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Presidio County Texas sits against the border in a remote region of the Chihuahuan desert along the Rio Grande The river marks the legal boundary between Texas and Mexico but in reality la frontera's uniue blend of culture and language does not respect fences Texana Jones owns and operates a trading post in this desolate region On El Dia de los Muertos the Day of the Dead she is delivering supplies to reclusive Rhea Fair a curandera or healing woman and finds her dead When the sheriff blames the death on the random violence of drug smugglers Texana refuses to accept the explanation particularly since the violent deaths of two close friends six months earlier were attributed to the same vague motivation Taking a closer look at the curandera's last few days Texana finds many unusual events from the disappearance of Rhea's handyman Trinidad to the visit of a young woman driving a rental car Texana follows a trail to the border cities of El Paso and Juarez and up to San Antonio where an encounter with a stranger points her toward home It is in the desert where secrets are hidden so easily that she uncovers a powerful motive for murder

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    122818 Great series for Border Security preTrump Adding 5 star for the images remaining long after readingEnjoyed this series particularly the setting and culture Wish the author had written episodesHere's a review copied from Publisher's Weekly a magazine that led to many of the books I bought for the library The borderland between Texas and Mexico along the Rio Grande comes alive in this absorbing debut featuring Texana Jones the owner of a trading post and her veterinarian husband Clay Jones doesn't believe that her best friend Maria Ortega Deed and her husband were killed by drug smugglers So when reclusive Rhea Fair a curandera or healing woman is found murdered in a similar manner Jones is determined to get to the bottom of it Fair once owner of a large ranch became a healer and herbalist after her sons were arrested for drug smuggling and fled across the border to Mexico while out on bail Just before Ortega Deed died Fair had gone to her for some kind of legal advice Fair afraid of a client with the evil eye had also seen a clairvoyant and had sent off a long letter only days before she was murdered Jones tracks down the identity of Fair's last client a journalist now also missing who was writing a book about the curanderaGetting help in her investigation from both sides of the border Jones must also deal with her husband's campaign to stem a rabies epidemic and with multimillionaire rancher Robert Darke's plans for a lavish fiesta and the archeological project he is financing on his property Martin populates Jones's tiny hometown of El Polvo with hardworking goodhearted eccentrics and farmers all richly portrayed in a series sure to be a winner Oct

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    This is a surprisingly good first novel introducing Texana Jones as a super sleuth who runs a trading post near the USA Mexican border The local uarenda is murdered and Texana tries to figure out who is responsible Good action interesting locale good characters what's not to like? Recommended

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    Great short mystery Loved the borderland atmosphere Much to learn about the problems and concerns of these desert people Loved the mystery and the characters Good finish Writing clear and efficient Made for a uick escapist read but with great details Will definitely try another from this authorPS got this book as part of a Blind Date read at my local library Book was wrapped so picked it without knowing anything about it Lucky pick

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    I discovered Tony Hillerman two years ago and read all of his books in less than a year He was my first experience with American Indian mysteries and their magical adventurous and sad but courageous lives Since then I love to find new authors writing Native American stories Allana Martin's first book in her series hooked me You know that feeling of starting a book and saying this is going to be a great story I felt that from page one There are scenes and pages in this book that you would not see in my favorite genre of Scandinavian mysteries so that was very exciting in this new series to me

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    PROTAGONIST Texana Jones trading post ownerSETTING Big Bend area Texas borderSERIES #1RATING 375WHY Texana Jones is the owner of a trading post in Presidio County Texas only miles away from the border with Mexico Her husband Clay is a vet Texana is mourning the deaths of 2 friends who were victims of drug smugglers when she discovers the body of the local healer Rhea Fair on a routine check The drug connection doesn’t make sense to her and she tries to untangle what happened to Rhea Normally I really don’t like mysteries featuring an amateur sleuth but Texana has a viable reason for looking into the murder She isn’t any kind of loose cannon; she shares whatever she finds with the local authorities and doesn’t behave irresponsibly At the same time her husband is on a mission to rid the area of rabies which is ravaging the county The characters are well drawn and believable and the portrayal of life in the area is well done

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    Story set in El Polvo TX located out by PresidioTX The local curandera is found murdered Initially it is thought that she has been murdered by drug dealers or smugglers crossing through the area As the story line progress the author leads you on a path to figure out who the killer might be I enjoyed the plot and description of the scenery I enjoyed the story and recommend it for anyone who likes a good mystery

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    Allana's books are perfect escape books Whether it is a plane trip day at the park what have you these Texana books fit the bill

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    I thoroughly enjoyed Ms Martin's descriptions of life on the border I read all of her books and am very sorry there are no

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    Interesting plot strong heroine and lots of good local color from an intriguing location a rural border county in Texas

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    Great Texas readThis is a murder mystery that is a good summer read