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Kate Adams expected to return home from Paris with a ring on her finger Instead her French boyfriend Alain breaks up with her right before she leaves for AustraliaUnwilling to show up at her high school reunion desperate and dateless Kate asks her best friend's brother handsome Josh Marchant to pretend to be her fiancéeJosh has always had a soft spot for his sister's friend and happily takes on the role And as they spend time together the lines between fact and fiction blur and they're soon struggling to remember it's all just an act But will the arrival of an unexpected visitor shatter the illusion they've created?

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    Argh I accidentally rated my own book and now I can't unrate it Sorry for the apparent narcisissm

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    I reviewed this at MustReadBooksOrDie with my friend Shelley Shel We've been reading dark and dirty so this was like a palette cleansernice and sweet and light and funny Court It really was Shel Kate has been recently dumped and is expected at her high school reunion with her fiance never existed in the first place She's mopey and miserable and doesn't even know if she wants to go but her bestie Jo decides it's time for Kate to move forward Jo does what any best friend would do she dolls up Kate and hooks her up with a fine fling just so happens he's Jo's brother Josh and Kate's secret high school crush Court This is what made me love Jo She wasn't all do not date my brother crazy about it Very mature she wasso I loved Jo right away She was funny and very independent I honestly can't say if I ever felt that way about Kate I liked her character but she killed me Shel The first half of this book is dedicated to that night at the reunion reliving horrors and remembering friendsand making some new memories too Turns out to be an eventful night for Kate and Joshseems like she wasn't the only one with a secret crush As this one time event turns in to a week long getting to know you session due to an interesting elevator scene and by the end of that week things are drastically different than they were at the beginningand this is what encompasses the last half of the bookCourt I liked the reunion parts for the simple fact that it was a very good way to set the scene for the story And for most of it Josh is an absolute saint Kate again has to battle every insecurity and spends a lot of time inside her own head Which again made me crazy but on another hand was definitely just her personality I guess Had me banging my head on the wall for her to pull her head out of her rearlol Again Shel Kate and Josh only slightly annoyed me mainly because they were too much in their heads and not talking to each other and saying how they felt And Kate and her planningI thought I was badshe borders on neurosis I mean have some f u n every once in a whileCourt They did make a lot of assumptions as to the other's intentions yeah? I liked the writing and I loved the story and the Aussie ness of this bookwhich helped me like it a lot Kate again will make you insane but I never stopped wanting to see where their crazy journey would end Shel This is a good clean readI could even recommend it to some of my students and not feel awkward about it Court Ah were you waiting for the heat too? No heat but I loved their entire dynamic and was rooting for them The casual sex girl is not Katebut I'm wondering if in the next story if Jo might be Shelley 3 12 Stars Courtney 4 Stars

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    This was definitely my kind of a book Kate a young professor at Sorbonne expected her boyfriend of one year to propose to her when he took her out to dinner at one of her favourite restaurants Instead what she go was a shocking admission that he is in love with her friend and that he is breaking up with her Now back home in Sydney Kate is not really convinced she can face her classmates at her 10 years high school reunion Lucky for her her best friend's older brother who she had a crash on while in high school happens to drop by for a short vacation and agrees to play Kate's fiancé for the night Little did she know he also had a crash on her I totally got into this book I loved the whole high school drama resurfacing even after 10 years The catty bitch the homy caring friend the outcast who found herself and is now successful the wonderful teacher that made the difference in her life Even though I never went to my high school reunion it surely hit close to home I loved Kate Intelligent driven level headed and not willing to give up everything she has been working hard for and her entire security for love I found her character to be very realistic and likeable Even though she became confident and self assured throughout the book it didn't change her core believes and values And I admired that in her I really liked Liam I found him charming and confident but respectful kind and well mannered A perfect gentleman I found the relationship between the two very exciting as well Kate a total planner security loving respected professor and Liam totally spontaneous commitment fearing vagabond with interesting job that takes him all over the place How much different can they get? Yet the chemistry the sparks and the passion are there from the moment Kate literally falls into his arms And the unexpected twist Evans took with Kate's chat with her ex although a little far fetched was very interesting and intriguingOverall a very good read well worth 4 STARS ARC provided by the publisher via NetGally for an honest review

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    Review included in my Week in Review at Lives and Breathes Book BlogWow I feel like it took me WEEKS to read this book when in reality it was just a few days It was wordy It took me uite a while to get into the story but when I finally did I enjoyed it It kept me wondering what would happen between Josh and Kate I always do love a good best friend’s brother story Kate she was a tad bit annoying but I understand her I understood her need for plans and how bent out of shape she was from things not going by the plan I’ll admit I’m the same way Josh is care free moving around often following no plan and he’s a total sweetheart “Take one old crush pass him off as a new fiancé mix in a broken heart a couple of mothers and a best friend with ideas and things were bound to get complicated” This sums of Playing by the Rules perfectly It was a bit of a mess and a little complicated but enjoyable too ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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    Even though this book was fast paced and way too short I absolutely loved it Kate does have a tendency to get on my nerves a tiny bit but that can only be expected when we find out she has a plan and if life doesn't go by the plan she feels like it's all her fault and the end of everything That is a teeny bit dramatic and that is only complaint I have with the story The characters are amazing and very lifelike I love Josh who is Kate's best friends brother She knew him years ago and had a crush on him and now when she is in town for her school reunion and alone since her boyfriend dumped her for another friend she finally gets her chance However she almost ruins everything with her plan mentality and I was so happy with the way it ended because if it had ended any other way I would have had to jump in that book and beat the tar out of her lol Love the book love the way the author draws you into the story would love to read by this author Overall I am rating this cute little story with four stars

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    I thought this was very well written I found hardly any grammar mistakes which was a relief I liked that both the H H made me mad at them at times but I could always understand why they felt the way they did I have to say H's sister was a good sibling but not always a good friend At several times while reading I wanted to tell the heroine to give her up as a friend Then again that is a sign of good writing soI received this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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    Imelda Evans first appeared on my radar unknowingly when I heard ‘The Trouble With Men’ a submission at the Romance Writers of Australia conference this year I was really impressed with the story – it was fun feisty and funny So when Imelda let me know that the submission was hers I knew I had to get my hands on one of her books straight away Lucky for me that Playing By The Rules was published this week This romance has all the traits that I enjoyed in ‘The Trouble With Men’ plus some It’s a sweet romance primarily set in Melbourne Australia with some glamorous international destinations thrown in We are introduced to Kate who has just returned to Melbourne in time for her school reunion A serious and uiet student she not looking forward to reuniting with some of the girls who were horrible to her but now everything has just gotten worse Her French boyfriend has just dumped her for her best friend Kate’s plans which up ‘til now have gone very well – university doctorate post doctorate and now a lecturer at the Sorbonne are in tatters Plus she may have mentioned to her mother that she had big news to tell on her return homeFortunately Kate’s best friend Jo has a brother who has just jetted home from his wonderfully chaotic life reorganising hotel eateries Josh is gorgeous funny and a truly nice guy In fact Kate has had a crush on him since school Now Josh has agreed to pretend to be her fiancé at the school reunion – will real sparks fly?Some people have mentioned that Kate is not their ideal heroine but I think she rocks She’s realistic – I can completely relate to her Kate is a meticulous planner look at the academic success she’s achieved by her late 20s but can’t uite grasp that you can’t plan love to the nth degree – it’s got to just happen And ‘just happen’ is the way it does with her and Josh Kate is also a bit insecure she’s amazed at how popular she is at the reunion – she can’t understand why people even remember her Plus after Alain dumps her she’s without a plan at all and this to me is probably the worst thing that can happen to someone like her I think I speak a little from personal experience hereThis is why it’s fantastic that Josh steps in He’s much adroit at going with the flow and acting spontaneously than Kate – his actions at the reunion clearly show this right down to the dancing The juxtaposition between their careers also show how worlds apart they are – but don’t opposites attract?What happens after the reunion is beautiful to read – a growing love affair with some wonderful descriptions of sightseeing in Melbourne and surrounds However obstacle after obstacle are thrown in Kate and Josh’s path right through to the end I was on tenterhooks wondering if Kate’s rules were finally going to break herAfter finishing I was excited to find that there is a second book about Josh’s sister Jo Can’t wait to read this oneThank you to Destiny Romance for the eARChttpsamstillreadingwordpresscom

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    Playing by the Rules is the story of healing a broken heart trusting in the spontaneous and taking a chanceKate flew home for her high school reunion after being dumped by her year long French boyfriend Alain A boyfriend she thought was in love with her someone whom she thought she would be introducing to her classmates as her fiance Instead she finds herself contemplating going to the reunion as her friend's tag along and facing a barrage of uestions about her relationship she did not want to face and then answer Kate has lived her life like a well planned event She has everything efficiently planned Planned Plans PlanningShe was good at plans Planning was how she had go that great job and the flat in ParisNot all plans succeeded That didn't mean the plans were bad She just needed a new plan Kate is staying at her best friend Jo's apartment and one morning answers the door to find her school age crush in the form of Josh Marchant the handsome brother of Jo standing in all his glory on the doorstep Kate is thrown for a loop not expecting to see Josh after all these years feeling torn because all the old feelings have rushed to the surface when she has just broken up with Alain Kate felt the years dissolve and her adolescent crush came rocketing up out of her subconscious as fresh and vivid as it had ever been Josh is a jet setter travelling the world never in one place for too many years at a time due to his job He is just as surprised to see Kate on his sister's doorstep What follows is a funny chain of events that sees Josh pretending to be Kate's fiance for the reunion helping her to save face What then happens is a story of two people who fall in love with one believing in fate that brought them back together while the other is reluctant to let go and be spontaneous enough to see where this journey takes themI really enjoyed the relationship between Kate and her best friend Jo it was honest down to earth full of no nonsense humor and had me laughing out loud on than one occasion When Kate tells Jo she is not sure if she can go to the reunion Jo tells her in no uncertain terms to suck it up Rubbish you're just having an attack of the LBBs' What do you mean LBBs anyway?LBB stands for Loser Boyfriend Blues it is caught from Loser Boyfriends naturally and is what you have been indulging in ever since you got here Jo is such a loving loyal supportive friend and I would love to have a friend like this in my corner should my life go pear shaped It never occurs to the LBB sufferer that in fact there is nothing wrong with her apart from a regrettable taste in loser men Jo tells it like it is She also is fiercely loyal to Kate and would do anything to cheer her up even if it means suggesting a uickie with her brother while they pretend they are engaged I thought the relationship between Josh and Kate was great and I loved the banter between the two and the heart stealing moments when Josh is determined to keep Kate in his life and show her that they are meant to be together I loved how he wooed her and I thought that her reluctance and self protective streak was understandable considering what she had been through Overall while this was a uick short read I didn't want to put it down once I started it and was invested in finding out whether Kate would go against her plans and take a chance I liked the authors writing style and would love to read from her My only want at the end of the book is an epilogue although having a snippet from the next book gave me an insight into the future that left me satisfied than had it not had that bonus extra i look forward to the next book in the series Copy kindly provided by Netgalley

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    Provided by Netgalley and Penguin Books Australia | Destiny Romance for an honest reviewOMG I soooo have a new book boyfriend So We have Katie Evans who is currently staying with her friend Jo back home in Australia She has come back without the fiancé she thought she would have and is currently moping around not knowing what to do with herself Her plans and she plans everything has gone down the toiletShe has her school reunion to attend to and said that she would be bringing a plus one her fiancé Feeling crap early one morning she opens the door only to find her friends brother standing there She goes to let him in but promptly steps on the cat and ends up in his arms This is the man that she had a teenage crush on when she was fifteenJo in all her bossiness and love prods her until she finally gives in and wears what she is given to their school reunion Jo also tells her that she will be going to the reunion with her brother who has agreed to act the part of her fiancé And when he arrives the man looks delishJosh plays the perfect fiancé he provides all the affection anecdotes and fun she could need His tales so true that she wonders at how he can even remember all the stuff and by her expression her friend Jo thinks the same He spins in tales about how he fell in love with her back when she would come around the housePulling him into a room she has it out with Josh and they end up kissing A kiss that rocks her world He manages to get her to stop thinking and just be happy or completely flustered with his touch When they get back to Jo's apartment they are found kissing in the lift by both their parents along with JoHer mother who believe they have got together invites them to a meal at the end of the week to meet her boyfriend This then leads to dates and getting to know you dates and of course kissing After the meal they are then caught kissing again by Kates ex boyfriend and JoThe next day after talking Alain and Katie have sorted their differences and go their separate ways in her rush to leave the building she knocks Josh to the floor They go the beach where the commitment fobe asks her to marry him where upon she is promptly sick Things go downhill from there and they part waysKatie a week later has her butt kicked by Jo and goes to LA to find Josh to make things better but he is not there She goes back to home to Paris with a heavy heart and struggles to cope Weeks later Josh arrives tells her he's made plans to live and work in Paris and he wants herNow how could a girl NOT fall for that This book was witty had me laughing and actually made me feel better The author has a wonderful style of writing and I look forward to reading from herWould loved to have had an epilogue though

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    This and other reviews can be found on my blog My Written RomancePlaying by the Rules is such a gorgeous fun romance I love that it is set in my adopted home town of Melbourne and that it is unabashedly Australian in tone That being said the story is one that is universal in its theme so readers from other parts of the world should have no problems at all understanding itKate’s really not looking forward to her high school reunion Always on the periphery Kate was a serious girl studious and smart There were those who made her high school experience rather unpleasant Encountering them once is not high on her list of priorities She has also just been dumped by her boyfriend for her close friend just as she thought he was going to propose Now the Paris based academic not only has to face the nasties she has to face them without the fiancé she had fully expected to have with herThanks to her best friend and eternal champion Jo Kate’s reunion experience may just be back on track Jo’s brother Josh is also back in the country and somehow Jo fixes it so that Josh is willing to act as Kate’s other half for the evening Things uickly get out of hand – the attraction between them that had bubbled under the surface when they were teenagers roars back to life and what started with an expiry date is beginning to look like something that could last forever But with lives on opposite sides of the world will these two ever find their way to each other?Gee I loved these two Kate is wonderful – she’s real and smart and totally relatable to planners like myself I totally get that whole “I need to plan” aspect of her personality Josh is just adorable – he is funny and sweet and cares deeply I found myself cheering them on throughout the course of the story You can just see that they are so beautifully matched and it would have near broken my heart if they couldn’t have worked it outThis takes place in a world prior to Rules are for Breaking where Kate’s wonderful best friend Jo is the heroine of that book Despite this being the case I think you should read them in the order they were publishedImelda was one of the first authors I had the chance to review when I started My Written Romance and I was super excited to get the chance to meet her at RWA this year When she mentioned that this story was on its way I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it I was wondering how Imelda would be able to top the sexiness of Declan the man who irons from Rules Are for Breaking She has definitely managed it with the gorgeous Josh in Playing by the RulesMy rating 45 out of 5Note I was provided with an advanced reader copy of this book by Destiny Romance an imprint of Penguin Australia via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review