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A New York Times Best SellerSince Marilyn Monroe died among suspicious circumstances on the night of August 4 1962 there have been ueries and theories allegations and investigations but no definitive evidence about precisely what happened and who was involved until now In The Murder of Marilyn Monroe Case Closed renowned MM expert Jay Margolis and New York Times bestselling author Richard Buskin finally lay to rest than fifty years of wild speculation and misguided assertions by actually naming for the first time the screen goddess’s killer while utilizing the testimony of eye witnesses to exactly what took place inside her house on Fifth Helena Drive in Los Angeles’ Brentwood neighborhoodImplicating Bobby Kennedy in the commission of Marilyn’s murder this is the first book to name the LAPD officers who accompanied the US Attorney General to her home provide details about how the Kennedys used bribes to silence one of the ambulance drivers and specify how the subseuent cover up was aided by a noted pathologist’s outrageous lies This blockbuster volume blows the lid off the world’s most notorious and talked about celebrity death and in the process exposes not only the truth about an iconic star’s tragic final hours but also how a legendary American politician used powerful resources to protect what many still perceive as his untarnished reputationSkyhorse Publishing as well as our Arcade imprint are proud to publish a broad range of books for readers interested in history books about World War II the Third Reich Hitler and his henchmen the JFK assassination conspiracies the American Civil War the American Revolution gladiators Vikings ancient Rome medieval times the old West and much While not every title we publish becomes a national bestseller we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home

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    This book certainly answers a lot of uestions about the death of Marilyn Monroe This book was very interesting and does cause one to wonder The author sets out his reasons and backs them up for why he believes a specific set of individuals murdered Marilyn Monroe Looking back on it in the present day and knowing what we now know about our government it seems uite plausible that she was murdered When you add in the red diary of which rumors have been floating around about since the day she died I tend to believe she WAS murdered in order to keep her uiet The author lays it all out on the line complete with pictures and citations Though sometimes the times are confusing because he goes from one individual to another it's still able to be followed pretty easily IF events did pan out the way he portrays them Marilyn suffered for uite a while before she died For this reason alone I believe the case should be reopened And if as he said the one gentleman has some of Marilyn's hair GET IT TESTEDI find it curious that she supposedly took 40 pills a combo of Numbutal and Chlora Hydrate and yet there was no capsule residue in her stomach and she did NOT vomit I also tend to believe the ambulance driver as he would have no personal reason to lie As for Dr Greenson he crossed the professional line when he allowed Marilyn to get close to his family Plus it sounds like he was in love with Marilyn rumors also of an affair between them but trying to put all the blame on HER for seducing him As for the psychiatrist and Marilyn's personal physician I believe both had something to do with her death The fact that they were not keeping each informed about the pills each one was prescribing says a lot about their concern or lack of concern for their patient Could RFK have a hand in her murder? I don't see any reason why not After all his brother was able to leave a woman in a submerged car to drown for the sake of his career No reason why RFK and JFK couldn'twouldn't stoop to murder someone who might damage their political careers Do I think JFK had anything to do with the murder per se? No But I think RFK and Peter Lawford did Whether you believe as I do that Marilyn was murdered or if you just believe this is another conspiracy theory this book is interesting reading about an actress who got the short end of the deal no matter how you look at it

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    As a lover of conspiracy theories Marilyn Monroe The Kennedy's general paranoid ravings I thought that The Murder of Marilyn Monroe would be fun trashy but instead it was boring slow moving It didn't cover anything that hundred other books of its type hadn't already said Basically this is what the books about Robert Kennedy ordered Marilyn Monroe killed Peter Lawford all Marilyn's doctors were in on it so was The FBI CIA the LAPD And 6 years later Republicans killed Robert Kennedy for some reason This book was boring and incredibly confusing Don't read this book

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    I am feeling too many emotions to even comment on this bookThank you Jay Margolis for writing it; I believe EVERY single wordWhy no one has been held responsible tried and found guilty is an abomination Once you start reading you will not be able to put it down This was written last yearand it is shocking and I think it is ALL TRUE A cover up from the highest offices in the landdisgusting

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    Oh my There are so many names so many versions of the event and oh so many conspiracies This book does not convince me that MM was murdered it just demonstrates how many people are out their trying to sell “their story” about the sad death of MM

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    JFK has a long term affair with Marilyn Monroe – JFK sends his brother Robert Kennedy RFK to tell her that the affair is over – An affair develops with RFK and simultaneously with her psychiatrist Ralph Greenson MD – RFK ends his affair with Monroe – Monroe feels rejected Four witnesses see RFK visit Monroe on the afternoon of August 4 1962 – A shouting match is overheard and Monroe threatens to go public with the contents of her “Red Diary” – RFK informs Greenson “Marilyn has got to be silenced” Four witnesses see RFK visit Monroe a second time the same day with actor Peter Lawford and LAPD partners Archie Case and James Ahern – Case and Ahern sedate Monroe and take her to the guest cottage while RFK and Lawford look for the “Red Diary” – Later Monroe is found unconscious and paramedics are called – Paramedic James Hall is reviving the unconscious Monroe when Greenson arrives and takes over – Greenson stops Hall’s resuscitation attempts and gives her a direct cardiac injection – Monroe’s primary care physician Hyman Engelberg MD arrives and pronounces her dead Later fifteen prescription vials are found on her bedside table all empty capped and free of finger prints – no water is in the room – An autopsy reveals no capsule residue in her stomach or intestines – Pathology of certain organs reveals higher levels of Nembutal than all of her prescriptions could have produced – The medical examiner refused to sign off on suicide but under pressure compromised and reports “Probable Suicide” Shortly prior to his death Peter Lawford admitted to being involved in the murder of Marilyn MonroeJay Margolis spent five years researching the death of Marilyn Monroe He and Richard Bushkin present the findings of this research in The Murder of Marilyn Monroe – Case Closed The vast majority of the above scenario is well documented and convincing Margolis and Bushkin claim that RFK’s comment that “Marilyn has got to be silenced” was a way of manipulating Greenson into murdering Monroe although the claim is without verification Moreover the search for the “Red Diary” might be uestioned but in fact the four of them were there for a considerable period of time Overall Margolis and Bushkin make a convincing case that Marilyn Monroe was murdered and that the Robert Kenneny and Ralph Greenson were the perpetrators If you appreciate a good murder mystery this just might be your book

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    This was a very interesting book with a sensational though not new claim that being that Marilyn Monroe was murdered and did not commit suicide and that the Kennedy's John and Robert with Robert being directly or indirectly involved were responsible for her murder It is pretty much accepted fact that Marilyn Monroe had an affair with John Kennedy and had had or was having an affair with Robert Kennedy before her death The accusation in this book is that Robert Kennedy was at her home the day of her murder and he and Marilyn had an argument and he was looking for her diary and Marilyn threatened to hold a news conference and expose the affairThere is a lot of evidence presented in the book to corroborate the author's theoryexplanation of the events The evidence is not really presented in a cogent or coherent manner and seems to jump around The book would have been improved by a logical presentation of the facts presented rather than such a haphazard presentation The jumping around is why I give the book 3 stars and not 4

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    There are many good books written about Marilyn Monroe and this isn't one of them In The Murder of Marilyn Monroe Case Closed the books blurb claims that renowned MM expert Jay Margolis and New York Times best selling author Richard Buskin lay to rest speculation and misguided assertions about the icon's death Most of these eyewitness testimonies I have read elsewhere before anyway It's been obvious for several years now that evidence points towards the involvement of the Kennedys The writers meticulously detail all of the facts and evidence and they have obviously researched the murder thoroughly but the chapters become repetitive and all the names and people involved gets confusing It doesn't really flow well and is uite disjointed

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    I wish I would have skipped straight to the timeline at the end of the book

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    This book has some fascinating information but mostly consists of contradictory eyewitness accounts that are impossible to prove or disprove at this stage Many of the assertions are dubious One example is that Marilyn Monroe would have been alive at the time of publication if her doctor had not injected her with Nembutal which given her 1926 birthdate and 1962 lifestyle is certainly uestionable The authors also don't seem to appreciate how complicated this case is as they present it They report that she lunged at Robert Kennedy with a knife the day of her death which is one reason their version of events was as much of a defensive mercy killing as it was a murder The book like so many these days is poorly written or at least poorly edited and sometimes confusing The postscript about the Robert Kennedy assassination is based on one eyewitness identification over four decades after the fact and is neigh on worthless The authors don't even state why they suspected their suspects in the first place

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    InterestingCase for Marilyn's murder established and villains identified Why bore readers to death by repeating every detail from a zillion sources over and over rather than discuss relevant and interesting description of the protagonists or rather villains? Whatever happened to her diary? What were its contents?If murder is proven as seems likely and the murderers got of Scott free what does that say about the American justice system?Perhaps in this case the Curse of the Kennedys took care of that