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Terry McGinnis the Batman of the future and an elderly Bruce Wayne the original Batman are the sworn protectors of Neo Gotham But a new hero has entered into town one that has caught the attention of Commissioner Barbara Gordon Batgirl Who is this new vigilante and what role will she play in the future of Neo Gotham? Plus Terry McGinnis faces a familiar foe and teams with the Metal Men to take them downCollects Batman Beyond digital chapters #19 28

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    It's was good except the rehash issues World The art is good especially the Annie Wu issues The world building is actually good this arc we get a call from the past which is always good I also liked that the city got bigger this time around and I like that It's good introduce Nissa Story The continuation of the Max story was okay should have been better but I enjoyed it The stakes were higher and the world was effected The best issue of course is the Dana issue which was a long time coming The Batgirl arc was great and I really like Nissa I want Then there are the two recycled issues which annoys Characters Terry and Dana and Bruce get huge chunks of development and I like it this Bruce is different and it's great Max is always great and then there's Nissa which I'm in love with immediately The villain this time was stupid just utterly stupid Oh and the retro golden age group we get is soooo goodRetro and new was good Not the rehash issues Onward to the next book

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    Very good story I enjoy reading Batman comics Like the DC Animated Universe as well Would have to say Batman is my favorite DC superhero and the Bat Family as well

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    A fun read that continued the main story introduced the future Batgirl and included two extra stories at the end reminiscent of the animated series Recommended

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    In some ways this is in line with my own tastes than the last volumes mostly made up of one issue arcs Overall better than the last but weirdly problematic at points in ways incongruous to the overall thematic defining elements of the series Example rebel from undercloud SHOULD be a fascinating chAracter not just a crazy class warrior And yet she is reduced to just a stereotype even though the ideology and theory behind her class warfare is wholly rational neo Gotham is horribly stratified by class It's cool that Max becomes oracle beyond im a way but who to heck is nissa? Why is her story the title of the trade when she is a character in exactly one story? Whil the diversity and some Themes are still powerful and this collection succeeds in further establishing the nostalgiAPeter Parker as batman aesthetic this is overall somewhat incoherent Stronger than 10000 clowns and has two great issues terry vs Bruce and the plastiue issue with the title chapter also standing out in spite of it feeling random BarbAra Gordon is good but why is every former bat family member sooo mad? And why is the new catwoman banging a VERY old dick Grayson? Blech I still love this series but this was just not the strongest Ya feel?

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    Okay There wasn't much of an arc or theme tying the stories together I enjoyed the glimpse into the poorer neighborhoods of Gotham and the focus on Max but I felt it was missing something Now I haven't read the previous arc 10000 clowns but I'm not sure that I'd much of it because of Dana I can't bring myself to care about that character and the revelations about her character in this book made me roll my eyes I'm not sure what it is that rubs me the wrong way In the cartoon she was barely a character mostly serving as a part of Terry's normal teenage life in an attempt to make him relatable Her empathy was the only thing that made an impression on me but I didn't really understand why she and Terry were even together Now they go and try to give her some tragic family drama and some detective skills out of no where which nulls her as Terry's normal life She's not an escape for him any There really was no need to make her family drama fall so deeply into Batman territory aside from saving a few pages to attempt to develop her character and have Batman in the same panels It was a little too daytime soap to swallow

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    Couldn't even finish it The story was all nonsense bogged down by endless redundant captions This is the worst kind of spoon fed pandering in comics and it made for an absolutely unreadable environment The Metal Men show up for a cameo that falls flat on its face Max's long gestating arc comes to an embarrassing close and all of Terry's internal conflict born out of the story prior vanishes in a puff of smoke as things return to a villain of the week slog full of unnecessary beats and overwritten dialogue The one bright spot here is Annie Wu's awesome art in the Batgirl Beyond issue It's only one issue though despite the book being titled after it so don't trick yourself into expecting any from the talented Ms Wu hereThis was such a disappointment after the 10000 Clowns story which looked like it might have been a turning point for the series Bummer

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    There are 5 different and completely unrelated story arcs in this book and all of them are boring some are even painful to push through because I wanted to put it down EXCEPT the Batgirl Beyond arc and maybe Legends of the Dark Knight DanaIn Legends of the Dark Knight Dana the art style is cool and the story seems to conclude a previous arc the should have just bound it in the same trade as wherever the rest of the story is The best part is Bruce admitting that maybe it isn't so wise to keep so many secrets and including Dana into their familyBatgirl Beyond is the real star arc of the book If the rest were written and drawn like this the book would have gotten 4 or potentially 45 stars Barbara Gordon now commissioner has bionic legs and can walk again and she comes face to face with a new Batgirl I really enjoy their interactions and how Babs tests the new Batgirl to see what kind of person she is The themes of class struggle and the elite being protected by the police than the lower class are relevant now too Give me this and the developing relationship between the old and new Batgirls as a series pleaseOther than those arcs the rest were forgettable and I skimmed through them to get to the end Some were very cartoony and felt like Saturday morning kids cartoons and that's not what I want from a Batman Beyond title Overall disappointing but if you want to borrow it from a library or something just for the Batgirl Beyond arc it's worth it

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    Batman Beyond was an excellent animated television series produced by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini with voice direction by Andrea Romano Bruce Wayne has amazingly lived to a ripe old age so much so that he has to give up the cape and cowl due to his physical limitations But Terry McGinnis ends up as the New Batman in a tech savvy suit saving Neo Gotham from a new breed of super villains Although Terry's father was murdered by Amanda Waller it later turns out Terry's mother and younger brother survive Terry is also dating Dana Tan and his best friend Maxine is a computer expert who knows Terry is Batman And Bruce has a dog AceThis is the second Batman Beyond graphic novel I've read the other being Batman Beyond Hush Beyond and I really enjoyed this book I thought that in Batman Beyond Batgirl Beyond the characterization was excellent We see the familiar characters from the TV series even the Bat dog Ace makes an appearance and they are all in character The world of Neo Gotham also seems very familiar and true to the animated series Even little details that were confusing such as Barbara Gordon not only being the police commissioner but being able to walk are explained Dick Grayson a character completely ignored in the series and the follow up movie makes an appearance that begins to explain what happened to himThe story starts with the aftermath of a disaster the street gang the Jokerz are blowing themselves up all over Neo Gotham causing chaos destruction and death But rather than focusing on this disaster the story starts in a hospital waiting room Present are Dana Tan her mother Terry and his mother Dana's father is in intensive care Dana's brother is also in emergency and dying and the one behind the Jokerz bombings Bruce Wayne is also in the hospital dying of liver failure A doctor tells those gathered that Dana's brother has died Dana asks Terry to come with her to see Bruce Wayne as they make there way there Terry makes up a story about being saved by Batman but being knocked out he's beaten up and has a concussionWhen they see Bruce however Dana tells them both she's realized that Terry is the new Batman and that Bruce was once Batman Bruce welcomes her to the family and stresses the need for secrecy Terry tells Dana he loves her A doctor comes in and tells Bruce they've found a compatible liver for him Bruce realizes it was Dana's brother's liver but allows the transplant to take placeMeanwhile Max has gone on a mission on her own to investigate the Undercloud a secretive hacker group lead by Rebel She's forced to work with some old superhero tech to create a giant robot to destroy the upper levels of Neo Gotham that are home to the rich and powerful Max struggles to find a way to send a message to Terry secretlyMax finally sends an SOS and Terry arrives but not before the robot is released on Neo Gotham Yet Rebel's control box doesn't work Terry tries to lead the robot away and minimize damage Max knocks out Rebel and tries to decode the box Terry shocks the robot as a defense mechanism and the different metals start to pull apart Max realizes that the six metals need to be separated and urges Terry to do it again He does and what emerges is the Metal MenTerry and the Metal Men work to prevent further damage in Gotham and to safely bring down Reed Tower in a controlled fashion as well as evacuating the restoration crews inside Max angerly condemns Rebel's selfish point of mass destruction telling her she could have made her hacker army a force for goodWith the success of Terry and the Metal Men and Max getting rescued and Rebel turned over to the police everyone meets up at Wayne Manor Bruce mentions the hundreds of space junk satellites in Earth orbit and suggests that the Metal Men take up residence in one as Watchmen for Earth to respond to any disaster natural or man made immediately and world wide He adds Max and Dana to his bat family Max already knew about Terry and Max comes up with the idea to secretly focus the Undercloud into a force for change and for good moving it away from the destructive model that Rebel had set up Finally Bruce tells Terry he has to decide if he wants to continue to be Batman Terry has doubts but that he will support him no matter whatCommissioner Barbara Gordon meanwhile walks through Crown Point a less than good neighborhood in Neo Gotham that's in the middle of a gang war She's able to take care of herself but when the odds are overwhelming she's rescued by a new Batgirl This Batgirl tells her the violence isn't just a co incidence there's literally something in the water Gordon goes to the ME's office and is told one of the dead from Crown Point is soaked in chemicals and has very low serotonin levels Gordon remembers Bane She also takes her officers and a search warrant and goes after a businessman for his super steroid The businessman attacks in a rage Gordon's cops arrest him Barbara looks up Batgirl and offers her a type of partnership but insists Batgirl not go to far At first Batgirl thinks she can ignore this but she learns she can'tIn a story drawn to look very much like the animation style of the Batman Beyond and featuring Ace Terry's mom and Terry's brother Bruce and Terry go up against Spellbinder who puts Bruce in a hallucination using television signalsFinally Terry goes up again Inue a uniue character also from the seriesI loved this book again it's very in keeping with the television series and everyone is in character The only negative comment I have is that for a book entitled Batgirl Beyond there really wasn't much of Batgirl And we didn't see the new Batgirl meet Terry or Bruce or anyone in the cast I liked seeing Commissioner Barbara Gordon being given her own story and watching Batgirl meet a new Batgirl was fun but considering the volume title it needed oomph Maybe other volumes will include of this new BatgirlHighly recommended

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    Max's storyline sort of began during the previous arc which led to a bit of a confusion in the beginning as the previous arc was closing It was good to see Dana Tan growing up from being an unlikeable character to something respectable Max had her time to shine as well in her own character focused arc where she helps Terry to defeat a MetamophoAmazo like entity with a twist of course Dick Grayson's storyline was a little bit concerning The villain of focus this issue is none other than a crazed dyed red haired SJW hellbent on destroying Neo Gotham to bring down the System The 3 issue arc focused on Barbara Gordon was uite a fun read too This volume really redeemed the franchise once again

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    Honestly not worth the effort to finish The art ranges from flat out ugly to kind of decent The rethoric is jammed down your throat with the assumption that you're still likely too stupid to catch it At one point a visual 'metaphor' really like a thematic depiction is pointed out at the reader Max a character with vast potential falls flat Dana as well to a lesser extent The cameo by the Metal Men is super hyped with no payoff The dialog is amateurish and non engrossing with zero distinctiveness from person to person It's like a satire of classic comic dialog There is a complete lack of cohesion and flow between both the plot and the themes of both stories