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Alt cover for ISBN 14839628149781483962818Why?“Why?” is my favorite uestion It’s one I ask myself again and again every time I poke around outside looking at plants and birds and bugs and everything else under the sun And wondering “Why?” is how this book came into being Why might a dove bring an olive leaf back to the Ark? Why did a rain of uail fall upon the sleeping starving Israelites? Why would ravens carry food to Elijah? Not in a religious sense—that’s not my department But in a bird sense Might it be possible I wondered that every mention of a bird in the Bible is based on science? On the true nature of that bird? And might the true nature of each bird have something to teach us about the Bible? A better understanding of the verses once we know the habits and behavior of those birds? Every line of Scripture that mentions a bird has a “Why?” in it As you meet the birds that are named in the Bible and get to know their North American counterparts you’ll find the answer to that uestion The normal behavior of birds in their natural surroundings is one of the keys to understanding these Scriptures—and these Scriptures are one of the keys to understanding birds But at its heart this is a bird book Because at my heart is a love of birds And a love of looking for the answers —Sally Roth

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    A really fun read I find history interesting I like birds I' neither a bird fanatic or a bible fanatic I do know the author so I was lucky to see the work in progress before publishing It was the same day the first batch of books showed up that I took my daughter to get her learners permit for driving I got my copy in the morning Turned out the computers at the drivers license office were down we had to wait there for over 6 hours Nothing boring about that day at least for me the book is just a fun read it's full of fascinating facts about birds their behavior and bible stories It's loaded with lots of neat pictures It's put into neat chapters about different birds It's not a field guide it's not a novel it's none fiction it's one of those books you can pick up open on any page read for any amount of time and have fun and learn Or you might just read it cover to cover Reading 'An Eye on the Sparrow' is almost as fun as hanging out with the Author herself unless she's grumpy that day then I suppose it's better

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    The is my first review of any book Sally shares her vast knowledge with clarity and an easy style that carries you along on a great trip Her whit pops out and makes it fun to learn It is never dry or boring I have recommended An Eye on the Sparrow to my friends even the ones not online Thanks Sally

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    Another fantastic book by Sally Roth certainly my favorite An Eye on the Sparrow The BirdLovers Bible is full of interesting facts entertaining anecdotes beautiful illustrations Sally is such a talented writer This book appeals to not just the bird lover but historians naturalists the scientific the religious or anyone looking for an intriguing read It is hard to put down I've learned so many new things about a few of my feathered friends the Bittern uail Raven Dove and even the least SparrowI bet you haven't heard of the Domino Day Sparrow Aren't you curious?

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    Wow Sally Roth makes some amazing connections between two things I love birds and the bible The illustrations are fabulous This is a great read An Eye on the Sparrow The Bird Lover's Bible

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    This book absolutely changed my view on how I read books about birds I have always used them as reference books This one is a good reference as well but different in that I read it cover to cover like I would a novel FOUR times now ; Sally Roth is a wonderful writer and this book is just the latest in a long line of fantastic bird and garden books

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    This was a sweet little book The illustrations were fun and light and dovetailed pun intended perfectly with Roth's interesting and often humorous tidbits and anecdotes The author ties everything in nicely interesting facts on migration mating feeding etc habits of our flying feathered friends as they are referenced in the Scriptures For those who love nature and birds this one is for you My only reuest was that I would have liked Roth to expand a bit on falconry in the chapter devoted to falcons and hawks but guess that will have to keep for another book on by TBR list H is for Hawk perhapsAnyway An Eye on the Sparrow The Bird Lover's Bible is a lighthearted book that is perfect for these early days of spring and for the nature lover in all of us

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    An in depth look at all the birds mentioned in the Bible and why according to what we know of their behaviors and traits they would have been the ones included I found it completely fascinatingTo be clear I marked it Christian not because Roth is Christian she's not but because I think other Christians would find it very interesting A in depth review can be found here

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    I'm so thankful to Goodreads the publisher the author for sharing this interesting book with me As other readers have noted the book is full of interesting facts about birds and does a great job with the Bible verses too I've already passed the book along to a colleague and she is also enjoying it

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    I received the book for free through Goodreads First ReadsFun read Unlike other books about birds this one was easy to read straight through I highly recommend this for those interested in learning about birds but don't know where to start

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    Won in a Goodreads First Reads giveaway