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Consisting of the muscle groups around the belly and lower back the core is essential to the body’s physical function and a weak core can put one at higher risk for injury It doesn’t matter if you’re a fitness novice or an elite athlete or even if you have a gym membership Developing a strong core is the key to maintaining good health and balance and it can be done within the comfort of the home In this essential guide fitness expert Hollis Liebman demonstrates how to build a strong core and prevent injury It can be difficult to know which exercises to do without the expertise of a professional trainer Exercise in Action Core gives readers a whole new perspective on how to increase the body’s performance and shows them how to get a full body workout without even leaving home

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    5 StarsFantastic instructional book Shows a lot of different core exercises Exactly what part of the body they effect modifications for the exercises Starts with stretching that I always forget to do Goes through Swiss Ball Body Weight Free Weight and many other types of core exercise that you can do at home or in the gym I find it tough to find books like this because you never know what exactly they show unless you actually go into the store to go through them or buy them and risk that they aren't what you are looking for I would totally buy this book There's a yoga book coming out and I will definitely buy that one

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    More reviews and no fluff on the blog Exercise in Action is a beautifully illustrated easy to follow set of exercises focusing on core muscles those in the middle section of your body front and back Each exercise includes photographs of the motions illustrations of the muscles worked steps tips and how to avoid doing each incorrectly The photographs were done on a green screen and then given a neutral 'pierside' background much nicer than in a gym or other boring location And it keeps the action 'clean' and easy to followThe end of the book features several workouts putting the various exercises together for a common goal eg beginner rotational athlete melting pot etc Note that many exercises do reuire small accessories including medicine ball swiss ball bosu ball wheel kettle weights and But nothing excessively expensive like home gyms or such just smaller accessoriesIn all a great book for beginners getting into an exercise routine or those even advanced athletically Beautifully photographed and illustrated easy to follow and easy to reference and find the exercisesReviewed from an ARC

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    Exercise in Action Core by Hollis Liebman is a sensational instructional resource guidebook This book delves into core stability and supportive exercise programming in such a way that it takes all of the guess work out of what it takes to get fit Liebman really understands that stability serves as the foundation for movement and he does an excellent job in making it plainAs a therapist and certified fitness instructor I was impressed with this book's layout and presentation Liebman provided colorful photos musculature map illustrations step by step exercise tips and general information on specific movement routines I really appreciated his emphasis on safety regarding body mechanics and alignment which is critical so as to avoid injury Additionally the suggested modifications warm up recommendations and thematic workout ideas were on point I would not hesitate to recommend this title to others I believe therapists fitness instructors athletes and those interested in total body fitness would benefit from adding it into their library Rating 55Recommend Yes

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    This book is purely about listing all the core exercises possible It nicely breaks them down into categories such as core exercises done using a bosu ball using a balance ball using your own body weight etc That I could see there is no actually training regimen offered although maybe in the introductory material it suggests how to construct your own routine? I may take a closer look later on but this was maybe a little too detailed a book than what I was looking for

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    User friendly charts and instructions of exercising core through body weight light weights Bosu medicine ball among others More of a graphic guide than a book really Suitable as a uick reference for training in the gym

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    Great book great illustrations and great dejection of exercises

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    Great illustrations and instructions for many poses

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    Good reference book