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A middle class woman at her wits' endA struggling migrant worker with few options for survivalWhen tensions boil over who will be the first to snap?Will it be Theodora finally breaking under the pressure?Or Mona desperate to find a way out?

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    Setting London UK The book tells the tale of Theodora Dora divorced radio presenter living with her teenage son and elderly father suffering from Alzheimers and Mona brought to the UK from Morocco by Theodora's ex husband to help in the house and with looking after her father Dora needs Mona to take the strain of her father's care; Mona needs to look for her husband Ali who left her and their daughter Leila and never returned but has been reported to be in London Dora thinks uite highly of herself in her job and is hoping for a promotion; Mona is trying to make enough money to send home for her daughter's education and her mother's medical needsAs the story is told from each characters perspective you see the selfishness of both although Mona does try to do a good job for Dora and becomes popular with Dora's father Charles Dora however gets increasingly obsessive and suspicious of Mona thinking she is sometimes insolent and is stealing things from the house to sell with some justification But the darkening attitude between the two of them comes to a head when Dora's part time American lover Max flies in and asks to stay in the house one nightI really enjoyed Tideline by this author yet hadn't picked up another of her books for several years despite having this one on my bookshelves and a couple on Kindle to my shame as this one was comparable with Tideline and again featured the River Thames as an important part of the setting It was great having the two characters' different perspectives on what is essentially a tale of modern slavery Mona has a work visa but only for working at Dora's house she is not allowed to work anywhere else so must either work for Dora or go home Hence Mona's uandary when Dora's behaviour toward her becomes insufferable to her but reasonable to Dora Mona's attempts to search for her husband Ali are often thwarted by Dora partly because she refuses to let her have time off and partly because Mona hasn't been honest with her telling her that she is in fact a widow The ending could have been a bit stronger some unanswered uestions but still another great read from this author 910

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    A middle class woman at her wits' endA struggling migrant worker with few options for survivalWhen tensions boil over who will be the first to snap?Will it be Theodora finally breaking under the pressure?Or Mona desperate to find a way out?I do love a psychological thriller and this was a great one for once I didnt spend the entire novel waiting for a huge twist in the tale or something completely unexpected although there was plenty of unexpected things along the way because I was so immersed in the differing views of these two women on their relationship it was fascinating how they reacted to each other and to events in the storyDora is absolutely full of a sense of her own importance she takes on the care of her elderly father after the death of her mother and I really disliked her holier than thou attitude about it all Great We love a character who makes us mad On the other hand she does struggle to get any free time and it is a tough job so you can kind of feel sorry for herEnter Mona a migrant worker hired by Dora's ex husband to help with the care of Dad Mona has other reasons for wanting to be in the country she is super efficient and soon has everything running smoothly She is also not above helping herself to bits and pieces that don't belong to her nor to ingratiating herself with Dora's son LeoInitially these two think that they are helping each otherbut slowly yet surely the relationship between the pair faltersThe very clever thing about this novel was looking at each event through two pairs of eyes neither of them are utterly faultless and both have a way of making things worse through assumption Mona's assumption that Dora won't miss a bit of face cream here and there and Dora's assumption that Mona is slave than employee expected to work all the hours God sends and then some it is unsurprising that Mona feels she is entitled to something extra But then she has other things to hideThe story ebbs and flows in a terrific manner and the sense of place is amazing I've tried not to give too much away on where this tale goes it really is a journey of discovery Jealousy resentment sheer audacity will take you to the ultimate outcome And I very much enjoyed every minute of itHappy Reading Folks

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    After a slow start I was gripped then shocked by this psychological thriller Masterful

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    Very good I enjoyed this book immensely It had me gripped from start to finish I was fickle choosing sides all the way through Mona or Dora? The scene is set in London and is based around a sibling who is sole carer for her Father until her ex husband sends a maid her way Maid is fabulous but the relationship between Dora and Mona maid is fraught with tension right up to the end Just fabulous

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    Slow start I thought but once I got into it started to enjoy it Lots of little surprises and couple of twists You either loved the characters or hated them

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    Really excellent novel from Penny Hancock I love her gentle lilting writing style and the personal voice within domestic settings Tragic story and not so removed from fact which makes it even poignant Very clever twists and lots of 'heart in your mouth' moments Thoroughly recommended

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    Thought this was a corker of a novel cleverly plotted Plenty of twists and the tension is ratcheted up between these two women Well written and thought provoking too Will be looking for other works from Penny Hancock

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    The positive thing about this book is that the characters are well written That the author does indeed create different circumstances which the author tells by the different tones of voices within the chapters by changing the narrative to form the story and express both sides of the situation enough to care for both The writer has used her words really original for example I love how the writer describes London being legendary and rough but also beautiful making the atmosphere very dark and chilling There is some couple of negatives one being that the velocity of the book was very long and wearisome to read and when the main climax happened it was really uneventful Still a good read

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    Thoroughly enjoyed this book it offered something a little different than most books I read The chapters switch between the perspectives of Dora and Mona It was really interesting to see how the same situation was interpreted differently by the two women It does have you constantly switching sides about who is in the right At first I was a little concerned that the story wasn't going to pick up pace but it did There are a few surprises hidden in there A good read

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    A clever story of modern day slavery The only disappointment is that author didn't really wrap up the story