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This is a new adult contemporary novel and contains sexual content and graphic language It is not intended for young adult readersStranded and alone with not one but two wickedly enticing menAva arrives at the airport expecting to board a commercial flight to Puerto Rico But a plane ticket isn’t waiting for her Instead she finds a guy with dark curly hair wearing seriously ratty jeans and holding a sign with her name on itHe may not look like a pilot but he is And he’s her rideSo now it’s just Nash and her on a tiny tin can of a plane flying over the Atlantic When a thunderstorm comes out of nowhere it proves to be too much for the little aircraftAva and Nash plunge from the sky and end up on an uncharted deserted islandStrandedAs if that isn’t bad enough Ava starts to desire than just rescue—hunger for than food Nash is only too happy to oblige but it seems they might not be as alone as they thoughtAnd Nash might have some competition in claiming Ava’s body and her heart

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    This was another okay NA contemporary romance but once again it was a bit clichéAva and Nash were both alright characters They seemed to cope with being stranded on a desert island fairly well and seemed to look out for each other when they needed toI felt like this story was uite cliché – stranded on a desert island with a gorgeous hunk she’s inexperienced so he teaches her all about sex then there’s a miraculous rescue I didn’t feel like there was really anything new or exciting in here reallyThe romance wasn’t too bad and the sex scenes weren’t too bad I didn’t feel involved in the relationship at all though and the weird dreams of having a threesome that Ava had were a little oddThe ending to this was alright but again it felt a little cliché So far the books of this series have all been very similar6 out of 10

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    Yowza What do you get when you strand two people on a supposedly deserted island? Two people with a ton of chemistry between them and they are forced to rely upon each other trust each other? Well you get a whole lot of temptation is what you get Tempt is the third book in Cambria Hebert's Take it Off series As per usual with Cambria's books I loved it I loved the writing the plot that had me second guessing myself constantly the characters even Ava's dreamsGoing into this book I wasn't actually sure I wanted to read it even though it's a CH book Why? Because I don't like love triangles at all There are some situations where I will read them but typically I'm just not for them This book is a complete exception for me So I'm going to clear things up and state that Tempt does have an HEA and it's written mainly from Ava's point of viewAva is an interesting character to me I enjoyed her personality and her will to just not give up She's definitely a fighter Right off the bat the book starts out with you reading her dreams It basically sets the book up and the plot line for what you think is going to happen or go down Her first impression of Nash made me chuckle a fair bit because she was just like Wait you're joking right? You're my pilot? You call that a plane? She's definitely amusingNash is of course the pilot who doesn't look like a pilot The guy that sprinkles his English with a faint Spanish accent and peppers it with Spanish Enough to make you fan your face He's sure of himself but not in a cocky way Protective charming and somehow manages to keep a cool head and not kill them both As a hero I liked the guy and like Ava he kept me on my toesThese two have chemistry from the get go but its not overt It's of a Oh he's good looking You know as in you notice it but you're not falling over about it There is no insta love here or insta lust I'd call it of a slow build and after their plane crashes and they are thrown together they aren't exactly thinking of romancing each other It's how do we survive What they go through on the island brings them closer though and they find themselves falling for each other over shared protein barsAll is not as it seems though because they have to go through a whole many obstacles on the island before they are rescuedFinal thoughts on Tempt? I'd say read it it's a relatively short fast read but still with a good enough plot to keep you entertained For me it's a five star I loved the twists in it

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    Fast paced and very short this felt too rushedbut still it was a nice change of pace from the heavy on the angst NA Romance book I just finished This is part of Cambria Hebert's Take It Off series and though this is the weakest of them I still recommend reading Text and Tempt which are my faves And it's worth mentioning that it's impossible not to compare this book to On the Island by Tracy Garvis Graves which is insanely brilliant in my most humble opinion

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    35 Tempting StarsSo another great book but with a twist Right from the start you fall in love with Nash and then when he tries to save her while whispering to her in Spanish your heart melts a bit Loved the idea of this book but there were a few things that weren't for me Part of it was my logical brain not computing with the situation Like what about toothpaste? There was a lot of kissing with no toothpaste and where are these infamous birth control pills?? Sometimes when things aren't logical my brain rejects the notion With Ava I wanted her to be so enthralled with Nash and I didn't love the Duke story so much I get why it was there and for others they will love it but it just wasn't for me In the end loved Nash love the idea of the story love this series this one just wasn't my fave out of the three so far and I can't friggin wait for November when text comes out suee For reviews visit Live Read and BreatheLike us on Facebook Live Read and Breathe FacebookFollow along with Twitter Live Read and Breathe Twitter

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    This one has been the worst in the series so far I didn't love either of the main characters in this Ava was alright but I thought Nash was a jerk at pointsThere was an interesting part at 70% but it ended at 80% Everything before and after was pretty boring I'm hoping the next book in the series is going to be a bit better but as they seem to be going downhill with each one I doubt it will be

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    Oh dear lord Can Cambria Hebert's books get any hotter? I have completely fallen in love with this series It is one of my absolute favourites It continually blows me away and Tempt is no exception I had been desperate to read this book since I first read the synopsis I mean who wouldn't want to be stuck on a desert island with a smoking hot guy? So it's fair to say the synopsis sucked me right in And then I saw the cover Can I say hot? The plot of this book was also amazing and completely lived up to my expectations of it from the synopsis I completely adored the plot I was sucked right into it from the first page I also loved the twists that were added as they made the story so much interesting The plot was fast paced and had uite a lot of action in it It's like huge adrenaline rush while you read it I also didn't want to put this book down and I nearly read it in one sitting I was eventually able to pry it out of my hands to go to sleep lol The characters were also amazing Ava was the main character and I loved her As I was reading this book though I kind of wanted her to start to maybe try and take care of herself as her love interest seemed to take care of everything but then Ava told her love interest to let her start to take care of herself which I loved Ava was a character that I connected really well with She was just a normal person placed in a really tough situation I loved Ava's progress in this book as she grew so much She was able to learn about herself as well Nash was the love interest of Ava and he was smoking hot He can rescue me any day of the week I loved how protective Nash was of Ava and also how much he was willing to risk his life in order to keep her safe Nash was a character that just oozed sex appeal He definitely makes it onto my book boyfriends list There were a couple of other characters in this book as well and I can't really mention them or talk about them as if I do then I will rattle on and will probably reveal a teaser which will end up ruining the story for you lol But these characters do add a lot to the story There was also even a sort of love triangle in this book This may or may not reveal a spoiler but the synopsis does mention it This love triangle was admittedly pretty damn hot but I was happy that it didn't last for the full length of the book I'm seriously looking forward to reading the next book in this series I know that it's going to be about different characters and have a completely different plot but judging from the synopsis it's going to be epic The cover for this book is seriously hot It suits the book the characters everything I love it I won an ebook of Tempt from a giveaway from the author so I'd like to say a big thank you to Cambria for my ebook

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    Review by Gladys #XOXOtheNerdGirl #NerdGirlOfficialWe do often judge a book by its cover don't we In this case I love the actual cover of the book although I picture Nash with sexier hair Oh and I picture a cute Filipino version of Ava underneath him Ha I sure do love to insert myself in there don't I Anyway back to the saying Don't judge a book by it's cover Ava did didn't she? When she saw Nash she was very sketical about allowing him to pilot her to her grandmother's final restring place She didn't think that Nash had anything special about him to pilot that hunk of junk he called a plane nor did she think he could save her from the what happened on the island or the hurt she went through in the pastThey did share a few things in common their love for her grandmother his was of a respect for the women his own grandmother loved their zest for life and their mutual desire to survive The last two things grew exponentially when they realized there were dangerous things on the island to worry about I was totally lost in this book It was suspenseful captivating and took such an interesting turn in the middle of the book that I couldn't tear myself away from reading it I am a fan of Cambria because of her paranormal young adult series but have totally fallen in love with her new adult series as well Her transition into this genre is seamless and very well done Again I tip my Nerd Girl hat to you Mrs Herbert #AwesomeSauce Indeed

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    Finally A Cambria Hebert book I hatedNot that I was specifically waiting to hate one of her books mind you I'd rather like the books rather than them be a waste of money but ever since I've become addicted to whatever Hebert writes I have this niggling suspicion in the back of my head that I should probably hate them They're awfully cheesy and hopelessly predictable And I'm sighing and shaking my head in disappointment and then WHAM the author throws in a curveball I did not see coming and I'm suddenly lapping up everything she puts forthThat did not happen in this book It was hopelessly bad and tiringly mundane since the every beginning It had instalove and an awfully stupid love triangle the banes of my reading existence and a fully unsatisfying and idiotic endingI did not understand HOW and WHY did anyone fall in love with anyone and why pirates were given so much less space? And how did anything make senseA really huge disappointment But I've finally made it clear to myself that my objectivity when it comes to reading Hebert's book has not been an issue at all1 Star

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    Oh Nash you sexy beast you my jeans hold in everything that's important He talks about his 'member' like it's a real person and well I found that funny he's not going to get any smaller with you sitting on my lap like that he murmured I mean ladies the man is a looker winks his skin was bronzed and darkly tanned smooth and hairlessexcept for a little trail of dark curly hair that started just below his navel and traveled into the tan cargo shorts that hung loosely on his hips I love men with happy trails follow it to the buried treasure He's a possessive man no He can't You're already taken His mama raised him right a strong man always makes sure his woman is provided for That she has everything she needs Hot damn I hope the boy has a brother that's free and single Although I enjoyed this bookie I have to say out of the series Tease is still my favorite I can't wait for the next one in the series Cambria's writing gets better and better with each book she puts out

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    This was as good as the previous books I did not like the characters I thought everything about the story was way too easy of a plot Also being stranded on an island is pretty cliche plot and the author did not bring anything differentI did not like Duke the stranger islander He was way too creepy especially with his lust after Ava x