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FBI Agent Jake Carlisle is in deep trouble He’s been shot and if he can’t get help fast two lives will be lost—his and that of the young witness whom he’s sworn to protect Desperate on the run from both the police and the Russian Mafia he kidnaps a nurse from a hospital parking lotER nurse Samantha Edgars has been living in an emotional vacuum since the death of her daughter Mentally and physically exhausted following a difficult shift she’s suddenly jolted from her stupor when she’s bound and gagged then tossed into the back of her car Forced to tend a bleeding FBI agent and his injured witness she’s terrified But Samantha uickly learns the rogue agent and orphaned boy need than just her professional skills Danger is bearing down on them and she must learn to trust Jake—and her heart— if they’re all going to survive

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    5 well deserved stars

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    Oh wowThis was bad So bad I actually laughed out loud At 5% the TSTL heroine catches her kidnapper’s masculine scent and sighs when her cheek accidentally grazes against his stubble a few minutes after she was knocked unconscious and kidnapped in a brutal way Meanwhile her kidnapper has to fight the urge to caress her cheek He groans when she pulls her lower lip between her teeth while she cleans his gunshot wound with the medical euipment she luckily forgot to take out from her pocket after her night shift in the hospital where she works snortI’m not gonna list all the nonsense from this book because it would take pages and pages to write it all down Credibility? ZeroDepth and character development? Extremely lowSuspense? LaughableRomance and sex scenes? BarfIf you want to read on the run trope where TSTL characters have time for cheap romance and EVERY freaking thing except running and fearing for their lives knock yourselves outI’m out

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    Author We have the hero the heroine and the bad guysReader Okay tell me about the bad guysAuthor They're Eastern EuropeanReader Okay but how are they bad?Author They're they're people from like Russia The RussiansReader But what do they do that makes them bad?Author Sergei and Dmitri and VladimirReader ?Author They're badReader BUT WHY?Author JUST BECAUSE Kidnapped was the story of cookie cutter villains chasing a TSTL Mary Sue and her hunky but pretty lame undercover FBI agentkidnapperI mean at one point he says I haven't figured out where you hid the phone but somehow you called them to come and rescue you She literally has one small bag with her plus the clothes on her back I'm gonna need you to try a little harder here JakeThe heroine Samantha was a nurse but didn't seem to know a whole lot about nursing She also wanted use her credit card and called her brothers for a lil' chat even though the call could have been traced But it's okay she didn't put them in danger because the baddies were too busy talking about their comrades babushkas and motherland And later we get this gem “Sami?” Nicky’s small voice penetrated the mist of emotions still swirling around her “Why do you cry Sami?” She fought to smile reassuringly at him “I think I’m just a little tired Nicky Women sometimes cry when they get that way”

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    It's free There is thatNot much else I didn't reach 20% as my iota of credibility went in flame pretty easily Plus you could say in the first pages this book wasn't interested in real suspense I don't think there's much research there nor romanceHe kipnaps her bodily harms her and threatens her with rape We might know as a reader he's a good guy because of blurb But she doesn't So when in those first 20% she lusts after him heavily I knew romance wasn't the name of the game I haven't lost a child but I'm not sure agreeing to go with a madman that kidnaps you and may have tortured a child is a good way to save the child Mind you may be I'm the anormal oneI wonder if it's self pub

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    Fantastic action suspense romance Nice amount of steam to balance out all the bad guy actionI can't wait to read from this author

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    In this book I cried I laughed I sat on the edge of my seat holding my breath through the action scenes This story really touched me It was filled with love and passion Jake is an undercover FBI agent He saved Nicky who is a young boy who witnessed a murder Nicky is in need of medical care Jake knows he can’t take the little boy to the hospital because it would blow his cover He kidnapped Samantha a nurse that is leaving the hospital Samantha gives both Jake and Nicky the medical attention they need to save their lives The gang that came after Jake and Nicky do not intend for them to live They find out about Samantha so her life is now endangered Together Jake and Samantha learn to trust one another The do save each other’s life’s a few times and together they save Nicky’s life Samantha has big brothers that made sure she knew how to drive in extreme situations She uses her driving skills like a pro to avoid the gang that is after them This is not the typical book that the heroin is weak and needs help Jake is an alpha male don’t get me wrong but together the Hero and Heroin work well together as a team Sample from Chapter 10 The front door crashed open Heavy footsteps sounded on the main room’s wooden floor He swung one leg over the window frame then the other holding onto the ledge for one moment before dropping to the ground In that one moment the bedroom door was riddled with bullets Shattered glass peppered Jake Pain seared through his left arm and the right side of his head as he released the window and dropped to his feet

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    The first book in Suzanne Ferrell's Edgars Family series FBI Agent Jake Carlisle kidnaps ER nurse Samantha Edgars to help nurse his young injured witness Nicky He can't go to the police There is a traitor somewhere and now the public believes Jake is the bad guy Samantha has her issues with the loss of her daughter but she finds a new reason to keep going in Jake and NickyBegan pretty strong for me but lagged a little It was fairly predictable but that wasn't really a problem The characters were decent enough and the story moved nicely along I think I will continue the series because I did enjoy the brothers

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    Detailed review is posted here RTC

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    Suzanne Ferrell sure writes fantastic novels and Kidnapped is no exception The chemistry between Jake and Samantha is electrifying and there are plot twists and turns making this a definite must read

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    This one was good up until about 27 % when the h finds out that her kidnapper is really with the FBI and then it takes a dump The writting loses what it had going the h turns into a uirky side kick and it just doesn't work for me