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The ancient Celts believed that the veil separating the worlds of the living and the dead was at its thinnest on Halloween; it was then that the dead could get through But could it work the other way? Could we go to them? High school senior Sam McGrath is convinced it can be done For as long as he can remember The Nowhere has been beckoning him reaching out with cold and ancient fingersCrippled from a childhood injury Sam has always been different but he knows now that his differences go far beyond the physical Only his best friend since childhood – a brash and beautiful Latina named Lucia – knows of his strange gifts and she has vowed to help Sam Together they intend to find the world where their nightmares are bornGODS OF THE NOWHERE A NOVEL OF HALLOWEEN blends modern characters with legend and folklore to create a new myth It’s a spine chilling adventure and the ultimate Halloween read

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    Gods of Nowhere is the perfect book to celebrate Halloween The book is Halloween From the Irish myths at the heart of Samhain and the prelude of the novel itself to all the modern Halloween iconography this book doesn't disappoint It's eual parts adventure and horror though I didn't find the book terribly creepy Highly recommended for a seasonal read

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    A strong 375 rounded up to 4 Had its moments

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    God’s of The Nowhere by James Tipper is a horrific fantasy about a boy who descends from a great druid and doesn’t know it Some bad things start happening on his 16th birthday He has to learn the clues of who he is with the help of his best friend They travel to the land of nowhere and encounter all sorts of terrible creaturesI came across Gods of the Nowhere from a comment recommending it for all hallows read I am glad I did because it truly is the ultimate Halloween read If you read it on Kindle I suggest you choose the publisher font to enhance your reading experience It's gothic and beautiful view spoilerSimon Magus is an evil Samarian druid and a false prophet who killed Sam's parents when he was young but fails to kill the child Father Doc a rad Catholic priest takes legal guardianship of the boy and vows to keep him safe and protected but he knows things about him that Sam doesn't until on the night of his 18th birthday a neighbor had spotted a car parked in front of Sam's house It wasn't just a normal car but a Roll's Royce hearse The car was a bad omen The plates read SAMZDED and it was going to kill Father Doc too Lucia is Sam's best friend who lived across the street Sam has always seen things like 'a lady in glass' a 'crackling' in his head that smelled like fire and smoke a 'stalking cat' and 'bird' and other inexplicable phenomena but he doesn't know why Sam and Lucia believe the visions will only get worse if they don't listen to the clues and are led to an empty tomb on Halloween night Facing the inevitable they find themselves in a place beyond the living called Nowhere There they face unspeakable horrors and meet a dead phantom called Lore a foul pumpkin called Jack'O'Lantern a tiny witch called Hex a Templar Knight Jacues de Molay who I found very interesting and vampire leeches that want to eat them Vampires are called Leeches who don't drink blood for obvious reasons because there is no living blood to drink there but they subsist on the promise of immortality and a herb called nightshade that is only grown in the soil of Hell Eventually Sam comes to know the lady in the glass also known as Clara or Tlachtga who appears in the Epilogue She is the druid goddess who needs Sam's help Her father is Mog Ruith Everyone in the Nowhere knew who Sam was but Sam He was the last to learn the truth about himself and about HalloweenHe is Samhain the God of Halloween hide spoiler

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    Incredibly disappointing since the overwhelming good reviews on goodreads had me really excited to read this book It reads like a self published piece with no editor a potentially interesting idea with horrible execution and poor writing I was literally cringing as I read this because the clunky writing reminded me of exactly how I used to write when I was in middle school I generally do not post reviews on books I didn't enjoy because I don't want to publicly bash someone's work but in this case I really want to help even out all those baffling 5 star reviews that convinced me to read this in the first place If you enjoy Halloween and teen fiction go ahead and give it a try but don't let the shining reviews here on goodreads feed your expectations

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    The idea of a thriller novel that brings together magic mythology religion and suspense to tell the story of Halloweengood The execution of this idea in Gods of the Nowherehumorously bad There was nothing scary or chilling about this novel except that the majority of reviews for it seem positive FrighteningI'm with my fellow book club member on this Highly recommend skipping Gods of the Nowhere

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    I liked it Terrific book

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    Good book for Halloween Great story filled with characters you can hate or love or both The author follows the rule of three pretty much to the letter making it somewhat predictable but nonetheless a fun spooky read The writing was smooth although a few typos in the first edition and evenly paced On a bit of a negative note the book is largely blasphemous so if that bothers you don't pick this one up

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    Best horrorfantasy book I have read in uite a while The book deals with my favorite holiday Halloween Solid plot and character development I wondered if I would like a book mainly about teens albeit older teens But the book held my attention and is easy reading If witches assorted fantasy characters cemeteries lots of animated corpses and a killer car interest you then this is your book

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    The novel Gods of the Nowhere A novel of Halloween is an interesting Horror book about the Celtic rituals around Halloween and what the Gods do for it I can;t really say a lot about the book or else it will give everything away or be entirely confusing and no one will understand the review so I will try my best This novel is set in 200 Ad Ireland and talks about the veil of the living and dead being the thinnest on Halloween so that's when the Duieties or the Powerful Celtic Priests are able to do the most magic These Priests are doing magic to win a war over taxes but something really bad and horrible goes wrong and the Devil is parading around the towns looking for new victims Even thought this book really creeped me out at night and I had to read it mostly during the day it was a great horror story but not as terrifying as Coraline was which was nice because I had no nightmares for a while I have been traveling and I have visited Ireland so it intrigued me to read this novel about the Celtic rituals used during Halloween and to keep the Devil away because I have been to the place they were talking about I also liked the twist at the end because as the reader the ending is not something that you would expect out of a novel like this one but it isn't upsetting at all I also thought it was a good read and well written if you are looking for a good horror book this would be the one I would tell others to read because its not blood and gore 247 I would put a warning on it though that it is not something to be taken lightly that a person should be cautious to whom they have read it because it can be very freaky

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    Gods of the Nowhere A Novel of Halloween really is the ultimate Halloween read Every fall I enjoy reading books that are dark and creepy with some sort of Halloweenish vibe but this is the first book I've read that so perfectly captures All Hallows Eve It managed to be adventurous and imaginative without being juvenile It was fun yet had a bit of a horror like tone Basically it would be a great Tim Burton movie Most of all I love the world building James Tipper did here The Nowhere was so well described that I was able to paint a very vivid picture of it in my mind and I thoroughly enjoyed the crypt of animated skeletons village of evil witches army of bloodthirsty Leeches swamps full of monsters etc It was like a dark evil WonderlandUnderworld hybrid full of all things Halloween I also liked how Gods of the Nowhere A Novel of Halloween tied in some of the origins of Halloween or Samhain by bringing in Celtic druids The book actually begins in medieval times with a battle between two Celtic druids leading armies belonging to kings While I found the beginning battle pretty hard to pay attention to eventually those scenes tied in to the rest of the storyline and I liked that it was included To be honest I had difficulty paying attention intermittently throughout the whole book but I really think that it's just where my mind is at lately Lala Land Despite my attention deficit type issues I still say this is a fantastic Halloween novel that was a perfect October read ☆☆☆☆