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Her dream is to be with him but it’s really never enoughMaie Stewart was tired of living by her parents’ rules All through high school she’d watched her twin sisters take the party scene by storm never daring to let loose like that herself But enough was enough Maie was ready to take the plunge into fun that final summer before college Little did Maie realize that it would only take one wild night to turn her whole world upside down One glance One shot One smoldering hot Finn Harper At the end of the night Maie finds herself cuffed and stuffed into the back of a patrol car and carted off to jail for underage drinking and public intoxication Even after her parents pay her bail and warn Finn to stay away she continues her forbidden relationship with him for the rest of the summer Finn finds himself falling in love with Maie but victim to his growing alcoholic addiction he also finds himself in a compromising position with an ex girlfriend He is forced to make the choice between doing the right thing and following his heart Will a one night mistake tear Finn and Maie apart forever? Eight years later another chance with Finn leaves Maie wondering if he really was the one who got away There’s just one tiny problem–he’s married It's never enough

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