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In the thrilling conclusion to the “deftly and originally executed” Booklist New York Times bestselling trilogy Vaelin Al Sorna must help his ueen reclaim her Realm Only his enemy has a dangerous new collaborator one with powers darker than Vaelin has ever encountered “The Ally is there but only ever as a shadow unexplained catastrophe or murder committed at the behest of a dark vengeful spirit Sorting truth from myth is often a fruitless task” After fighting back from the brink of death ueen Lyrna is determined to repel the invading Volarian army and regain the independence of the Unified Realm Except to accomplish her goals she must do than rally her loyal supporters She must align herself with forces she once found repugnant—those who possess the strange and varied gifts of the Dark—and take the war to her enemy’s doorstep Victory rests on the shoulders of Vaelin Al Sorna now named Battle Lord of the Realm However his path is riddled with difficulties For the Volarian enemy has a new weapon on their side one that Vaelin must destroy if the Realm is to prevail—a mysterious Ally with the ability to grant unnaturally long life to her servants And defeating one who cannot be killed is a nearly impossible feat especially when Vaelin’s blood song the mystical power which has made him the epic fighter he is has gone ominously silent  

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    After pondering this off and on for the last few weeks I've settled on 25 stars because I'm still mad about a few things all of which are in the spoiler section of this review at the bottom Non Spoiler Sum Up of Feelings Pros ✔ Ally’s story explained✔ Weaver’s character development was pretty awesome✔ Reva is still a Bad Ass✔ I loved hating ‘The Woman’ she is still fantastic in her bat shit craziness✔ FrentisI will have a soft spot for him always His PoV was probably the best of the story or at least the one I liked the most although I thought he sounded like Vaelin in Bloodsong Cons ✘ So many story arcs not really tied up Honestly it seemed left open in a lot of areas in case AR decided to write another book in this world even another book starring Vaelin✘ All PoVs seemed written in almost the same voice✘ Pacing some parts dragged on forever and then others went really fast✘ So much violence rape or reference to rape murder torture etcI got really bored with it and it lost any shock value✘ Hardly any Vaelin PoVs in the beginning and then he spent A LOT of time traveling✘ Lyrna turning into a vengeful bEoTcHI liked her much in the Tower Lord view spoilershe was so power hungry and out for vengeance I entertained the thought that it wasn’t really her and she had become of the Ally’s pawns hide spoiler

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    155 starsI’m in utter disbelief I can’t believe this ueen of Fire is the third and last book in Anthony Ryan’s Raven's Shadow trilogy that began with the incredible Blood Song By now if you’ve heard about this trilogy you’ll most likely have heard from several readers that the series didn’t end as good as the first book I unfortunately have to agree with them completely Anthony Ryan himself is great as an author and person it seriously pains me to give this or any of his book a low rating but I really have to be honest that I didn’t enjoy reading ueen of Fire at all I’m not angry at this book but I’m genuinely sad and disappointed How is it even possible that a series that began so brilliantly can derail this much? Even coming into this with the lowest of expectation I still found myself disappointed at the final product of this tomeWhere do I even begin? Pretty much every cons I mentioned about Tower Lord exponentially worsen in ueen of Fire Vaelin in Blood Song and Vaelin in Tower Lord ueen of Fire seriously doesn’t sound the same None of his voices actions and internal thoughts when there’s any contained any resemblance of his character in Blood Song Not only that his POV here ended up being one of if not the most boring storyline of the entire series Reading an autobiography about someone’s journey in Antarctica would’ve made for a engaging experience than reading Vaelin’s journey here which was full of him walking and doing nothing in the snow I don’t get it I can’t see Ryan’s vision and what he tried to achieve with Vaelin in this trilogy Ryan has spent the entirety of the first book Vaelin’s character making the reader love and cares about Vaelin; he’s badass yet flawed kind and empathetic The friendship he built in the brotherhood of the Sixth Order was one of the best parts of the first book; ALL of these are gone It has gotten worse up to the point that if you don’t read Blood Song you’ll still be able to understand both Tower Lord and ueen of Fire; frankly these two books made me disliked Vaelin and Ryan really threw away everything that’s great about VaelinThe thing is if the other characters have the power to balance things out I would’ve accepted it But the other characters were also unlikeable The main problem is that there’s literally none of the characters that I feel invested in; deaths happen and I would be like “oh okay bye bye adios wait who are you again?” Reva also goes against every incredible development that Vaelin had in Blood Song Vaelin was never a Gary Stu seeing him slowly learn and practice with bows or non Sword related ability made readers realize that maybe his true talent lies only in a swordfight he has to start and learn from scratch for other talents Reva is the exact opposite of this I’m never a fan of her not in Tower Lord where her first appearance as Mary Sue appeared and definitely not here Lyrna was at least great to read in Tower Lord but here? She was just outright hateful and despicable To be honest the only characters that ended up being slightly compelling to read was Frentis which as I said before resembled Vaelin from Blood Song than Vaelin himself now but his dreamscapes were annoying to read None of the characters—except Verniers—have distinctive voices and the addition of another new POV here made things even worse I’m serious except for Verniers if you switch around the names of the POV characters it would be bloody difficult to tell whose POV you’re reading Plus there were so many names within this installment but the majority of them doesn’t have any anchor value for remembrance; I recently reread Blood Song and read Tower Lord it was crazy how fast I forgot the side characters I couldn’t tell any whether it’s because I genuinely forgot the characters or because I just met them here; most of them don’t have any value other than making things confusing than necessary anyway “But people are still people however comfortable their surroundings They lie they feud they betray and however much you give them they always want ” Also let’s talk about the narrative tone and expectations set in the first book of a series If you want a series to turn completely grimdark there needs to be something at the first installment of the series that shows glimpses that it has the potential to turn this way Blood Song didn’t show any inclination that the story will turn this way There’s so much gory violence and they ended up being shock factor—that’s not shocking—to show that the enemies are ruthless If you spend the entirety of the first book on a single character you don’t make this character become pointless and super pathetic to read It almost felt like Ryan hated Vaelin so much that after Blood Song he degrade Vaelin and with each installment In the end as I said before Tower Lord and ueen of Fire should be treated as a different series to Blood Song There were still many negative factors that I could elaborate—sluggish pacing villain’s weak motivation the anticlimactic ending—but honestly? I’m too exhausted and disappointed to write about it I’ve spent too much of my time on this book already I don’t want to spend any longer by prolonging the review too Let’s simplify it this way I’ve never seen such a unanimous disappointment from this many readers towards a single book to be proven true; simple as that For now I really can’t recommend anyone to continue past Blood Song ueen of Fire is easily the most disappointing final book of a series I’ve ever read The disappointment was magnified because I utterly loved Blood Song and I never read any series that began with 5 stars rating but concluded as low as 15 stars in the final installment I’m so sorry Anthony Ryan but as a book reviewer I must always be honest with my reviews Despite all this I’ve read Ryan’s Draconis Memoria trilogy and A Pilgrimage of Swords I have a good feeling that The Wolf’s Call the newest book in this world will be a return to the glory of Blood Song; I’ve heard that Vaelin will be prominent like he was in Blood Song again Fingers crossed This is me trying to be positive Series Review Blood Song 55 stars Tower Lord 255 stars ueen of Fire 155 stars Raven's Shadow 915 stars You can order the book from Book Depository Free shipping You can find this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions

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    There is no other way to say this other than this book broke my heart I have been disappointed before but when I read the final page of ueen of Fire I wanted to literally cry and I don’t mean that in a good way I understand that endings are hard especially in fantasy but with Blood Song the first book in this trilogy Anthony Ryan created something special and although the second book in the series Tower Lord was a slight misstep I still enjoyed it but to say that ueen of Fire disappointed me would be the understatement of the yearFor the uninitiated ueen of Fire picks up right after the ending of The Tower Lord The United Realm has been invaded by the Empire of Volar a sadistically evil nation who outwardly practices slavery and appeals to the worse base of human nature and cruelty You think something is barbaric and cruel and dehumanizing well the Volarians feel that is just the way of doing business Not only are they evil but they are ruled in the background by a dark and mysteriously powerful being termed the Ally who pulls the strings of the ruling council while also granting said members near immortality mysterious abilities and wealth beyond their wildest dreams At the start of our novel the people of the United Realm have just crushed a large Volarian army at Alltor the capital city for one of the provinces of the realm and are now making plans to remove the Volarians from their capital city Varinshold and the remainder of the realm while taking the fight to Volaria itself in order to ensure that the Volarians stay gone forever The strength of the first book of this series Blood Song lied in the characterization of the characters Every character in that book felt uniue believable and tangible and they spoke with their own voice The characters all felt real and they grew organically into full fledged human beings in their own right The biggest example of this was Nortah a character who was simply a jerk at the beginning of the Blood Song but through the trials of the story transforms into one of the better characters of the series If at the start of Blood Song you would have told me that Nortah would become one of my favorite characters in the series and I would have never believed you Fast Forward and contrast that with ueen of Fire and there is almost no characterization between hardly any of the characters Honestly this phenomena is not entirely uniue as characterization died in this series with Tower Lord but I digress In ueen of Fire every character speaks with almost the same voice and little is given to motivate their actions or why a character is doing anything This is a problem because there are A LOT of characters in this book a lot of side characters as well as POV characters and while not all the POV characters held my attention the complete lack of character among any of the side characters made all of them readily forgettable and caused none of them to stand out This in turn creates a scenario where you simply don’t care about any of the characters in the story except maybe the main characters which leads to a case where an epic cast feels almost like cannon fodder or an afterthought In this book it felt like the characterization took a back page so that the author could focus on his world building That being said I would highly advise that you reread Tower Lord before you pick up this book as you will need a cheat sheet of sorts to keep track of who is who as you read the novel This could have been alleviated somewhat if ever character felt uniue but among the minor characters you will have to work hard to keep track of who is who so you don’t feel lost Vaelin Al Sorna ostensibly the main character or the hero of the series will go down as one of my favorite fantasy characters to ever grace the written page However his treatment in this novel is nothing short of a disaster To put it mildly Vaelin in the first two novels was a man that you did not want to cross he was arguably the best swordsman alive and his Blood Song gave him nigh omniscient In ueen of Fire that is pretty much all gone as he has lost his blood song which would not be so bad however he has lost a lot of his ability to fight Even though he regains both his confidence and his skills early in the novel in my opinion the damage had already been done to the character and for me personally he lost a lot of his appeal as his confidence and sure nature as well as his martial ability was what made him appealing to me in the first place Add to the fact that his POV chapters on the ice were tedious to the extreme incorporating a lot of walking a lot of mysterious and foreboding innuendo all seemingly building up to a massive crescendo but in the end all being revealed in a gratuitous information dump In retrospect it was all a waste of time However the biggest sin of this trek was that while the rest of the United Realm was invading Volaria ostensibly your main character is as far away as he can be from the action At least in the Tower Lord Vaelin got a scene at the end where he was able to effectively break and end the siege of Alltor but here he shows up at the end after all the fighting is said and done he pulls another POV character aside gives an info dump and then kills the main baddie in a totally pedestrian and utterly forgettable manner It was extremely disappointing to say the least That brings me two the villains in this novel To label them mustache twirling villains would be an insult to the mustache twirling villains association of America There is absolutely no sophistication to the villains in this book and even when they commit heinous actions it doesn’t come across as evil but as crazy or just simply incompetent The Volarians are just evil with no redeeming ualities and the two main baddies offer no sense of menace throughout the entire novel Eleverah was interesting the in the Tower Lord and the Ally was that all powerful force behind the throne of the most powerful nation on the planet however circling back to the lack of characterization argument both of these characters are relegated to cartoon villainy in this novel Eleverah was showing signs of growth in the last book but all that is thrown away here as she is just sadistic cruel petty and in the most damning uality for a villain proved she proved to be utterly incompetent One could argue and the author does imply that she is patently insane but still insane villains can often be unconventional unpredictable and dangerous of which Eleverah was none It was so bad that at the end I found myself wondering ok maybe she is crazy like a fox and there is some great stratagem that she has cooked up that will make this final showdown great at the end Nope sorry didn’t happen Also the Ally while his origins were cool his motives were weak and a lot of time was spent building up him as this great tool of death and destruction and then when you find out why he is so evil you are like really? That’s it? That’s all you got? Sigh Also to be the big baddie in the series he went out in the worst manner you can take out the main evil guy it was fairly bad Ahh Volaria Paper tigers of the world should stand up and take note as this is how you create a paper tiger The empire of Alpira the nation invaded by our heroes in the first novel has been fighting Volaria for centuries and Alpira wiped the floor with our heroes in the first novel However in this book Volaria went down like a good old fashioned house of cards The Empress Eleverah pulled a trick here or there but it never felt like the Realm was ever in any serious danger of losing even without the great Vaelin Al Sorna in the forefront There was some talk with Frentis’s POV that yeah invading these guys may not be a good idea we will probably all die but the Volarians never mounted a serious defense The explanation given in the novel was that they essentially used up all of their best troops trying to invade the United Realm and slave revolts where stripping their ability to field a decent army but this really was an anti climactic way to set up a final war This was utterly disappointing and robbed the novel of any tension or sense of danger in the novel I never thought one of our heroes would die even given the dour circumstances they were in because the Volarians proved utterly incompetent to stop them The list of disappointments could go on and on Brother Caenis once again gets short treatment although his character does get an interesting turn Sherin does not show up yet again which I found puzzlingThere is some good in the novel however Blood Song and ostensibly the entire series could be a referendum on war and what it does to the powerless and those who fight it That theme is carried on here throughout the novel as Ryan does a great job showing the visceral effects of the Volarian invasion on the United Realm while also showing the cost that liberation from said Volarians has on the Vox Populli as well as the liberators The book also raises the uestion of when in the process of revenge do you become as bad as the people you are reaping your vengeance upon? Does your cause remain righteous even when it causes you to do unrighteous things? The book also shows how the strong the idea of vengeance and even religious fervor can be whipped up by leaders to get a reluctant populace to stand up and fight a war even when their children may starve throughout the winter given the devastation of their homes The psychological effect of killing is also shown rather well in the novel which was a nice touch The battles of the novel are also extremely well written as Ryan has a great idea how to write epic battle scenes whether they be on land or on sea It also floats some interesting ideas about the origin of the religions throughout the nations in the novel but none of these ideas are really expounded upon The novel does answer all the lingering uestions in the series but as I outlined above not everything is answered satisfactorily The novel also does leave open the possibility of stories to be shared in this world which I also found intriguingOverall though this book was a supreme disappointment Though extremely well written I found parts of it tedious to read through the characterization was rather poor and the villains were laughable with their worse crime being that they proved to be nonthreatening I loved Blood Song and in fact consider that novel one of my favorite books of all time but ueen of Fire book broke my heart in the worst possible manner in the end betraying all that I found dear about Blood Song Excuse me while I go somewhere and cry some

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    I reviewed this book some time ago I simply found a typo and corrected itWhat can I say here? The rating speaks for itself I don't know what happened here The first book in this series is probably one of the best fantasy works I've ever read Well crafted and even enthralling I had trouble putting it down I sat up late reading I've read it than once The second book was simply good I still rated it 5 stars though it wasn't as good as the firstNow we have the third For some reason Mr Ryan seems to have simply let the story run on in different directions with little control of what's actually there the view points bounce around from one to another with the story losing all direction at times plot strings flailing out in all directions with very little relation at times to the original plot lines Where I had trouble putting the first book down this one I had to make myself go back toand even finish On multiple occasions I simply wanted to put it down and move on to something elseVaelin our erstwhile protagonist vacillates in character from what he has been established to be but then never settles down to an actually new character I use the word erstwhile as he is now mostly just one of several points of view The Enemy or The Ally depending on where you are in the story was in the end of the first novel the center of Vaelin's uest so to speak That focus has gone by the wayside We do finally get back to it but oh the side roads diatribes wandering conversations speeches info dumps etcI am sorry I don't like to give reviews this negative especially on books by writers I know can be excellent story tellers Thus my statement I don't know what happened I tend to wonder if maybe the story lines were all just so important to Mr Ryan that he couldn't let anything be left out Maybe he just wanted the story to go to a certain place and found he had to bend things and drag them out to get there I have no idea how the book was edited Could it have been saved or if you don't feel it needs saving made better by a thorough editor? Again I don't knowI know this is a subjective review and reflects my own reaction to and view of the book If you disagree and like or even love the book I'm happy for you I can not recommend it I'm sure one reason I am so disappointed in this novel is that I loved the first That book Blood Song is still one of the best beginnings of an epic fantasy I've ever read Happily this book does not ruin that one It does however in my humble opinion fail to fulfill the promise made thereWith a heavy heart I can not recommend this novel

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    Is it normal to desperately want to read this book even though I just finished reading Blood Song 5 minutes ago and I haven't even read the second book yet? Just finished Tower Lord and I want this book I want this book I want this book now Stupid cliffhangerview spoilerI might be wrong but I think that Lynra might be the ueen of Fire She better be cause I refuse to believe that she diesOk I've been informed that the person who looks like he's attacking Lynra at the end is actually Weaver and not some random assassin and after reading both books again very carefully I'm convinced that it is him Also there are uite a few mentions to a ueen of Fire which may or may not be Lynra although she is a ueen and she did survive an ordeal by fire so she's a strong candidate for that But the book implies that there isn't just one ueen of Fire but many as in there have been some in the past and will be some in the future as well or at least that's how I read it A lot of people think that the woman who kidnapped Frentis is the ueen of Fire and I admit this is a possibility but I don't know I just don't she's it I think its Lyrna The witch is the same thing that possessed Barkus and Dakova's sister Or at least I think they're the same thing you know the souls in the Beyond that are wretched and want revenge and wear the skin of people Anyway in Blood Song the thing in Barkus asks Vaelin Do you really think you’re going to serve a ueen of Fire brother? and from this you kind of get the feeling that the ueen of Fire is an enemy whatever is inside Barkus The first mention of a ueen of Fire is around half way through Blood song when Nersus Sil Nin mentions her to Vaelin You’ll kill for your faith for your King and for the ueen of Fire when she arises Your legend will cover the world and it will be a song of blood” I believe that Vaelin would never serve the witch who many suspect is the ueen of Fire So I'm guessing that the ueen of Fire isn't the witch woman but Lynra because to be honest I don't think the witch is important enough to warrant a whole book named after her whereas Lynra is She totally is She is one kick ass independent smart praise worthy character who totally warrants a book named after her Ummmm but then again my deduction skills are practically non existent so maybe what I just said doesn't make any sense whatsoever hide spoiler

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    Arguably one of the worst endings to a series that had SO much potentialIf anybody loved Blood Song as much as I did just go ahead and burn Tower Lord and ueen of Fire They will not be concerning your love for that protagonistNo instead Vaelin is forcibly set into the Man Who Cannot Die and the Mary Sue trope of being invincible and almighty and also the big kickerStaying away from the plot for 90% of the book as you travel through once againPointless ForestsPointless IcePointless fucking Forests AgainAnd CavesTo learn aboutEverybody and their Mother's ReligionDifferent Animal TribesTrollsWhile Experiencing the Joys ofThe Snow Whore finally dying because we all love Sherin who does not ever fucking come back

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    It is productive to open an empty fridge than this novelI might pen a review warning for gullible readers in the future but frankly speaking I don't think this book merits itAlso in the series 1 Blood Song ★★★★☆2 Tower Lord ★★☆☆☆

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    The ueen of Fire was a nice book bringing Vaelin's Saga to an end and closing all the open threads but unfortunately it was not what i had anticipated He recalled those brief years when his song had fallen silent his refusal to heed it leaving him bereft without guidance It had been hard to be so rudderless in a sea of chaos and war This however was much worse because now there was the chill the bone deep cold that had seeped into him in the Ally’s domain and lingered on here in this world of myriad paths all seemingly so dark And the words of course those words that hounded him from the Beyond We will make an ending you and I” As a stand alone book ueen of Fire is a good work You get to learn the final outcome of the story all of the smaller plot arcs come to an end and no loose threads are left hanging But ueen of Fire is not a stand alone book but the continuity of Raven's Shadow one of the greatest fantasy stories of the last decade And as such it's simply disappointing All characters are flat and written in the same voice for example Frentis was a miniature of Vaelin It was like reading about the same character a lot of characters were unnecessary and finally the main protagonist had the less interesting storyline It was a nice book but not the epic conclusion i expected The only possible explanation that i can think of is that the publisher forced Anthony's hand making him write publish a book in the space of a few months without giving him enough time and space to properly finish his story To conclude Raven's Shadow is a great story and i totally recommend it to all fantasy readers If we are lucky enough perhaps Anthony will write a 4th book with a properly befitting conclusion to this awesome storyYou can find of my reviews over at

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    Executive Summary A somewhat enjoyable end to the series but I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as I did the last two books 35 starsAudio book Much like the last 2 books I enjoy Steven Brand as a narrator save for the fact that he's so UIET Thankfully my audiobook app lets me increase the volume or it would be incredibly frustrating I wonder if the publishers listens to the book with noise canceling headphones only or something or if even that would be sufficientIf you've done the previous two in audio you should know what to expect Hopefully like me you have a way to increase the volume so you can enjoy Mr Brand's otherwise excellent narration Full Review After how much I enjoyed the last two it was almost going to be impossible for this book to live up to my expectationsSome of this is probably on me I read Blood Song and Tower Lord back to back It's been about a year since then and my memory on the details were fuzzy I should have reread I wish there was a wiki or something with plot points and character bios I could have used to refresh myselfI struggled at the start remembering many of the minor characters I think all books in a series and really all audio books in general should have a list of the important characters with maybe a 1 sentence reminder of who they are It would really help a lot There are just too many books to reread previous books every time a new one comes out even books I loved as much as the last twoBoth of those books grabbed me early on and never let go That never really happened here I was always happy to pick it back up but I wasn't making excuses to listen longer or counting down the time until I could get back to listening So unfortunately I can't the whole series 5 starsI also found myself wondering for much of the second half of the book if there would be enough time to resolve everything For the most part I think he does a good job of converging the different story lines but it reuired a fairly large info dump near the end to do soThat said I really love the world Mr Ryan has built and I'm especially fond of the characters It's always great to read about them and this book is no different Much like Tower Lord I think Frentis and Riva both sort of steal the show again However Vaelin's chapters are pretty interesting as well Lyrna's story was still enjoyable just not as much as the othersOverall this has been one of the best series I've found in the last few years I'd happily read another series set in this world especially if we can visit again with some of the charactersThis is definitely a series I'll revisit down the road on a reread Maybe reading all 3 back to back I won't struggle as much as the start and enjoy it the second timeEither way I'll be looking forward to checking out what Mr Ryan has in store for us next

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    35 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum highly anticipated novel is the final volume of Anthony Ryan’s epic Raven’s Shadow trilogy so be aware this review may contain spoilers for the first two books of the series if you have not caught up yet It would be impossible to talk about ueen of Fire without at least referencing some of the events in the previous book and not just because it picks up directly where Tower Lord left off and follows in the same vein The truth is so much of what stood out were the characters and their growth over the course of the trilogy; to praise and critiue this book I would have to give the nod to Blood Song and Tower Lord as wellWe learn at the beginning of ueen of Fire that ueen Lyrna who was brutally attacked and burned at the end of Tower Lord has been healed by the very same forces she used to mistrust and now seeks to ally with them to meet the invading Volarian army head on She is determined to fight for the independence of the Unified Realm but to do so she must first raise an army Meanwhile the Tower Lord Vaelin Al Sorna now also called Battle Lord of the Realm is taking it upon himself to confront the mysterious Ally and an enemy who must be defeated if the ueen’s efforts are to have a chance On the way Vaelin rallies other factions to their side their support invaluable now that the power of his bloodsong seems to have abandoned himOther prominent characters include Frentis whose traumatizing plight in the last novel made me wonder how he would come back from the conseuences of his actions even though so many of them were not his own while his mind was being controlled Reva also starts her climb to the top by demonstrating her strength and incredible battle prowess And finally an unexpected perspective comes in the form of Alucius Al Hestian who adds tension to the overall arc by having to make some very difficult decisionsFirst the good Like I said this is a fitting end for a lot of characters who joined in for this epic journey Characters like Lyrna Frentis and Reva have all seen tremendous development since they made their respective appearances and each had their personal obstacles to overcome It fills me with much satisfaction to see everything come together in this concluding volumeI also liked the many new places Anthony Ryan took us in ueen of Fire as well as the fascinating new people we get to meet The wolf people were especially great since I always find it a treat to read about fictional cultures inspired by shamanistic traditions There were also some amazing moments of characters doing battle on the high seas which wasn’t a surprise given my fondness for maritime fantasy In addition there was the minor element of invention and the enthusiasm of a particular character for tinkering creating new and improved machines of war – this I loved even if it did only make up a relatively small part of the story This is a huge tome of a novel after all and there is a lot packed in it much of which I thoroughly enjoyedThere were some stumbling blocks however The first is that the story is admittedly on the slow side to take off with a significant portion of “critical” scenes happening in the second half of the novel That means I felt that the first 300 or so pages were mostly given to establishing the basis for the finale at the end which is a bit much it’s such a lengthy book after all Fortunately the pacing improves by leaps and bounds after the story finds its strideI also think that those who were disappointed with certain aspects of Tower Lord might experience the same snags in ueen of Fire The two books are stylistically similar both featuring multiple POVs and readers who had wanted Vaelin in book two will probably not see a marked change here Vaelin Al Sorna who won me over in Blood Song does not really feel like the main protagonist to me any but I find myself okay with that because he is still an important presence I’m actually regretting the fact that folks like Caenis and Nortah didn’t show up as much Clearly the story’s scope has become much bigger a good thing so the result is plenty of other characters sharing the pages with him now that I’ve come to connect withBut basically if you were expecting Vaelin to dominate his share of screentime in this book again I’m afraid you just won’t get that I do understand the sentiment though Speaking for myself Blood Song still remains my favorite of the trilogy because it was such a detailed exploration into Vaelin’s character Of course it certainly helped that I’m such a huge fan of the warrior school trope chronicling a boy’s rise to become the greatest fighter the world has ever known complete with a relentless training regime and harsh instructorsBut while ueen of Fire didn’t uite reach the heights that Blood Song or even Tower Lord did for me it’s nevertheless a good book with undeniably awesome conclusion I would recommend the series as a whole and if you’ve been following along with the trilogy as the books come out this is an ending you probably wouldn’t want to miss