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Be your own kind of creative Everyone has a creative core Everyone But in order for it to thrive it needs to be nurtured That's where Whole Lotta Creativity Going On can help It's not a crafts or how to book but rather a fun book filled with 10 different types of unusual and thought provoking activities and exercises which can be used to ignite and invigorate your creative spark Sometimes those that don't feel they are creative surprise themselves the most when they unlock the door clear away the dust and begin to discover and unleash the creative side of themselves For others perhaps their creative spirit hasn't been given enough of an opportunity to really flourish and express itself in its own uniue way This book contains 60 different creativity stretchers to get you going which are grouped into the following categories Awareness Sensory and Experience Creativity in Action Ideation Imagination Pictures Patterns and Abstractions Snap Portraits Snap Solutions Stop and Reflect Thought Expression Word Play

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    As an author with two books under my belt and two in the processing of being written like practically all other authors I’ve come down with the dreaded condition fondly know as WRITER’S BLOCKI suffered from this condition several times as I wrote my first novel and needed to find something which would stimulate those little cells in my mind Luckily I found a site which would supply me with a weekly prompt word for which I had to respond by a FIVE SENTENCE story Eventually I compiled the ones I’ve done and other which I had not into my secondI currently have two WIPs which are currently on hold I’m definitely going to come back to this book when I return to working on these endeavors The reason for this is Ms Pacelli’s endeavor here gives her readers not one kind of writing exercise to stimulate their creativity but 60 of them and each one can used over and over againDo not let my talking about this book helping authors get over their writer’s block deter anyone else from reading this book This book will be of a great use to anyone who has a creative mind and wants to have something to stimulate; whether or not the end results will be publishedFor aiding the creativity all of us have I’m giving Ms Pacelli’s book 5 STARSI received a KINDLE Edition of this book from the author through her LibraryThing giveaway and the above has been my honest opinion

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    I was given this book in exchange for an honest reviewI am always wanting ways to exercise my brain and this did a great job getting the creativity side working Some of the exercises reading them you thought it would be easy until you actually started it Will read this again

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    This is an amazing treat Reading the book “Whole Lotta Creativity Going On” was very enlightening and provoked many creative thoughts I think that this book is a “whole lotta fun” This would be a perfect book for students and teachers alike This book has so many versatile uses for Teachers Parents Students and Authors It helps to illicit your creativity by providing simple and thought enriched activities It gets you to look at the world around you and emphasis of the uniueness of each elementI would recommend this to Authors to help with plot ideas Students to help enhance their creativity There is really so many usesI particularly loved the Ideation activities in which you get to create different ways to look at a situation to use a word and to diversify your perceptionGreat Work from the Author and truly a uniue Idea

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    This book is very effective at generating creativity It's definitely for anyone looking to accomplish a creative task but I felt that some exercises might have been better suited for a group of people or perhaps a class In fact I think this would be a fantastic book for a writing class or something of the like to use But honestly it's great for anyone to use and I thought it was fun I liked that the exercises were laid out in categories so that anyone going through them can get a range of practices in

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    What a wonderful little book Whole Lotta Creativity Going On is a great idea for anyone who writes or needs to waken up the creative side of their brain An exercise a day keeps the doctor away Lots of fun and very special indeed