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Prom night is finally here Three girls will find that the biggest night of high school can also be the most surprisingHaute Date by Dona SarkarAshmita Montague has fallen for the perfect prom dress but it's way over her budget How can she impress the school's star athlete while wearing her mom's hand me down Indian wedding dress? Then she gets creative and decides to revamp the dress with the help of her best friend Sebastian A sudden unexpected chemistry takes Ash by surprise and makes her wonder if it's time to make some major alterations to her love life tooSave the Last Dance by Caridad FerrerPeyton Chaffee's wealthy parents won't believe she's serious about becoming a chef until she proves herself by working in the kitchen for a prestigious event on prom night They disapprove of her culinary ambitions and her boyfriend Eddie Is she ready to sacrifice one unforgettable night for a chance that could change her entire future?Prom and Circumstance by Deidre BerryEveryone knows that popular pampered Aubrey Garrett is a shoo in for prom ueen So self professed nerd Deanna Parker takes her own nomination as a joke But with the entire school dividing into Team Aubrey or Team Deanna competition is getting fierce fast and there's at stake for each girl than just a glittering crown

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    Each of the authors of the three stories inside of this book explored the theme of family relationships in a creative way In Haute Date the main character Ashmita decides to put her family’s desires over her own when it came time to select her prom dress even though the dress that her mom picked out for her was not her style In Save the Last Dance the author Caridad Ferrer exceptionally illustrates how parents and their children can work together to form compromises by showing how Peyton was able to get her parents to allow her to practice her cooking skills with Chef Kai Belizaire even though her parents thought that Peyton should become a businesswoman In Prom and Circumstance the author Deidre Berry ingeniously explores Aubrey Garrett’s relationship with her divorced parents Finding out how the families were going to solve their problems made each of these stories fascinating reads

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    I like this book because it had 3 different stories that surrounded the same event which was Prom These stories focus on date dress dance For girls Prom night is very special because its a night for you to come out of your shell get all dolled up and feel good about your self have FUN go out bang for your senior year My favorite story was Haute Date because the main character Ash couldn't a ford the her dream dress so instead her friends and little sister came together redesigning the cheap dress her mom gave her Ash made a big decision not to take her crush Armstrong but her child hood friend who she always like deep down inside and he always like her too Just took him some time to build up the courage to ask her The dress the got redesign was beautiful so everything turned out alright Prom is a moment in which you should make memorable

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    I like this book due to the 3 stories all connects to the prom theme For girls Prom is a special event and means to girls than boys I read only 1 story out of the 3 I read the very first story called Haute Date by Dona Sarkar this story was about a girl named Ashmita Montague and how she been wanting to find perfect prom dress She had some complications with money Since it prom time a surprise guy ask her Does she get her dream date and prom dress you must read this book I would recommend this book to someone if you like romanticprom happy ever afters