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You can't out run the shadowsBack in Boise Salem and Trevor try to find some normalcy Salem goes back to school hangs out with her friends and gets an after school job Trevor gets an apartment and a job and the two continue to date and see each other like normal teenagers But they will soon learn you can't outrun your pastA teen girl is found dead in a dumpster The exact same dumpster Salem had been left for dead in It's no coincidence and the two find themselves face to face with Merlin who is out for revenge and will settle at nothing to find it

10 thoughts on “Electric

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    I loved this book Was so excited to hear this was out as I am a huge fan if book 1 Static I was not disappointed at all I loved the end It wasn't something I was expecting Thank you Tawny Stokes for writing a great book

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    As a fan of Static I was doubly excited about the conclusion in Electric Yes it's short but Tawny Stokes packs a lot into the 100 pagesSalem's teenage angst isn't like her fellow students Minor spoiler alert In the previous book she was turned into a cambion Being a teenager is bad enough but try being a demon A real one In Electric I was able to revisit the cool characters from Static Salem and Trevor her wicked cool mom and her bestie who's pretty cool with her BFF being a demon History feels like it's rewriting herself with a teenage girl's dead body being found in a pretty familiar dumpster and naturally Salem freaks out But in typical Sale fashion there's no wringing her hands and whiningshe's far too kick ass for thisThis was a great finale I just wished it had been a wee bit longer because I love this series so much

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    GreatI thought this book was great because it was pretty fast paced and easy to understand I didn't think it could get much better than static but it did

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    Just okayThis was a good conclusion to the book with no cliffhanger I thought the first book to be better and therefore the 3 stars