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Detective Nickie Savage is pursuing a paroled arsonist who's at it again Worse she's plagued by the most recent victim's nephew Duncan Reed the person she distrusts the most Duncan won't stop until the deadly arsonist targeting his Aunt is back behind bars But the smart and sassy Nickie Savage is in his way and getting far too close to a 30 year old secret he's fought to protect When the arsonist strikes again with perfectly timed twin explosions Duncan and Nickie must re think everything they once believed about the arsonist and each other THE BLACK CREEK SERIES in order Black Creek Burning Flying in Shadows Dark Vengeance ABOUT RT Wolfe Its not uncommon to find dark chocolate suares in RT's candy dish her Golden Retriever at her feet and a few caterpillars spinning their cocoons in the terrariums on her counters You can contact RT through her website wwwrtwolfecom

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    Duncan Reed gets called back home after finding out the only woman he trusts has been hurt Things go from bad to worse uickly after an old enemy creates havoc on his family Detective Nickie Reed is on the case and causing a stir where Duncan is concerned the normally reclusive artist is finding it hard to hold onto a secret he doesn't want revealedA fabulous finish for a fantastic series I liked Nickie a lot and look forward to the new series she will be in she is a tough cookie I have been anxiously waiting Duncan's story and was not disappointed you also got to catch up with familiar favorites as well If you have not picked up series I highly suggest you do

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    This action packed thrilling tale is a scintillatingly suspenseful story that leaves you breathless Dark Vengeance is the third instalment within the Black Creek series continuing with the feisty heroine Nickie Savage as she examines a darkly sinister mystery and deadly killer This police cop detective’s gutsy no nonsense attitude is brilliant and so I instantly warmed to this character as I delved into this delicious tale In this book Nickie is pursuing an arsonist who was unable to let past habits die while also being plagued by the latest victim’s nephew Duncan Reed who displays a most distrustful countenance Smart and sassy Nickie Savage is soon thrust into a dangerous game wherein caution is thrown to the wind metaphorically speaking as she evaluates not only the arsonist but also her relationship with Duncan The Black Creek series consisting of; black creek burning book 1 and flying in shadows is something that will appeal greatly to readers of crime thriller and detective novels with a twist Refreshingly original and incredibly fast paced this dramatic exciting story is one that keeps your attention firmly on the page R T Wolfe is a writer whose enthusiasm for this genre clearly shines through and the intensity radiates off the pages as sizzling and hot as an electric spark The fantastic main protagonist makes this story so engaging to read as her flamboyant personality adds that extra layer of fervour to the unfolding events Betrayal lies and deception all cleverly intertwine within a deftly woven multilayered web of sinister secrets in this slowly unravelling mystery This riveting read I would highly recommend to those who enjoy impacting stirring stories that linger on long after you have finished reading I am delighted to have won a copy of ‘Dark Vengeance’ Black Creek series book 3 by R T Wolfe through a Goodreads first read giveaway To find out go to – wwwrtwolfecom 35 Stars

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    Oh yes Finally my fav boy man Duncan Reed story This one definitely make up the lack of action in Flying in Shadows It does tells us a lot of missing infos The closure And the betraying There's some sad scenes And there's fire and bombings this time round Not to forget Brie tormentor Molly is realeased early from prison And the missing arsonist accomplice is found The perps who's involve are not who ive expected It totally threw me off The ending ends with a slight cliffhanger cos there's some uestions left unanswered And there's a bigger ring behind which I'm sure about it So I'm sure that the author had shift us to Nickie Savage series to find out the missing uzzles answers Not that I mind though Cos it's pretty interesting to read the no nonsense Detective Nickie and nonsense Duncan story Good book I really enjoy the journey that this book brought me to

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    I LOVED BLACK CREEK BURNING and so I prepared myself for a little disappointment with FLYING IN SHADOWS the second book in the series I mean no seuel ever really rivals the first And yet I loved it too Now here's DARK VENGEANCE book three There's no way an author can hit it out of the park on her first three tries right? WRONG Compelling is the word for it Absolutely compelling And Duncan and Nickie steam the pages up so much I felt like I needed to read with a fire extinguisher at my sideI tried to figure out how RT Wolfe did it and decided that her greatest gift wasn't plotting or characterization although she nails those too it's her writing style Clear and direct it pulls you in while still managing to be descriptive She does it all right As a writer I've enjoyed reading everything that RT's written while at the same time seething with jealousy As a reader do yourself a favor and buy this book You'll never want to leave Black Creek

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    What a stunning closing book in the Black Creek trilogy Author RT Wolfe skillfully takes us into the lives and romance of Detective Nikki Savage and elusive artist Duncan Reed While Book 2 was largely covering new ground plot wise Book 3 was content to go back and solve past mysteries introduced in Book 1 And the reader joyfully goes along for the ride because of the masterful way the story is told and all the loose ends are slowly patiently skillfully tied up I love how they all three tie together while I mourn that it’s over These people feel like my friends my family Awesome work by the author in creating a satisfying romance a nerve gripping suspense and an intelligent crime solving in the course of 300 addicting pages

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    Well what can be said a magnificent end to an enthralling series The way the stories were written had you intrigued from the first paragraph In this book I was expecting not to like Nickie but I found myself liking her for her bad ualities as well as the ualities you were willing her to release throughout the book Both of the main Characters were strong and showed weaknesses that you hoped they'd overcome The story was beautifully written it kept your focus throughout by not dragging out parts just fill pages The twists within the story kept you guess what's nextIn conclusion I found the story a pleasure to read and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a book to get lost in

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    This was a good series I'm still deciding whether I like the ending of this one but overall this book and the series was a good one I stayed up late read over my lunch hour and avoided a lot of housework to read them I would recommend them I hope there are to come in this series

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    Loved it but am still wondering about what happens to some of the characters

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    What a great conclusion to the series This was the most exciting of them allWell written while it ties all the loose ends together in a very exciting way Great series great book

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    Nail Biter R T Wolfe really turns up the heat – both romantic and suspense – in Dark Vengeance You’ll be chewing your nails with this page turner