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From the towers of Manhattan to the jungles of South America from the sands of the Sahara to the frozen crags of Antarctica one man finds adventure everywhere he goes GABRIEL HUNT Backed by the resources of the 100 million Hunt Foundation and armed with his trusty Colt revolver Gabriel Hunt has always been ready for anything but is he prepared for the adventures that lie in wait for him?When a secret chamber is discovered inside the Great Sphinx of Egypt the mystery of its contents will lead Gabriel to a remote Greek island to a stone fortress in Sri Lanka and to a deadly confrontation that could decide the fate of the world 

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    Adventurer Gabriel Hunt travels from the jungle of Borneo to the coast of Turkey to the desert of Botswana assisting a childhood acuaintance with tracking down and recovering the well secured three large gems known as the Eyes of Teshub The gems are parts of a key which could unlock an ancient Hittite energy source known as the Spearhead and Gabriel and his companions race to find it before either a notorious father son duo or an ancient Hittite cult can turn it into a weapon of mass destructionMy fourth in the six book series and again it was some fun light reading in the vein of Indiana Jones This one notably uses a lot of very familiar tropes in almost textbook ways making this a still enjoyable globetrotting adventure but failing to match the appealing insanity of Beyond the Frozen Fire

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    A year ago I wouldn't have imagined myself enjoying action adventure books But I have found myself thoroughly enraptured by this book Put simply it's like a modern day Indiana Jones The books aren't too long so they don't feel drug out It keeps your attention from the start Can't wait to read the next

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    Fun adventure not uite as good as the first two Plenty of action and adventure but somehow lacking a sense of danger? Not sure why but this one didn’t fire my imagination uite as well as the others Looking forward to reading the next one ; Hunt Beyond the Frozen Fire

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    Really read like 95 percent of the book today

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    He's a heroic modern Indiana Jones who is fluent in well every language a crack shot with a Colt holds himself well in a fistfight gets all the ladies and kills all the bad guys He's terribly dull because he's so perfect but you don't read a Gabriel Hunt story for the high literature you read it for the breakneck adventure and the set pieces Hunt at World's End delivers on the latter and absolutely doesn't on the former but though I enjoyed it I have to admit that it wasn'tgreat Still this series was one of the driving factors for me writing my own 'I can do this better' pulp novel and at the end of the day this is a pulp novel I'll likely read the next one along particularly as its been on my bookshelf since my second year of university and I love me a good old fashioned dime store adventure story but I will probably spend that wishing that the main character was a bit less of a Mary Sue

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    An early electronic editionGabriel Hunt and Joyce Wingard are on the trail of the Eyes Of Teshub three large gemstones separated and hidden thousands of years ago Find them find Teshub's arrowhead install them and you have either a source of immense power or a weapon depending on one's aimsTwo groups oppose them and each other On one side is Edgar Grissom his son Julian and their mercenary army On the other is an ancient death cult that worships Tesub The high priest has a seemingly unending supply of acolytes to throw against the other two sidesHunt and Wingate piece the clues together traveling from Borneo to Turkey to the middle of the Saharan desert looking for the Eyes the two armies dogging their trail all the while

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    Hunt at World's End the third book in this pulp series is a little bit disappointing after the first two The story is haphazard the action scenes are less exciting the characters are a little less colourful and it's a lot less witty That's not to say it's bad; it's a perfectly servicable pulp adventure yarn It just doesn't live up to the first two books in the series

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    Fun romp that reminded me of the old pulp fiction adventure stories of Doc Savage et al along with a lot of influences from Raiders of the Lost Arc Gabriel Hunt is an archeologistadventurer of the larger than life mold battling would be villains bent on destroying the world with a single action Colt revolver

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    Wow What a great pulp fiction novel Gotta get my hands on the rest in this series My brother gave this to me for my birthday a few years back

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    Overall I'm enjoying these pulpy adventure novels I only wish that Gabriel Hunt would be less Indiana Jones and Doc Savage