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For a high school senior Daniella Madison's life should be perfect Beautiful rich and popular no one knows she leads a dark existence far removed from the glitz and ease of her privileged upbringing A vampire like no other even her three hundred year old partner in crime Eli can’t explain it She’s a threat to the underground world her gifts capable of changing them for good and Dani’s on a mission to bring this unnatural kind back into the light That's when Alec the only other day walker she’s ever met shows up at her private secluded High School tucked away from the dangers of the city She knows her life’s about to take a turn for the worse Alec claims he wants to protect her from the ueen of their underworld but how can she trust one of Stella's handpicked assassins? He may look like an Adonis sculpted by the heavens but vamps are designed that way and she’s on high alert by his sudden presence in her human life Alec is stirring feelings in her she’s never experienced and Dani can’t understand why she’s so inexplicably drawn to his hypnotic soulful eyes It becomes clear that like her Alec is no ordinary vampire and she’s desperate to determine his true intentions as they get closer Dani's existence has two sides that were never meant to intertwine and there collision is uickly spinning out of her control She’ll do whatever it takes to protect the people she loves As secrets surface about who she really is she realizes she’s walking a thin tightrope that is about to snap

10 thoughts on “Taste For Blood (Nephil-Vamp Series, #1)

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    I absolutely loved this story just the way it was written is what drew me into the story it's hard to explain I loved the characters and im really anxious to see what happens with Eli

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    The book captured my attention with the romantic and emotional turmoils Dani goes through I really enjoyed it and it was free so that was a plus