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Gleich hinter dem ersten Türchen lauert eine Riesenenttäuschung zumindest auf den ersten Blick Eigentlich hat sich Julia das ja ohnehin schon gedacht als Mama für ihren kleinen schleimigen Bruder Olli den wunderschönen Adventskalender mit Schokoladenfiguren aus der Tasche zog und ihr nur weil sie mit neun Jahren angeblich zu alt für Schokoladengeschenke ist nur ein lächerlicher Kalender aus Papier mit einem glitzernden Haus vorne drauf übrig bleibt Und dann verbirgt sich hinter dem ersten Türchen auch tatsächlich ein alberner Dachboden voller Gerümpel Aber trotzdem Irgend etwas ist besonderes an dem Geschenk der Mutter Und wirklich entdeckt Julia dass ihr Adventskalenderhaus voller Leben und voller Geschichten mit Königen Lügnern Zwergen und verlorenen Geheimnissen steckt in die sie selbst eintauchen und hineinspazieren kann Und das wird auch für Leser zu einem echten kunterbunten Vorweihnachts Vergnügen image Richtig bekannt wurde die 47 jährige Illustratorin Cornelia Funke erst als sie vom Zeichenstift an die Computer Tastatur überwechselte und phantastische Kinderbücher für Kinder und Erwachsene schrieb Drachenreiter Herr der Diebe Tintenblut und Tintenherz legen hiervon beredtes Zeugnis ab Hinter verzauberten Fenstern hat im Vergleich zu diesen Mega Sellern vielleicht die kleinere stillere Geschichte ist aber nicht weniger phantasievoll als diese Und auch hier kommt zum Tragen dass Funke als Zeichnerin angefangen hat denn sie zeichnet ihre literarischen Bilder derart lebendig und warm dass man ihr selbst die größte Fiktion dankbar glauben will Hinter verzauberten Fenstern ist ein wundervoll leises märchenhaftes Buch bei dem sich dem Leser hinter jeder Seite eine neue Welt eröffnet Wie bei einem guten Adventskalender eben und vor allem bei solchen die nicht aus Schokolade sind und auf den ersten Blick etwas enttäuschend wirken Schade ist da nur dass es statt 24 nur 16 Kapitel gibt Ab 8 Jahren Stefan Kellerer

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    Now perhaps I should not have read Cornelia Funke's Hinter verzauberten Fenstern Eine geheimnisvolle Adventsgeschichte not seemingly available in English translation this is basically a fantastical and mildly humorous story of a magical Advent Calendar that somehow comes to life that mysteriously features actual and inhabited rooms houses and the like behind its to be opened doors immediately after having perused and indeed both massively enjoyed and often emotionally cried over Maja Lunde's both sad and sweetly enchanting Christmas ghost story Snøsøsteren For after the moving and heart wrenchingly lovely family type of tale that was and is the latter immediately post that encountering Cornelia Funke's detailed descriptions of German siblings Claudia and Olli and their rather constant and often nasty bickering I do have to admit that I am left with mostly considerable personally annoyance at how self centred how pushy and petty both Claudia and her little brother Olli usually tend to be towards one another and indeed even the children's parents kind of do feel than a bit off to and for me and actually even remind me somewhat of their children and their frustrating suabbles And indeed while the story within the story of Hinter verzauberten Fenstern Eine geheimnisvolle Adventsgeschichte certainly is both entertaining and reasonably engaging to a certain extent and I do appreciate that the prince and later king of the magical Advent Calendar country that first Claudia and finally also Olli visit and both help rid of some annoying nasties that he is called Harry the Ugly but is in fact universally loved and respected because he is of a cheerful disposition and has a loving and full of humour and joy heart in the proverbially right place all of that is not really enough for me to consider than two stars maximum for Hinter verzauberten Fenstern Eine geheimnisvolle Adventsgeschichte for even at the end of the tale Olli and Claudia whilst perhaps a trifle less annoying and suabbling still in my humble opinion do act and react like sillily problematic sibling rivals and yes indeed even the children's adventures in the Advent Calendar land they have discovered do seem a bit rushed and with the universally happy ending feeling not only very much fairy tale like but also really and awfully deus ex machina in so far that arch villain Rupert is trounced not only much too easily and readily but also with and by rather unbelievable and frustratingly ludicrous means even if one considers and accepts the fantastical fairy lore elements shown and presented by Cornelia Funke in Hinter verzauberten Fenstern Eine geheimnisvolle Adventsgeschichte

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    Cornelia is very skillful writer who knows what children desire Story was well built characters were reliable action was uick and things were happening In size book is tiny and easy to read with good feel ending where you cross fingers for good ones and know that bad ones will be punshed I would prefer it the ending wouldn't be that rushed but might be just mine opinion Would like to know what happened on coronation of new king how Leo was repainting the houses and what parents really thought about the story But maybe that is story for new book

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    It was a nice children story even though I didn't really feel any Christmas vibes from it I wish I had such a advent calendar as a child it would have been awesome The thing I didn't like at all was the way Julia treated her little brother but apart from that it was a good bedtime story for DecemberI listened to it on audible and it was a very good audio book with music themes I would definitely recommend listening to it

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    Wonderful and funny story perfect for the time around Christmas I won't be giving away any details since that would ruin the reading experience Suffice to say that it was fun to read and I liked the charakters since they were very realAs a very nice bonus you even get great illustrations by the author herself in every chapter

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    We just read this book aloud to our kids over the month of December They absolutely loved it ages 4 12 and 8 As a parent it is difficult to find reading material that kids of those ages that everyone enjoys This helped to make the Advent time go a little faster and was enjoyed by the entire family I can see it becoming a December tradition

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    sweet story full of fantasty and adventure not overloaded not overly preachy just a reminder that a good story can make the time before christmas magical in a child's mind

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    I read this every single year leading up to the holidays A great book for kids Weird to read it as an adult though Still very much a sweet story but also very much not written for people in their twenties obviously I can't really judge it any because I'm way past the target age That's why I'm not rating it

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    I reread this every time in December and it takes me straight back to childhood magic so I'm biased and can'tdon't have an interest in giving a critical opinion on this I adore the illustrations and find new details every time I read it and it adds just a sprinkle of Christmas magic to my days Best enjoyed with hot chocolate in hand

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    Classic Read it every year childhood memories

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    this is the purest book to ever exist