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The murder of Millroad Catholic Academy's resident genius Aaron Nguyen shuts down student life at the boarding school in rural North Carolinafor about a week With the resilience of youth the student body bounces back and the memory of murder is nothing but a streamer of caution tape fluttering in the breeze Unfortunately for them Aaron's spirit has some resilience as well The school priest’s exorcism fails and before long Aaron is breathing chills down the students' necks and hurling bunsen burners at nunsGeorgia Collins doesn't give a shit about ghosts All she wants is a story to prove her underground school news blog is than a gossip column closure on her one sided relationship with her best friend Hiroki and a vanilla latte She wasn't expecting Aaron Nguyen's death to be anything than a cold spot in the science hall but since Hiroki has the curse of Spectral Sight he is the only person who can see and speak to AaronAs the ghost’s demands for attention become increasingly violent Hiroki decides that Aaron isn’t likely to budge until his killers are caught so he recruits Georgia to help him investigate the crime Still hoping for spontaneous romantic combustion she agrees to help bring Aaron's murderers to justice and set the vengeful spirit freebut it's not uite the close encounter she's hoping for

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    This is a 45 star read My head throbbed like a spare dick in a romance novelOMG This was freaking AWESOME Loved the premise loved the snarkiness loved the wit TOTALLY loved the author's almost reverent bandying about of F bombs and I LURVED Georgia Seriously enjoyable with LMFBO moments I'll definitely be reading of the series

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    Did I like this book? No I didn't I absolutely LOVED it Lauren Harris spins a tale of mystery murder and ghosts woven in with just the perfect amount of humor With chapter headings like A Kick in the Head is Better than Nun' and Splat on a Hot Tin Roof I can tell you that the humor in this book is spot on I loved the story line and also how Lauren shows that you don't have to be a stick thin Barbie doll to be totally freaking awesome Exorcising Aaron Nguyen is a uick read but a great one I hope the author writes stories along this line I call for a series It's the perfect read for anyone between the ages of 16 60 and I highly recommend it you won't be sorry

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    I'm not a native North Carolinian but I've been here since I was thirteen When I saw that Lauren had a book coming out that takes place in this fair state I was interested in giving it a look When I understood what it was about I was even interested I'm a big fan of modern fantasy and I know that Lauren is a talented creativeOne of the things that I'm always on the lookout for is a book that features a strong female lead I felt pretty sure I'd find that here and I wasn't disappointed Georgia is exactly that She's got her fair share of insecurities and weaknesses but none that are crippling or too dark A sense of fun is also something that I'm on the lookout for when it comes to YA fiction in general Too often I see characters or situations that depress me as a reader This book is hardly SUPER HAPPY FUN TIMES as it does deal with the death of a teen but it doesn't get mired down in darknessGeorgia has a good supporting cast in the form of her love interest Hiroki and the school's chess master Bishop All of the characters are as well developed as any can be in a novelette of this length It's the characters and their interactions that move this book along at a brisk pace rather than the plot and that's another plus The banter and humor between them go a long way towards telling us what we need to know about them and it keeps the story fun even when things get bleakThe only real disappointment I had with the story is that I wanted the location to play a little bit of a role The setting itself a boarding school is very important but it feels like this could take place in just about any southern state That's not too much of a detraction but local flavor would have enhanced the storyFor people looking for a new story for their teen I do want to give a bit of a fair warning I don't recall if the ages of the characters are mentioned but context tells me that they're in their mid to late teens tenth grade I believe There's some strong language and frank sexual talk that some people might not find suitable for younger teenstweens I don't think any of it is excessive a la Chuck Wendig I was a teen myself and I seem to recall doing my fair share But if I were to rate this a la the MPAA guidelines I'd give it a PGPG 13 As someone who prefers less as when it comes to violence strong language etc I think Lauren balanced those elements well I'd easily give this to my thirteen year old in another year or twoIt sounds like this is the beginning of a series which is all of the rage these days and I think that's a good thing I look forward to what comes next for Georgia and her friends I enjoyed this book a great deal and I strongly recommend itI give Exorcising Aaron Nguyen four and a half out of five rosaries

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    nobody does pointless small minded cruelty like high school students They haven't put up the comforting wall of lies that allows them to interact with the outside world yet This is a lesson Exorcising Aaron Nguyen understands wellA briskly plotted ghost storymurder mystery where the real horror is high school Lauren captures the weird cliuishness to the point of cultishness and casual brutality of that age perfectly You're thrown right in details are provided later and sparingly and the result is a brisk compulsive bit of YA fiction that while brief proves highly enjoyableBrief is a key word here the book is very short and there are a number of elements that while potentially fascinating deserved attention I'm thinking the chess cult in particular but it's far from being the only one Many of the plotworldbuilding threads in this book were skimmed over and deserve to be explored further which is a strength if this winds up being book one in a series as it provides multiple potential storytelling hooks but it's a major problem if future books in this series fail to materializeStill if my biggest complaint is that I want a second book featuring these characters in this setting then clearly Exorcising Aaron Nguyen has succeeded Very nice

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    I liked how flat out unapologetic Georgia was I feel like her attitude and way of behaving was very realistic for many teens that I have known as a teacher It was humorous as well As a chubby girl myself I love that she knew to make use of her best features by wearing v necked shirts and she wasn't shy about it I also like how she grew by the end of the story figuring out what kind of feelings she really had for Hiroki It was done in such a perfect genuine realistic way I look forward to reading by this author Read my full review at Lisa Loves Literature

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    I LOVE the main character Georgia who is brave and she is sassy Her narration is fantastic and funny and the chapter titles are great and hilarious The book is a fun read easy to read in a good way and I am looking forward to book 2

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    I was attracted to Exorcising Aaron Nguyen by Lauren Harris because of its unusual title Exorcising and exorcisms sound entertaining The name Aaron Nguyen seems to have a Vietnamese origin and I like most things with a Vietnamese origin The subtitle The Millroad Academy Exorcists Book I tells me that if I like this book there will be other interesting ones in a series The result I liked this book The plot characters and scene setting were all unremarkable It was the creative use of language that made it worth reading I won’t give it five stars but the language used deserves a 45 ratingGeorgia Miller and Hiroki Satou are best friends The two knew Aaron Nguyen as a classmate At the very Catholic Millroad Academy it was almost impossible not to know everyone As the story opens Aaron has been dead for one week But his spirit lingers on because he was murdered Someone had bashed his head in and Aaron wanted revenge on his murderers That was priority one Aaron might also want revenge against others who had irritated him or slighted him to a degree less than murder Georgia and Hiroki agreed that setting Sister Robert Catharine on fire was probably revenge for a minor punishment Aaron felt unjustHiroki had a gift of Spectral Sight He could see ghosts that could not cross over to their ultimate destination due to unfinished business on earth There were ghosts than just Aaron and Hiroki could see them all Occasionally he would tell best friend Georgia and sometimes not if he felt she didn’t need to know There was to his gift then just seeing ghosts; he could also sense different truths about people by coming into physical contact with people Hiroki was uncomfortable at what he sometimes saw; he felt like a peeping Tom For this reason he avoided physical contact with everyone This was extremely frustrating to Georgia because she freuently fantasized about different kinds of physical contact she might enjoy with HirokiGeorgia and most of the characters in this novel might be called fallen Catholics but that would be semantically impossible Fallen Catholics first must be Catholic and then fall Most characters in this novel never fill that first reuirement Instead they were a bunch of students seuestered by rich parents in a safe and strictly disciplined environment They all had secrets or problems in their past that didn’t work well in a public school setting Even Sister Robert had secrets which may or not have contributed to her burning Georgia has a secret but I won’t reveal it Even when readers know the secret they won’t really appreciate it until a nicely done twist at the ending There are a lot of mysteries in this comparatively short novel Who killed Aaron and why 2 mysteries? What is Georgia’s secret? Who is The Bishop really? Why is one rosary so uniue? Who is the narrator of Chapter One? The narrator I’ll give you this one; it’s not a spoiler is Georgia The name does not appear as she is the first person narrator There is nothing in the first chapter to tell the reader the narrator is female There is even a hint that the narrator might be male Chapter Two gives us a hint of the narrator’s gender but much reading is reuired to find out her name And it takes even reading to find out her full name This goes to the Harris style of writing I likeAs far as language use it is creative and includes much dropping of the F bomb Is anybody offended by this any? This is not one of the included mysteries To illustrate Hiroki was a competent user of English when he and Georgia met in the sixth grade He could not understand the meaning of several slang phrases and idioms Georgia used Hiroki’s deficiencies to get closer to him as she explained English as used at Millroad Academy An example“ by the end of sopho year he'd perfected the vast and varied usage of the word fuck Sure he'd done all the memorizing and mistake making but I wiped a lot of spit off our desks teaching him how to pronounce the f” Kindle locations 51 52A safe for work and socially acceptable example of language used is when Georgia was at her favorite coffee shop “Grounds Up” “My Pavlovian response was already kicking in Georgia smell coffee; Georgia get in line sometimes I don’t mind the hive mind of flagrant consumerism” Kindle locations 888 889This was a fun short weekend read outside my normal reading genre Refreshment for the brain it sells for USD 099 on

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    I think I like audiobooks in first person at least from Lauren Harris here because I felt like I'm right there with Georgia We see her gifted best friend Hiroki through Georgia's eyes We work with Hiroki through the case to help Aaron move on and solve the murder mysteryA ghost story with diverse characters The characters here are not the perfect images but they are the image of the REAL people we are Diverse in visual description and personality There was a light feel to the story I liked it and it fits Georgia so well Enjoyable listenFULL REVIEWTrying to get back to a normal life after Aaron's death a death no one understands isn't as easy as simply starting classes again Aaron's ghost is seen by Hiroki and he's causing trouble However Georgia's best friend Hiroki is determined to snoop around the crime scene hoping to help a Buddhist ghost move on where the Catholic exorsisms by the Nuns and Priests don't work Georgia and Hiroki get drawn deep into the mystery of why Aaron was killed Hiroki thinks he may be able to help Aaron's ghost move on since he can see and talk to himI think I like audiobooks in first person at least from Lauren Harris here because I felt like I'm right there with Georgia Lauren is the author AND also the narrator and I feel like she's talking directly to me When Lauren does other voices there is a difference; Hiroki is deeper Bishop is raspier Priest What A Waste lol is southern and others as wellA ghost story with diverse characters The characters here are not the perfect images but they are the image of the REAL people we are Diverse in visual description and personality Georgia is a great character She has a strong personality though we see there is so much to her as well She's also a bloggerThe story is in first person but that works amazingly well with Georgia's personality She pops off the page for us Georgia feels as she's a friend of mine while I was listening to the audiobook Georgia has a history that is hinted at I was becoming and curious about that past and we get that answer in the end which also helps tie things up too Hiroki is a big player in this story as well He's the gifted one until Georgia gets konked in the head and at the end we learn a very important piece about her past the one that sees ghostsThe story is in a current day setting We get glimpses of the school through events and where they are which fills us in on the people and surroundings of the school Just enough detail at the right timeIt is a Young Adult story with the high school age characters I do want to mention with saying YA that there is strong language here I have no problem with it but some people might Georgia drops the F word on occassions and all other swear words are used as wellI don't want to say much as I'll start talking about the story and I don't want to give away the mystery and ghostly eventsThere was a light feel to the story I liked it and it fits Georgia so well There is a tearful moment but then Georgia brings a smile to our face in the next Enjoyable listen

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    At 107 pages I have to say I didn't have high hopes for Lauren Harris to be able to draw me into the characters and their journeys I expected a rushed or weak story But then again I'm not big on short stories They frustrate me constantly leaving me wanting with no hopes of getting itNeedless to say I was pretty happy to discover this is a series From the first chapter nay from the clever chapter titles Ex What's a Little Murder Between Friends? Georgia's voice captures you She's snarky without going overboard edgy without being the typical rebellious teenager and has baggage without being emo And she's very much so reluctant to embark on this adventure of solving a murder with the best friendboy she pines over HirokiHiroki sees the world through a different light because of his gift to see the dead He's so different he can't stand touching people because he can tell just how readily they would accept death Georgia tries to understand it but until she gets a glimpse of it after getting a concussion she never really sees it And I don't think she ever really understands it until she is face to face with the ghost Aaron Nguyen Until that point she is just a girl following her crush around as he struggles to exorcise a ghost and she struggles to understand him better The real beauty of the situation at the end is that Georgia doesn't really see how her world has changed Not yet I'm looking forward to that realization in the seuelI love that Georgia feels so real She's not beautiful or skinny from the way she is described though she seems to be battling to accept who she is appearance and all To me Lauren Harris captured the voice of true adolescent insecurity It's not necessarily this constant voice in your head telling you that you are less than It's the little everyday reminders The off handed comments people make The way a boy fails to look at you The way your peers taunt you even if it isn't relentlessly One fat joke made in passing can haunt someone for a week It's nice to see that real side of things and to see Georgia fight against the feelings these minor incidents stir within herGeorgia really is the reluctant hero in the end She throws herself in the face of real danger of the life or murdered by the same psycho responsible for Aaron's death variety in order to save her best friend from the same fate She's willing to sacrifice herself I worried that the reason Hiroki didn't want to tough her was he would know she is going to die by suicide or something like that But in the end those same scars making Hiroki uncomfortable to touch her end up being her power They give her the power to do good and to help others I love that turn aroundTo only be 107 pages I feel like I went on this entire journey with them I feel like I learned so much about the characters How Lauren Harris managed to shove so much character development plot and tension into a mere 107 fluid pages of story telling is beyond me but I'm looking forward to seeing her do it again

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    I don't have a lot of free time on my hands so I rarely volunteer to write a review in exchange for a book But the incredibly well written blurb for Exorcising Aaron Nguyen grabbed my attention and the book itself didn't disappointThere are so many things to like about this book a hilarious female protag a somewhat uniue take on afterlife mythology amusing observations on Catholic school Brother Whatawaste practically had me on the floor Star Trek references and a dynamic duo that morphs into an adorably reluctant trio by the end of the book The plot is very tightly written and the book is remarkably well edited for a self published work And even with the breakneck pacing I was able to get a good grasp on most of the charactersAside from a relatively abrupt ending We are getting a seuel right? my only complaint is a minor one Occasionally the author's prose bordered on purple and yanked me out of the story As a writer I admire clever verbiage and literary gymnastics but unless it's used sparingly it can draw attention to itself But most non writers may not even notice this and it detracted only slightly from my overall enjoyment of the storyOn a final note I'll reiterate We are getting a seuel right? Seriously there's so much good stuff here I can't stand for it to be over in 140 pages I'll be eagerly awaiting misadventures with Georgia Hiroki and hopefully Jamie