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They hit a rocky patchDave and Judy Edgars have always loved each other – they’ve been married ten years and have three kids But ever since Dave a SWAT team member was shot on duty Judy can’t control the intense fear that grips her every time he heads out to work It puts a strain on their relationship Dave knows she’s scared but damn it she knew he was a cop the day they met His patience is wearing thinUntil the tables are turnedOne icy winter night Judy an operating room nurse is called into work She's taken hostage by a crazed gunman with an agenda Now with Judy’s life in danger and the SWAT team deployed elsewhere Dave must face the same fear his wife does on a daily basis Terrified he will lose her he and his law enforcement family race to save Judy and stop her captor’s plans

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    Dave and Judy's story is just as exciting as the others although much shorter They well Dave has had a prominent role in the previous Edgars family books this one is his and Judy's It's not a story of how them met or how they became a couple This story is a snippet of time that happens after ten years of marriage and a move back to Dave's hometown Dave is a new member of Cinci's SWAT team and Judy is having trouble dealing with the danger he is in every time he gets a call Dave doesn't really understand it and her feelings are causing small issues in their marriage Then one night Judy takes a call to come into the ER to cover unexpected emergencies and becomes the victim of a hostage situation It is through trying to get her out in one piece that Dave becomes fully aware of the emotions involved when the one you love is in danger As in the other books in the Edgars series the action begins on the first page and doesn't let up until the end The whole family gets involved as usual and their dynamic is both heartwarming and very effective There is a little of everything in this series suspense humor action and romance There is always a twist that you didn't expect Best of all the drama isn't over the top and doesn't go on way longer than it needs to

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    I didn't expect to enjoy this book since I don't usually enjoy books about married couples let alone with kids but somehow I enjoyed reading about Dave and Judy and the action filled adventure they had when a guy who is dead set on revenge holds Judy and other doctors hostage and it's up to Judy and her connection to Dave and his family to get out of this mess enjoyable with the right amount of emotions

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    As I have written in many reviews for novellas an author’s true writing chops are front and center in a shorter length book The ability to fully develop the characters and create an engrossing complete story is a challenge when the writer has under 150 pages to accomplish that feat With this novella Suzanne Ferrell has written a story that absolutely amazed me from beginning to endThis story is part of the Edgar Family series by Ms Ferrell and older brother Dave gets the spotlight Married for around ten years to his nurse wife Judy their third child is an infant Dave is recovering from a gunshot wound while working the SWAT team and Judy is now terrified whenever Dave leaves for work The foundation of their comfortable married with children life is shaky and neither knows how to shore it up And then Judy is called into a shift at the hospital in the OR only to have the operating room taken hostage by a crazed gunmanTables are turned as now Dave understands the fear that had gripped Judy since he was shot The stakes escalate when the SWAT units cannot make it and the situation goes from bad to worse As the suspenseful story leaves you biting your nails and at the edge of your seat the author gives the reader periodic flashbacks to Dave and Judy’s courtship This backward glance at the sweetness of their beginning romance contrasted sharply with the dire predicament Judy was in with the present crisis As a result I could not help but feel the pain and fear Dave was going through I have a lump in my throat just thinking about itThis was a fabulous well written addition to the series If you didn’t love the Edgars Brothers before you definitely will at the end this novella A five star read

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    I'm loving this series and this novella is no exception Dave and Judy are uniue as in they are already an established couple who are married and have 3 children This brings a different feel to the series as in the previous two books the couples are meeting for the first time When we meet Dave and Judy there is uite a lot of angst between them but there is no doubt how in love they are Their troubles are rooted in fear on Judy's side but it's a fear that Dave doesn't really understand until he is made to feel that same fear I have to admit that when he felt the full force of that fear I cried right along with him When things seemed hopeless that was when the full impact of their love was really shown and Dave's reaction just about broke my heart Although this was a short novella it was told with a depth and emotion that didn't fail to move me I love the strength and support that all of the Edgar's give each other and I can't wait for Luke's story as we're left with a small insight into the mystery that will be coming up in his story Keep them coming

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    What a thrilling ride from start to finish This is the third book in the series and its Dave Edgars and Judy's story These two have been married for years It was practically love at first site all those years ago But now 3 kids later the stress of Dave's job with the SWAT team is getting to Judy and it causing some conflict between the two When Judy who is a nurse is called in to the operating room one night Dave gets to experience what Judy normally goes through when the OR is taken over by a gunman who has wired all the doors with explosives Even though this was just a novella it packed an emotional punch and every one in the Edgers family played a big part in the rescue of the hostages If you haven't read Kidnapped and Hunted I recommend reading those before this one I am really looking forward to Luke's story now

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    Judy and Jake Edgars have been married for years Three kids and two high stress jobs have taken their toll on their relationship It only takes one drunk driver to start a series of events that will either make them realize how much they mean to each other or a permanent separationPaul Wilkes lost his wife and unborn child at the hands of a spoiled senator's son His plan for revenge put Judy in the middle of a hostage situation Jake Edgars and his family take matters in their own hands Their mission is to save Judy Judy's mission save her husband from himselfSuzanne Ferrell has masterfully written this continuing story of the Edgars Family It is a page turner and a uick afternoon of enjoyment I'm ready for the next book in the series

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    While reading the first two books in this series you meet Dave and Judy but they are already married with kids You wonder about their story because you like them so much from those books This is a novella about them and how they have hit a rough patch in their relationship due to Dave's job Judy is so afraid for him everytime he goes to work and you feel for her But when Dave has to see what Judy fears all the time it rocks your world I felt my heart being ripped out of my chest reading this book The writing was phenomenal you feel what the characters are feeling and will be crying like a baby Suzanne Ferrell knocked it out of the park with this one

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    Well I normally don't do well with novellas or short stories but this one really really stood out and in a good wayIt took the story of our hero and heroine after 10 years into their marriage; in a painful incident of getting in a hostage situation where they both faced their demonsIt was an excellent eye opener for the both of them in my opinionAnd loved the mystery left at the end where hopefully we'll be reading Lukes story ;

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    WOW Talk about edge of your seat intense that was Seized Dave and Judy really are what married Love is all about For a novella this book was just jamb packed with action Was such a well written storyline I did not want to put it down till I reached THE END Loved all 3 books in the Edgars Family series and can't wait for Luke's story Suzanne Ferrell is truly a Master romantic suspense writer and has been added to my Very Favorite Author's list

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    A novella in the Edgars Family series of law enforcement This episode follows Dave local policeSWAT officer His wife Judy is an OR nurse When she goes in to work on a holiday she is taken hostage by a gunman The story is not what it appears on the surface and the underlying motivation buried pretty deep will continue I'm so glad that Ferrell will continue the series after the installment Vanished following this one There are stories to tell and I look forward to them