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In the England of 1883 the MacFarlane family has earned a reputation for being titans of the rail coal and textile industries Elder brother Henry toes the line in all respects but younger brother Horace has allowed a shadow to fall on their spotless record with his dalliances with the ladiesHowever young Horace's escapades are shoved into the background when a much larger scandal lands on the MacFarlanes' doorstep or in this case their bathtubWhen a young woman is found with not a stitch of clothing nor a shred of memory in their house the MacFarlanes must keep it secret while scouring their history and hers for any clues to why she was placed thereWith nothing to tell the police the young woman is consigned to a private recovery until the mystery of her identity can be unraveled Unfortunately the police investigating her case run into multiple threads of blackmail a secret agent of Her Majesty's Government and an anarchist plot all while trying to pierce the mystery Can she trust the policeman on her case Detective Barton? Or his superior officer Sergeant Ragby? What about the MacFarlanes themselves who seem to have something to hideSurrounded by people who may or may not be allies she must find someone she can trust Ultimately she will have to choose whether to reinvent herself and move on or dive back into her past to find out who she is With so many parties interested in her memory the uestion becomesWhat does she know?

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    Mystery in the England of Jane AustenJane Austen’s England captured in this delightful mystery A young lady is found naked in the bath of Henry McFarlane at Atwell “near the East Coast of England” Yorkshire How has she come to be there what is her history? But she cannot help as she has no memory yet Alice as a name feels somewhat familiar Horace dashing brother to Henry is tasked with researching the background is it sinister what could her story possibly be? One intervention might be the new treatment of hypnotherapy but it causes great distress in the victim thereafter Alice has glimmerings of actually being AgnesShe begins her own explorations heading to Leeds to earn herself an income She takes up a post working for Lady Helen at Clatteringshaws But there are policemen in the wings uietly observing the comings and goings where will this all end?An engaging story set in the later years of the 19th century The flavour of the language is Victorian but for full authenticity the inevitable ‘sidewalks’ and “gottens” would need to be weeded out This book would be fabulous to read in tandem with Thornfield Hall by Jane Stubbs which is also set in Yorkshire

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    Set in England in 1883 Memory’s Hostage tells the story of a woman who awakens in a rich man’s house with neither clothing nor memory The mystery deepens as family histories collide Police hide the woman but lacking knowledge of who she was she determines to become a new person with skills and purpose Sometimes those skills might reveal her past Sometimes they lead to her future And sometimes she’s being led by strangers waiting with evil intentThe twists and turns of this story take readers from Yorkshire to Scotland and beyond with business and government interests hints of scandal and even anarchist plots It’s all simply told with an omniscient narrator and convincing period detail all following a classical path of increasing tension The devious use of hypnotism a new science sometimes called mesmerism and the determined investigation of a hapless policeman all lead eventually to a satisfying resolution with various characters left to their own new devices at story’s endThe novel’s long but a fairly uick read While covering some dark themes it’s innocently told never devolving too deeply into emotions or social concerns Hints of human trafficking remind the reader the world still hasn’t changed—the users of people still abuse and a strong enough woman can become freeDisclosure I met the author and bought a copy

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    I enjoyed this uite a bit I don't actually like mysteries but a friend wrote this so of course I had to read it immediately disclaimer I know the author but this is a legit review; if I had not liked it I would not have reviewed it It kept me up later than I intended to finish it so I could find out what happened at the end The characters are interesting and the plot moves uickly with some good twists there were a couple of real surprises and a few things that seemed like they were being set up one way went in another direction in a good way It's well written and well researched I look forward to reading books by this author