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The Peloponnesian War has begun An army of merciless Spartan invaders have arrived at the gates of Plataea bent on obliterating the independent city state and its inhabitants Plataea's oldest allies the Athenians are spread too thin in their own campaigns to send help Cut off and alone the Plataeans have dug in behind their high walls for the coming attack while the tyrannical Spartans prepare to lay siegeOn a rugged mountain road a young Plataean warrior named Nikias rides to Athens on an urgent uest He carries with him a bag of ill gotten gold hoping to raise an army of mercenaries to help defend his citadel from the Spartan assault But in the sprawling stronghold of Athens Nikias encounters perils that prove to be dangerous than those he has faced on the battlefieldNoble Smith's Spartans at the Gates transports us to the dawn of one of history's most famous wars a fight that would tear apart the great powers of ancient Greece

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    A tale of courage love and sacrifice Full of blood and gore Great story and characters Noble Smith is a talented writer I was also impressed with the editing as I've read so many books lately full of mistakes I wish there was a seuel Could there be? Thank you Mr Smith for this highly entertaining read Kudos

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    Spartans at the Gate which I eagerly awaited and was delighted to receive as an advanced copy is the exciting action packed seuel to Sons of Zeus It begins with the Spartans entrenched in a Persian Fort awaiting word that Plataea will break their alliance with Athens and sign a treaty with Sparta Waiting for word from their ambassadors in Athens and expecting little help the Plataeans under the leadership Arkon Menesarkus are digging in for a long siege knowing men and women will be called on to defend their walls against the ruthless SpartansAware that time is short before the Spartans attack Nikias disobeys his grandfather and races to Athens with a bag of a traitor's gold that he hopes to use to buy an army of mercenaries to protect his beloved city But what he doesn't expect is to not only face danger as he races to Athens but in that city to encounter the callous cruelty of those who want to undermine his plans and kill himThe plot is well developed and is a thrilling roller coaster ride as the threads of the story twist and turn only to converge in a climax that still leaves uestions unanswered and begs for another novel The narrative which not only cleverly reflects highlights from the previous novel is told from different perspectives and takes the reader into a war that threatens not only Plataea but strikes at the heart of the Delian League With artful dexterity Noble Smith brings the Peloponnesian War to life as events swirl around the characters bringing violence cruelty and bloodshed Yet woven into a spirit of fear and gloom that permeates Plataea and swirls around Nikias is an unrelenting spark of courage fortitude and an indomitable will to survive In this well researched historical novel even romance bends to the will of the writer as youth and lust bring Nikias inner turmoil that threatens his commitment and honour The characters are realistic and complex faced with their flaws and weaknesses amid a clash of wills In a familiar cast of powerful characters is Nikias of Plataea a brave and stubborn prankator who's impetuosity and recklessness brings life threatening danger; Kolax an expert Scythian archer who's wild fearless and bold; Chusor a former pirate and freed slave who's level headed clever and inventive; Arkon Menesarkus a shrewd leader whose compassion battles with his iron will and spirited Kallisto whose life has been tainted by her father's crime But it's the cold blooded ruthless enemies like General Drako and the deadly bitterness of Eurymakus that brings a chilling reminder of the brutality of war Noble Smith takes history and weaves it into a compelling plot with heart stopping action memorable characterization and even romance to make it a novel well worth reading And I can't wait to see what's in store for Nikias and the Plataeans next

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    I was stoked to receive an advance copy of this bookIf you enjoyed the first book of this trilogy Sons of Zeus you’re going to love Spartans at the Gates The action picks up right where it left offThough it had been awhile since reading Son of Zeus I didn’t have any trouble diving right back into this world I feel a lot of that has to do with how it is written Someone who has never read the first book won’t feel clueless at all if this is the first book they read in the trilogyI love how the story is absorbed through many different perspectives It paints a great picture and makes it thrilling when the character’s paths collideThe characters are great so much depth with most of them There’s a couple I’d totally read a whole book about KolaxI feel like I actually learned about the places in this story There were many times something would piue my interest and I’d make a little mark and Google it later I love feeling like I’m learning something on top of enjoying a storyCan’t wait for the next book

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    After awaiting its release for many months I was ecstatic to receive an advanced readers copy of Spartans at the Gates Reading through the book I had a recurring thought Noble Smith may be an award winning playwright but he is even suited for writing historical fiction The pace the imagery and the emotion that Noble conveyed through his writing is just not possible to capture in a performance regardless of how good the playwright might be This book starts and ends with non stop action From Plataea to Athens and all over Greece The characters in this book cannot catch a break The battles are described with every morbid detail and based on the plights of Nikias kept the reader in suspense the entire time Noble truly creates a grotesue reality of what battles would be like if we could go back in time And for those romantics out there the romantic sub plots between many of the characters add another degree of depth to the story Women as portrayed in this book are not only beautiful sensual and desirable; they are also cunning capable manipulative and play a large role in the outcome of events And of course there are those scenes where relationships are 'developed' Another thing that impressed me about this book was the way in which Noble changed perspective with each new chapter Usually this is something that I tend to shy away from I can't recall how many times I have been disappointing with authors changing perspective at the worst possible moment But Noble always seamed to know the perfect opportunity to change By changing at just the right moment Noble was able to maintain a very fast enjoyable pace and allowed the reader to connect with every character in the story Most series' start great and slowly become less interesting; however this book was not only as good as the original it was better I rated Sons of Zeus 455 but I would rate Spartans at the Gates with a 55 it was an amazing book and I cant wait for the third book to be released I wish the best to Noble and hope that he continues to produce books of such high uality For those who are thinking about reading this series I encourage you to read my review for the first book Sons of Zeus

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    Noble has done it again This story has a plot that is so different from his first book but yet just interesting enjoyable and even mysterious and surprising I will not go into details of the story so that I will not reveal any spoilers and the book already has its own plot summery on the back so instead I just plan on telling you what makes this story so enjoyable There are so many twists and turns in the plot some that you can see coming or at least think you do and others that just flat out blind side you I find myself staying up late into the night saying just one chapter One thing that Noble does very well especially in this book is that he has almost every chapter jump from a different character or scene This is done expertly in that it is not confusing or chaotic and is easy to follow More importantly it really does a good job on building suspense allowing you to know whats going on at the same time in different places and importantly the chapters are relatively short giving you that suspense but not leaving you hanging for another 30 pages The characters are all deep and have their own personalities some scary some funny and many just plain stubborn Overall it is a great read and I would highly recommend it This series and author rival that of Conn Iggulden Bernard Cornwell mentioned on the back of the book and also some lesser known but not lesser of skill authors such as Anthony Riches and Simon Scarrow I hope that Noble continues his work in historical fiction teaching many people about history yet captivating them with a wonderful plot Thank you again Noble Smith

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    Having gotten a chance to read an advanced copy of Sons of Zeus I was pretty excited to get my hands on the seuel Spartans at the Gates The bar was already high but it does not disappoint I really enjoyed Sons of Zeus but because most of the action takes place in Plataea it sometimes felt a bit static Smith goes the opposite direction in Spartans by taking the action all over Greece and to Athens as Nikias desperately tries to find a way to save his family and city And all the things that were great about Sons of Zeus are even better here scheming action political intrigue ahem romance It has a tight fast paced plot excellent writing and historical perspective to bootSometimes middle books in trilogies can feel a bit like filler but Spartans feels like the main course I'm hoping dessert in the form of the third book is just as good if not better

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    This book is the second book in the The Warrior Trilogy which I received as an advanced copy from the author Noble Smith I loved the book every bit as much as I did the first book in the trilogy Sons of ZeusThe story takes place in several area of Greece as the Plataeans attempt to save their city from the Spartans who are camped outside of the city The book is well written; I can visualize the actions of the characters as the story unfolds I'm not sure why but I adore the young Kolax who is uite the killer and has personality galoreIn addition to the story I loved the historical aspects of Greece during that period of time I highly recommend this book for anyone who loves a good story with lots of action and adventure

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    I love this series great characters and great story line

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    ReviewI first discovered Noble last year when i stumbled across Sons of Zeus The concept was the bit that intrigued me despite the cover being another unfortunate US cover sorry guys but US publishers have an amazing skill for awful covers Spartans at the Gates isn't really an improvementsorry Noble In the last five years plus I have developed a real passion for books set in ancient Greece something driven mainly by the awesome writing of Christian Cameron Couple that with Nobles setting of Plataea again a location at the heart of Christians writing and I was hooked in to read book one and give it a go What i didn't expect was excellent pace and plotting of the book and its characters My review of Sons of Zeus is here insert linkWhen I know Spartan at the Gates was ready in advance copy I was front and centre begging the author for a copy I hadn't enjoyed a book this much in this time period since Christian Cameron's works first hooked me in and that really is my highest compliment The worry of a great first book is can the author repeat it?In the case of Spartan the answer is yes with a tiny uibble The fantastic setting is there the descriptive is there the research is impeccable the characters are once again sublime Noble imbues Nikias and all his family and friends with a real passion the protagonists are all complex bad guys giving an amazing keep you guessing plot who will pop up where what are the real motives? Introduce the multitude of whisperers spies from all sides and factions and you don't know what will happen next This book has Nikias thrown from one set of issues and adversity to another testing his stamina and metal to the limit We also fill in of the blanks on Chusor the mysterious Smith and will Nikias young friend Kolax finally find his father and how many people will this whirling devil of a Scythian boy kill on his journey to find him The whole book flew by it was over before I felt I had really got to the meat of it and I think that was my only regret with the read it felt like a bridging book moving pieces on the chess board and shifting them into position for the final book in the series its done so well that on the scale I would still give this 55 stars but on a personal note I felt that bridging and plot building too keenly in its ending that could just be a great compliment that i never wanted it to end? but in a world of hefty tomes i felt this could have benefitted from another 100 pages of meatSo once again from Noble Smith a truly excellent read crammed with great characters and story telling an engaging and fast paced writing skill and style to rival the best of them Bernard Cornwell Conn Iggulden Christian Cameron Giles Kristian Anthony Riches Ben Kane Paul Collard Michael Arnold Angus Donald hope I didn't miss anyone ; etc and well worth the cover price a book I heartily recommendParm

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    When I was a kid we used to go to the movies on Saturday One of the features were the Saturday morning serials with a hero like Flash Gordon These were cliffhangers where at the end of each episode Flash found himself in a predicament that seemed inescapable Yet he would always escape in imaginative and surprising waysNikias the hero of The Warrior Trilogy Sons of Zeus was part one and Spartans at the Gates is part two takes cliffhangers to a new level and does it in an historical setting that rivals science fiction Ancient Greece with it’s myriad city states and uniue cultures and tribes is stranger than the planet Dune You will marvel at the weirdness of Spartans Megarians and Skythians and other strange peoples who aid or obstruct Nikias’s uest to Athens to raise a troop of warriors to return with him to fight against the Spartans and their mercenaries who are marshaling a scary army at the gates of Platea Nikias’s home city ready to lay siege as part of the Spartans’ war with AthensNikias trained almost from birth as a pankrator martial artist is waylaid tricked chased duped seduced imprisoned tortured and nearly drowned as he makes his way through the capital Somehow he manages to wriggle out of every dilemma but not without a great deal of suffering and agony and even shockingly the loss of a You won’t find any spoilers in this review but I will predict you will be anxious for the third installment due out in June of 2015—The Sword of ApolloSpartans at the Gates is a wild and breathless ride through Ancient Greece which will leave you gasping and slapping your forehead in amazement of the ways Nikias is able to dodge the bullet or in this case the sword dagger or arrow and make his way toward his end goal Spartans at the Gates is a page turner