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Knight the sheriff of a local magical government known as the Gambit is called to recover a mutilated body tainted with magic and dumped at a popular haunt When the corpse is identified as a close associate of the Gambit it threatens the safety of the community he protects and those he cares about most As the fragile peace amongst the city's magic wielding factions disintegrates Knight must track down a cadre of murderers before his friends are picked off one by one with each death used to strengthen the spells cast against the Gambit

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    I received a free copy of this book to review for Read it and ReapCrime thrillers are generally the one genre I steer away from unless there is magic involved The Necromancer's Gambit reminded me of The Dresden Files or SM Reine's Witch Hunt which I both enjoyed It was a shame that I couldn't get into this book even though it contains some witty dialogue as well as a magic system that feels real because of the terminology and well explained techniues To add to the dangerous atmosphere of the murders even some of the magic feels dangerous because of what it costs the user to cast I particularly liked the example of the hair and skin singeing that happens when someone portals But there was WAY too much talking going on I like dialogue but there has to be a balance My reading experience felt rushed because I was constantly trying to keep up with who was saying what Some breathing space without dialogue would have been good That being said the author would make a good script writerOverall some great ideas but it never really gripped me I'm afraid

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    There is so much in this book that I loved the characters the plot the originality where others would trod the same path What made me crazy though was how many times I had to reread sentences to understand them or to figure out who was speaking or that time had passed It was clear that some times the problem was due to formatting issues scene breaks or paragraph indentations lost in translation but a lot of it was problems with sentence structure that reuired further effort I read to enjoy and escape While I don't mind rereading a sentence now or then in a book it shouldn't happen too often and in this situation it made a good read a trying one Still I liked it which should tell you how great the author did in creating his world

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    Wilson has exhaustively constructed a world where there are dozens if not hundreds of different types of magic being used by all the characters All of the characters have different talents and different levels to their talent Our main character Knight isn’t an especially gifted mage but he knows enough to be good at his job The young witch that he is training Rook comes from a coven that put an emphasis on a nature oriented magic Her background leaves her ill prepared for the job that she is learning namely to be a castle and she feels out of her depth Wilson does an excellent job of world building in describing the different types of magic at play and creates several scenarios where we see it all in action via several violent and exciting encounters However he does fall short in world building outside the magical arena We never learn what anyone looks like I would have liked to be able to see the characters through the eyes of the author Wilson tells his story in first person narratives but from different points of view This did become confusing in a few instances when a point of view changed at the beginning of a new chapter Each chapter is named but not after the person whose POV it is It does take a few moments of reading to establish which character we are now listening to Usually there is some sort of reference in the dialogue which allows one to get their bearings However there is one whole chapter later in the book titled “Predators” where there is no reference to who is speaking to us It became a process of elimination to deduce who was speaking and it was never conspicuously stated I assumed that it was the POV of Knight but this seuence of events immediately follows him being badly injured and there is no reference to this injury so I was unsure The changing POV’s really brought a fun element to the story and allowed the reader to be in the heads of different characters during key parts of the story Another fun aspect of The Necromancer’s Gambit is the humor involved It should be stated that a lot of this humor is crude uite crude And there are a lot of penis references Like a lot The characters run the gamut of every conceivable penis joke possible and I laughed out loud than once There is definitely an adult oriented edginess to the story which you don’t see often That being said if you don’t like crude adult humor then this book may not be for you as it is ubiuitous The locker room humor is tempered by a violent and sometimes very dark story Without giving away too much of the story I will just say that there will be times when you suirm The author holds no punches with his descriptions of brutality and with his wicked sense of humor He does tie it all together in an engaging and interesting plot Visit wwwbookie monstercom to read the entire review Reviewed by Tamara Martin member of The Bookie Monster review team

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    This story contains adult language references and situations I purchased a copy of this bookThe Necromancer’s Gambit by Nicolas Wilson is a fun mixture of private detective magical shenanigans and adult innuendoes The crimes and gun battles are harsh whether mundane or magically violent yet the heroes manage to keep their humanity What is a gambit? They are a small sanctioned group of debauched champions for a city’s supernatural residents This tough Portland gambit uses chess names for aliases and the team is wickedly funnyThe story centers around Knight a talented mage private detective who investigates a dreadful magical murder Colorful cohorts swirl around Knight in a cloud of gritty spells vampires strip clubs and skeptical non magical police officers No spoilers here the plot had plenty of twists and the bad guy was a surpriseKnight is a pragmatic PI but not totally hardened by this dark world Rook is an inexperienced newbie Bishop is a no nonsense magical professor Pawn is a violence loving loyalist The gambit’s ueen is my favorite character who is unforgettable like a sparkly yapping puppy with stiletto fangsThe story had a few trivial blemishes I found some simultaneous goings on “A bell on the door jingles as I walk through it” that could be improved by describing happenings one at a time I saw a couple typos in the last third of the story A few times a character’s explanation went on too long and bogged down the pace but none of these nits were enough to pull me out of the storyThe Necromancer’s Gambit is a delicious change from reading angst ridden YA Instead be ready to plunge into a bleak fantasy stuffed with adult nuances The profanity and sexual references made sense for this seedy city The story had me laughing out loud at the repartee Wilson has done an excellent job creating a believable and witty magical noir underworld

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    The Necromancer's Gambit is the second novel I’ve read by Nicolas Wilson I enjoyed it much than the first title The original fusion of genres pushed my happy button TNG is a mix of detective noir urban fantasy and horror delivered in Nic Wilson’s distinctive style It’s a magical whodunnit game of chess with a very dark edge and some vampires for good measureI thought hard about commenting on style and part of me wants to be reasonably critical of this book in that respect It’s dialogue heavy in places much like the first of Wilson’s novels I read The characters for the most part have the same voice the same sense of humour and you can sometimes lose track of who is speaking where the speaker descriptor hasn’t been used enoughAnd yet I also have a lot of respect for these very same points Wilson’s characters always seem to find a way to engage each other in adolescent sexual banter regardless of the situation Often it is very funny delivering an absurdist counterpoint to the tension of the scene Regardless of how the characters make you feel as the book unfolds whether they engender sympathy or not credit must be given to Wilson’s uniue style which he owns without compromise At no point does he attempt to crowbar his characters into an accepted normI did have some difficulty with the first person narrative in places Most of the book unfolds from Knight’s point of view but it changes to other characters and the reader is left to work who has taken over telling the story I think a lot of those problems could have been solved if the story had been written in the third personOverall though easily my favourite of the two I’ve read by Wilson You can never say his novels lack originalityI received a free copy for an honest non reciprocal review

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    THE NECROMANCER'S GAMBIT I was provided with a free eBook version of this novel in exchange for an honest reviewIn truth I am struggling with what rating to give this book The storyline was imaginative and interesting but the excessive sexual references and crudity pretty much ruined the experience for meI felt like this book was written by a Frat Boy who enjoys his potty humor way too much I am not a prude and am not against some potty humor but in this case it was excessive And honestly a few of the references actually grossed me outI feel that if that element was removed from THE NECROMANCER'S GAMBIT this book would have rated 4 or even 5 stars However due to the crude jokes and unnecessary and constant instances of potty mouth I have to rate this book as only a 2 out of 5However that said if you are a Frat House dweller or a teenage boy you might actually enjoy itI apologize for this review I hate to give any author a bad review but I was asked for honesty2 out of 5 stars

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    I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review I rate it as four stars The Necromancer’s Gambit reminded me of Burn Notice in the way it gives background information with a twist of magic and vampires Writing style gets a definite 5 out of 5 The author has excellent prose which is obvious from the first page There was an interesting premise to the story it was mostly well edited and well written There were no wasted superfluous words The action was well played and straightforward in this “Whodunit” type of story Solid writing made for fast pacing throughoutI found myself needing to pay special attention to the details of what was going on so much so fast sometimes So there is no slow pace but plenty of action seuences to keep you reading In short this is a gritty fast paced magic story with lots of sexual innuendo plot twists and strange turns along the way

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    I'm not sure if The Necromancer's Gambit is a noir mystery with urban fantasy overtones or a fantasy with a hint of mystery but either way it is an interesting and adventurous read I like dark mysteries so that side of it was up my alley whereas I almost never read magicfantasyvampire stuff so that was different I the end I enjoyed it although I found the first person narrative changing between the characters somewhat difficult it meant that I was pulled out of the story uite regularly in the beginning less so towards the end and had to re engage with the story once I figured out who was talking But I found the premise of magical good guys and bad guys living alongside regular Portland folk to be a really interesting I received a free review copy of this book

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    the most insufferable book I've read since the fountainhead reads like something Guy in your MFA would write

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    I got a free copy of this book through ARR #1665 in the Making Connections group in exchange for an honest review The Necromancer's Gambit is one of those conundrum books I don't exactly know how to rate because it had strong good sides but also strong points that disagreed with me Part of me liked it while another part didn't really want to go through with itMostly I was really interested in the background it developed with mages organised in groups gambits aiming at settling disputes protecting their cities and so on Each gambit has a defined set of members named after chess pieces with defined roles Kings and ueens on the political scene Rooks as guardians Knights acting as sheriffs and so on These members are also well versed in different kinds of magic from tracking spells to necromancy to devising bombs and traps There are definitely lots of possibilities and combinations here especially considering the presence of other supernaturals such as vampires in town and I don't doubt the series—since this is book #1—aims at exploiting them laterThere's also mystery a noir flavour murder attempts murders performed through the use of gruesome magic necromancy I'm such a weakling for necromancy It's certainly not a kind world And the novel plays on enough different aspects between action and investigation that a reader will likely find something to hisher taste in itHowever I found it hard to focus on the story and it came down to two problems for me The first was editing Some sentences had a weird structure making them hard to follow punctuation included Sometimes it was also difficult to follow who was talking and who was the POV character for a given chapter mostly Knight with forays into Rook's and Pawn's sides of the adventure Also I think some bits of dialogue should've been omitted as they made scenes a little too long This ties into the second problem a serious overload of sexual jokes and innuendos? Now this is coming from someone whose degree of well being is measured by her friends by the amount of dirty jokes she makes I'm worse in that regard than most men I know Such jokes normally don't bother me but there were just too many of them in situations where they fell flat and disrupted the narrative flow Almost every character would sooner or later talk about his junk—or someone else's; than once I found myself thinking why aren't they getting to the point instead of mentioning X's dick or Y's boobs or whatever? It's been going on for ten chapters As a conseuence of those two issues I tended to lose track too often and I bet it prevented me from seeing some of the subtle sides of the story A shame since betrayal's involvedI'm definitely liking the world those characters evolve in and I wouldn't mind discovering about it As it was though I'd have appreciated it much without all the asides