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Sue Edmonds swore off men after her feckless husband left her struggling to care for their four year old daughter Trudi and maintain their ramshackle Victorian home But her mysterious neighbor might tempt her to change her mindBryn Thomas once found peace and happiness in music but that was before his heart was broken Now it stirs up painful memories and provides little comfort That is until he finds himself sharing Christmas carols with his young neighbor and her beautiful motherAs Sue sees Bryn playing Santa she is touched to discover his gentler side Can she hope for a Christmas miracle and the fulfillment of Trudi's Christmas wish for a dad?

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    Sue’s next door neighbor is a tall black haired man who she’d only seen in glimpses and never had the chance to talk to in passing as she did with her other neighbors When her daughter Trudi becomes curious over a snow angel in his yard Sue finally meets him and realizes there’s than meets the eye He’s handsome and sweet and his name is Bryn Thomas And of course Sue’s thoughts turn toward attraction and the need of finding someone to love her and her daughter Bryn is determined to keep others out of his home and life but after meeting Sue and Trudi he finds himself wanting them in is home and life He's mysterious and one by one we learn about his pastThis is a cute short story with a touch of sadness that turns to joy If you like Christmas stories and light romances this one will make you warm for the holidays

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    Excellent My new favourite bookWhen you review books for free you get a large variety of books Some of them good some of them not so good and some which you eventually have to give up on I often wonder why I review books for free and it’s books like that give me reason to continue to do soStephanie Cage is now one of my favourite authors If you haven’t read this ladies writing then do so I couldn’t find a single fault with this book which is why I’ve given it five stars I’d give it 65 if I couldSo what’s so amazing about this book? Firstly the writing style Stephanie’s writing flows in such a way that you are no longer reading a book but you are in fact living the story The writing is well proof read so there are no distracting errors and the dialogue and thoughts of the characters are naturalSecondly the characters In this novel Sue the main character and her four year old daughter Trudi are real people with thoughts and feelings They aren’t just words on a page They are characters which you can relate to and route for Bryn too is a great character and throughout the novel you want to know what’s led him to be such a secretive person Though most of all you want Sue and Bryn to give up fighting against love and enjoy what they could have togetherFinally the plot All I’m going to say is that it’s original sweet and engrossing I couldn’t put this book down If you want to find out then you’re going to have to buy the book You won’t be disappointed

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    A lovely light read The principal characters of Bryn Sue and daughter Trudi are all believable and likeable Once I started reading Santa I didn't want to stop The characters and plot were both engaging witness the fact that I didn't want to put the book down once I started reading Both Bryn and Sue were hurting due to previous relationships and it was satisfying to see them get together Good too to see a male character portrayed as actively wanting to be a dad I would have liked a bit about Sue's career and perhaps of a sense of the setting Cardiff But those are minor uibbles about what is a charming and engaging book An ideal book for those wanting to get into the Christmas spirit

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    A great read This author has a clean style and good well drawn characters I found the characters human and real and very believable If you're looking for a story of how two people overcome bruised hearts and find new love and a new family set around Christmas and even if you're not then this is a must read If this story was a Christmas dish it would be warm mince pies with a dobble of clotted cream warm sweet comforting with a touch of subtle sexual tension spice and a poignant satisfyingly believable happy ever after the touch of brandyA great way to spend those vouchers

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    Cute story I probably would have given this story 4 stars had the characters been developed a little better

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    sweet story

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    This was a very nice novella about two people that have demons from their past that they need to face before they can truly move forward in their lives they just don't know it They happen to be neighbors brought together by the innocence of the heroines young daughter Bryn is a composer and conductor that believes he likes his solitude until one snowy day when his neighbor's daughter Trudi spies him through his gate making a snow angel with a broom Despite his usual reticence he invites Trudi and her mother Sue into his house Thus begins a friendship that draws both Bryn and Sue out of their shells

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    In the run up to Christmas I tend to read a lot of Christmas novellas The Santa Next Door has been sitting on my TBR pile for a while and I finally got to it Sue is bringing up her daughter Trudi on her own Bryn is the reclusive conductor who lives next door A chance meeting with Sue and Trudi helps Bryn find the inspiration he's been searching for to complete his latest composition All three main characters are well rounded and believable It's a lovely warming Christmas tale All the warm and fuzzy feelz you could want at this time of year