonder why the book has been released for general publication and isn’t clearly defined as a textbook on the cover front andor backI have no doubt that other people will read and benefit from the content After reading the first two parts over 50 pages and skimming the rest I don’t think there’s anything the author presents that I haven’t read somewhere else or haven’t already experienced in my own healing practice

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    This book was fantastic As a layperson what has stayed with me the most is 1the author's history of science and the naming of major periods or influencial people and 2an explanation of research done to prove that color has vibrational freuencyies and wave bands I love it that she combined psychology with the study of the Human Energy Field and higher sensory perception Yes there is so much that could stay with me; but the simple wonderment and appreciation for expressing the big picture before delving into the detail helped me immensely The task of documenting auras and chakras is immense then to explain it as elouently as she did leaves me speechless This book is one in which new things are discovered with every reading of it The artist's renderings were most helpful in my understanding what the author was communicating such talent

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    This is a book I chose as part of the reuired reading section as I make my way toward certification in Healing EnergyIt is difficult to review such a book As a level three student much of what she wrote was above me However her personal journey was fascinating Her eye for the minutest detail in the healing process was breath taking And the healing sessions she chronicles are almost unbelievable To the skeptic's eye some of this was fantastical However unbelievable to it's critics I do not doubt the efficacy of the techniues or the results described I have seen this work I hold up the book and the author as an example of what is possible on my own private journey The meditations given for practice are easy to follow and effective I believe these were the most personally useful sections of the book Not an easy or casual read but for those seeking knowledge of this oldnew way of healing this is helpful

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    This is a work on healing and energy work which has been around for years They just don't get any better The book is encyclopedic in its wealth of information and takes you through the course of energy education at your own pace Everything is covered nothing missed This book is timeless as is the information contained in the numerous pages A definite must have for the idle curious to the dedicated hands on healer It will make you a believer if you are not alreadyBarbara is simply amazing

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    This book is intense It is the most thorough complex detailed guide to energy healing I've read I haven't even finished it yet because there's so much to take in If you're interested in energy healing chakras and viewingworking with the aura this is the book to have I recommend buying this book and her other manual Light Emerging if you're interested in these topics

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    This was written as of a textbook on energy healing I listen to it as an audio book so I missed out on the freuent references to the images diagrams she referred to I also found that most of the information she discussed to be highly technical and difficult to follow if you don't already have a background in energy healing Not a good starter intro into this modality of healing