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Clementine DeVore spent ten years trapped in a cellar pinned down by willow roots silenced and forgotten   Now she’s out and determined to uncover who put her in that cellar and why   When Clementine was a child dangerous and inexplicable things started happening in New South Bend The townsfolk blamed the fiendish people out in the Willows and burned their homes to the ground But magic kept Clementine alive walled up in the cellar for ten years until a boy named Fisher sets her free Back in the world Clementine sets out to discover what happened all those years ago But the truth gets muddled in her dangerous attraction to Fisher the politics of New South Bend and the Hollow a fickle and terrifying place that seems increasingly temperamental ever since Clementine reemerged

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    “That boy is the devil”“Well I’m going to kiss him” Do you hear that? That sad whispering in the shadows The sound of silent tears The uiet wailing of a thousand brokenhearted readers?That my friends is the sound of wasted potential Because that's what this book was thanks to the appearance of a motherfucking pussy of a love interest If you asked me 30 pages into the book what my rating for this book would bewithout a doubt I would have given it a solid 4 I meanhow could a book that contained this sentence be anything but fucking awesome? “What’s wrong with me? I never did anything to anyone”Fisher was uiet for a second and when he answered he sounded strange“It’s not your fault” he said “They’re just nervous about how your eyes are sewed shut” THE MAIN CHARACTER IS A GIRL OR A GHOST OR A THING BURIED IN THE CELLAR OF A LONG ABANDONED HOUSE HER EYES ARE SEWN SHUT SHE HAS FEW MEMORIES OF WHAT SHE WAS SHE LIVES IN A SOUTHERN TOWN FRAUGHT WITH WITCHCRAFT DARK MAGIC AND SUPERSTITIONThe writing is beautiful One thing about Brenna Yovanoff she can fucking write This is not my first book by Ms Yovanoff I have always been a fan of her writing I think she is an incredible writer Yet no matter how many of her books I've read there's always some element that keeps them from being enjoyableIn this book it is shocking for an YA novel I know the overwhelming amount of insta love for an assholeOh he's an asshole who's really not an asshole He's just pretending to be a douche Again shocking I know My jaw just dropped open It's not like every other freaking YA novel has one of those or anythingThe Summary “I’m not sure I belong out in the world” I said finally “I think bad things might happen when I’m around Clementine is not uite a girl She was once a long time ago Perhaps Maybe All she is right now is a vague consciousness A thing in a dark place Surrounded by roots and soil and darkness Until a group of boys decide to do the stupid thing and run into an abandoned cellar There they find Clementine hidden in a cellar In the moldy dark of the closet I opened my mouthI stood in the dark with roots tangled in my hair bits of glass sticking to my skin still holding the windup bear She is rescued by a boy named Eric Eric like the prince in a Disney movie To Clementine he seems that way too When I turned my head he seemed to glow against my eyelids and I knew he must be the hero of the story just like in all the booksThis is ever after I thought This is the happily the end This is the prince who saved me But Eric isn't her world He is not her world He should not be her world for Clementine has family who have denied her existence She was once a living creature a girl Her memories are scant but they exist She has family an aunt a cousin named Shinywho is beautiful who missed herwho most importantly remember ClementineClementine existed She existsBut instead of getting familiar with the real world again she is obsessed with a boy I just couldn’t tell if the fog in my head was because I didn’t want to see him or if it was because I secretly wanted to see him so bad it made me dizzy Instead of getting to know her newly reacuainted cousin she is obsessed with a boy“Why are you being so mean today?”Shiny glared at me “Because you ditched me I’m your family and he’s just some down hollow creep who likes to pretend so hard that he’s not He’s nothing to you”The town is inundated with strange things Odd phenomena are happening everywhere strange things are showing uplike monstrous fishes Its mouth was full of long jagged teeth Row upon row of them and every one like a needle And Clementine is obsessed with a boyHe could be dangerous to her He could be a danger to the whole town but still Clementine is obsessed with the boy “I know he’s got a powerful kind of craft and the we’re together the it seems to get away from him but we can’t seem to stay apart I don’t want to stay apart” It doesn't matter if Eric is an asshat It doesn't matter that he spurns her and coldly rejects her in front of his friends when she comes to him hoping to make a friend Fisher stood with his hands in his pockets His shoulders were hard and the look he gave the rest of them was unimpressed “I didn’t see shit but a dirty little redneck girl that had got stuck down in a caved in cellar hole and we pulled her out So don’t go blowing this up into some kind of thing” Because Clementine is still obsessed with the boy I couldn’t help the way I wanted to stand close to him I couldn’t help that when I closed my eyes I sometimes saw the world through someone else’s or that it was like he found me even before he came to find me Enough is enough I wholly support Clementine's cousin when she says “He isn’t close to good enough I expected of my creepy heroinesThe Setting It was commonly held that every piece of craft in Hoax County came from down in the hollow It was supposed to be a wild place full of strange plants and hell dogs and fiends with glowing eyes and power than a person could even properly conceive of—foreign things bound by the hollow like creatures in a book or else bound to the families that served them The setting is wickedly cool It is set in a small closed up closed minded Southern town with roots in dark magic and witchcraftI think you guys all know that to me it's the euivalent of book crack If it's one thing that made this book worth reading it's the setting It's the horror It's the dark creatures It's the side characters It's the magic It's the hell dogs and the dead plants and the creatures with jagged teeth It sure as hell ain't the main character a silly foolish girl with as much common sense as a newbornwhich sort of makes sense but on the other hand it doesn't endear her to me very muchThe setting is exceedingly better than the annoyingLove Interest I turned to Fisher waiting for him to explain—to tell them—that it hadn’t been me but he just stared back not moving not blinking He didn’t say anything Well you're such a bloody fucking Southern Gentleman aren't you Eric?I hated his guts I fucking hated his guts Without Eric this book would have garnered at least a 3 despite the main character's weakness With Ericwell there's just no going back He is a douchebag He is the kind of man who will stand back and do nothing when there exists injustice because he is a fucking thundercuntOh I get it It's ok He's only preeeeeeteeeeeeeeeending pouts of course he is That's what you would call a cliché And no it's not ok I don't want my boyfriend to stand aside and say nothing to defend me when his best friends are talking trash because he's simply afraid of being perceived as different It is not fucking ok to be a jerk because you're suuuuuuuuuuch a wounded soul maaaaaaaan That's not the kind of man or boy I want in real life and it's not the kind I want in books I don't care if his dog was killed in a fire and he's an orphan who was abandoned 5 times by his foster parents There's no excuse for being a horrible human being just because you've had a shitty lifeEric has a tragic past ;; and BOY does Clementine really buy into that shit She makes up all kinds of excuses for his bullshittery It was painfully apparent suddenly that all his snarling and glaring was because he didn’t know how to be hurt Eric is condescending he has several woman get back in the kitchen moments in the book I stripped everything piling it in the middle of the rug“Take them down and put them in the wash” he said sinking into the rocking chair“Before you do that with the blankets and everything” he said behind me “you need to flip the mattress” Really man? Really?Again I agree with Clementine's cousin on this Shiny glared at Rae and shook her head “Do not even talk to me about Eric Fisher”“Who is he?” I said studying the pack of boys“Just a plain jackass”

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    This was a straaaange book But most importantly it's deliciously creepyBrenna delights us with some of her gothic morbid yet marvelously fascinating storytelling in her newest release Fiendish is compelling from the very first chapter After a uick introduction to Clementine a slight glimpse of who she was prior we experience her entrapment inside this cellar held in place by willow roots while a decade passes The cryptic but riveting manner with which the passing of time is described had me enchanted It was in a way full of desperation and longing though strangely beautiful All of this occurs within the first few chapters laying the foundation and the promise of an eccentric highly original road to come Once Clementine is set free however is when the real excitement begins with magic and crafts and hellhounds and fiends and other ghastly things The horrific entities are described with hair raising detail set within a landscape that is vividly painted throughoutThis is a plot and mystery driven novel In addition to the alarming present happenings there's a mysterious past that Clementine has yet to unscramble and a future that remains grimly uncertain That said the characters themselves although not superficial lack the charisma and density that I reuire to form a true connection This is likely due to having to juggle a large secondary cast Townsfolk family antagonists; each group involving a handful of characters Still I found a large cast for this story was a necessary part of making it all the interesting; it's a balance for which I was okay with losing some to win some Besides the mysterious plot is than worth it I loved the bizarre vibe throughout this whole ordeal Ominous signs of a second reckoning the irrepressible magic that seems to be fueled by Clementine the hollow a stretch of land where evil lurks with its seductive danger the history of this town and its fiends It was to put it simply fan freaking tastic Also on the subject of balance with all the eeriness and horror I was glad to have some sweet moments of awkward youthful romance to lighten things up Don't expect a passion filled all encompassing love story It's a simple yet sweet romance that leaves you smilingMuch like Teeth by Hannah Moskowitz and Don't You Forget About Me by Kate Karyus uinn Fiendish is a kind of Magical Realism novel where magic is a reality that comes with no explanation for its existence only explanations within it If this is something you're a fan of along with horror and fast paced mystery this is one book you must not be without It's ash I whispered holding out my hands to the awful dust falling all around me The sky is burning An advance copy was provided by the publisher for reviewFor of my reviews visit my blog at Xpresso Reads

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    So we begin this lovely tale with a girl being rescued from a cellar She can't see because her eyes are sewn shut and she's been down there for years This was awesomeThis is the third book I've read by Yovanoff and I seriously loved it It was weird yet had contemporary aspects and so the magic realism was so cool The characters were well developed and the story was driven by these characters in a uniue fashion Fisher was complicated and needed hugs and a reminder that things sometimes can't be controlled or maybe they can but you need help in order to that Clementine was probably my favorite character She had a Rapunzel like uality where she was wholesome and innocent yet brave and fierce and wanting to help everyone and everything she could That is an extraordinary personality to have and one that we in the world should all be striving for As for the parts with the Hollow it was so uniue and well described with perfect world building The creatures were awesome and the magic was beautiful and deadly I can't get over how well Yovanoff writes and I can't wait to read the other books I have by her

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    See reviews at YA Midnight ReadsI'll be frank I was not impressed by Brenna Yovanoff's latest release Fiendish The author definitely has some writing talent because her writing particularly the descriptions were gorgeous but they did not make up for the cons Three Reasons Why Fiendish Didn't Work For Me 1 The storyline bored me to death Honestly watching a game of golf would be interesting than this At the start of the book I was really intrigued and curious as to why Clementine was trapped in a cellar for all these years and why on earth her eyes were sewn shut I mean that's just seriously creeeepy and messed up However the story evidently becomes and progressively boring due to one main reason the pace This book moved at such a slow pace for me particularly because we weren't getting anywhere Sure there was a great hook at the start but there wasn't any other big motive that made me want to continue I did end up skimming a few chapters towards the end2 The romance was a complete failure Clementine was saved from the cellar by this guy called Fisher and surprise surprise he's the future love interest for Clementine Who saw that one coming? eye roll Anyhow the romance kicked off a little too early and ended up being an awful case of instant love Further I hated Fisher He wasn't even a decent guy he acted like a total fake and was a jackass in general Just bleh not attractive at all3 Half the things in this novel made no sense to me whatsoever One of the major things that didn't have any logic was Clementine and Shiny's reaction to Clementine's sudden reappearance and acceptance Clementine girl can't just pop out of no where and lead a normal life just like that Your eyes were sewn shut and you were trapped inside a cellar for years and YEARS; and now that you are out you're just going to go shopping? Things like this simply made no sense to me and I spent time trying to make sense of these illogical scenarios rather than actually trying to enjoy the read In all Unfortunately Fiendish didn't end up being my next best book friend It certainly had a huge potential but it honestly just felt wasted in my opinion Thank you Simon and Schuster Australia for sending me this copy

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    This book had the potential of being really good but the author didn't live up to the idea It's better then the last book I read by the author but not by much I did want to like it So basically some girl was bricked up in the cellar of her burned down house and ten years later someone finds her Apparently the townies went on a rampage because weird oddities were popping up here and there So there was the whole 'get the witches' thing I had issues with Clem She just popped out of the cellar and is all like 'whatever bro' and go on with her business She doesn't really grieve or act surprised at anything She's totally fine for the most part In fact only hours after being saved she literally walks to department store to try on bras because now she has boobsAt no time is she like 'wow the world has changed' Hell she even goes on a car ride with her rescuer and then frees all the animals from a makeshift zoo This is literally only several hours after she was free The day would never be complete without her 'I'm going to kiss Fisher' thingThe biggest hugest most terrible fault of this book is the world building Basically there no world building and this is a huge problem If it was set in the normal world this wouldn't've been a problem The problem comes in with the fact that it isn't It's some mix between normal world of a couple decades ago and a magical world sent a good hundred or two agoThe magical system is never explain At all This whole book circles the magic system but we know next to nothing about it It's incredibly confusing Apparently only the hicks have magic? What? That's the sum total of world building you're going to do? There's a whole lot of 'omgz don't let them see your craft' and 'keep it low' but we're never really told what each does for most of the book Clem's a dirt No wait she's a light No maybe she'sThe whole fiendish element they aren't necessarily fiends they're just random spirits who are supposedly bad They just sort of stare at people in this book was never fully explained other than families get one every so oftenAnd I simply don't buy that the town folk would want to kill them Not with the abilities they had You're not going to kill someone who can heal you in seconds The actual setting was confusing too I've no idea where this book takes place We're never told We aren't even told when it is It's bizarrely 1900s and 1960s There are cars washing machines and electricity but no telephones or TVBut above all else the main failing with book is the resolution and how stupid it all was It's just so incredibly stupid that I'm tempted a couple weeks later to lower the rating I gave this book I seriously amOf all the possible and incredibly easy solutions that the hicks were presented with they picked the most outrageous and ridiculous on of the whole lot Basically view spoilerthere was no reason to brick her up in the cellar If you skipped to the end and missed it the whole problem is that there are five magic workers of different branches living together This becomes an issue when Fisher is dumped on his Grannie's doorstep which happens earlier than we're first told and this stops when the fiends take the girl away So we can basically figure that just sending one away would've solved the whole issue Apparently the hicks have never heard of boarding school? I don't know It was ridiculous and stupid and so incredibly stupid and god I just want to bang on head on the desk and scream STUPIDLike can you imagine the meeting that lead to what happened to Clem? Like 'well apparently all this oddities are popping up lately so we know five are live too close together What shall we do?''Why don't we put one in a magic induced sleep sew up her eyes tie her to one of the other five and brick her into the cellar'And then everyone saying BRILLIANT when someone should've been saying 'how about we send one of the kids to boarding school or get that poor girl away from that fucker of a father?'No wonder Fisher's parents were so fucked up I mean COME ON hide spoiler

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    Ugh DNF at 51% This book starts out interesting but as it progresses I was starting to lose interest All Clemetine really cared about was Fisher She would not stop talking about him She was desperate for him Ugh I cant even Even when he told her to go away she would stay and I'm surprised Fisher still wants to kiss her after her annoying ass behaviour Where is the horror? Instead of creepy stuff I'm reading about weird magic crap that is extremely confusing I honestly didn't even understand what was going on It was boring and didn't catch my attention I couldn't care less about the weird confusing plot I didn't connect with the characters The story didn't pull me in and I just could NOT force myself to finish this piece of crap horror book

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    155 MehThat's the best word I can describe this book with and it's mostly all I have to say about it But I can't write a one word review can I?First of all this book was weird And confusing There were a lot of WTF moments and sometimes it didn't make any sense at all There were a lot of terms that weren't explained either downhollow fiend which I eventually figured out was basically a demon crooked I finally gathered it meant a person who had craft Then there were the humors I'm still not uite sure how many there are because it was never actually explained The little bits and pieces I got were Dirt which is real and raw; light which is rare; breath which is the weakest and most wanting; and creek That's it And it was completely spread out and mentioned only in passing Therefore I never completely grasped it Based on this sentence  There were five points on the star and that meant there was still the power of creek  there's 5 humors I guess? I have NO idea what the fifth is If it was mentioned I missed it somehow A short explanation in the beginning would have really helped readers to understand the worldSecond of all the pacing was very slow There wasn't really anything happening throughout the majority of the book I think the only thing that kept me going was the hoping that something would happen Something did happen at the very end but it was just sodull and anticlimactic that it wasn't even worth it If someone asked me what the book was about I'm not even sure I'd be able to answer Umthere wascraftand something about 5and then there was a creek and a forest and this creepy girlYep That good It would have been a great concept if the execution had been better The only thing I really liked about this was that it had that creepy backwoods gothic feel to it The imagery was awesome actually I just couldn't connect to the story or the characters The characters all felt flat Clementine and Fisher had little to no personality to speak of in fact I had to go back and look up their names because I'd already forgotten and I just didn't give a crap about them or anything that was happening It wasn't memorable either And for some reason it kind of felt like Beautiful Creatures I'm not really sure why because the only thing they have in common is witchcraft perhaps the setting?All in all I feel like I wasted time reading this book Would I recommend it to anyone? Probably notThis review was originally posted on Novel Heartbeat To see a breakdown of my assessment please visit the full review here

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    25 StarsI'm not a huge fan of creepy but I was in the mood for it I wanted something that was going to give me that scared feeling make me feel a tickle on the back of my neck in the dark maybe make me wonder about the what ifs Fiendish started off with such great promise a girl locked in a cellar for ten years tangled in roots eyes sewed shut and no one seems to remember her when she emerges into the light I was so sure I'd made a good choiceAnd that feeling stuck with me for uite a while Brenna Yovanoff's prose is gorgeous just so utterly beautiful to read and experience the story through I highlighted so many examples of this while I was reading and was greatly enjoying myself But then something happened I can't even point to what But I got so bored The book was taking this meandering pace to get to anything and nothing much was really happening Scenes were occurring but I couldn't figure out why I needed to see them There were even times when creepy things were happening but because they didn't seem to serve a purpose or were just thrown in for the characters to have something to do I was bored during them as well Which is all incredibly unfortunate because I was invested in the characters four primary characters for the majority of the book and I wanted to know about their 'craft' about their magic Clementine is our main character we experience the story through her eyes and despite the fact of her being locked up in the cellar with no human contact for the last ten years she's incredibly well rounded and settled into herself into her own personality Then there's Fisher the love interest it's almost obligatory in a young adult novel to have a love interest and Fisher didn't bother me nearly as much as others have Sure he's an asshole occasionally but Clementine calls him on it And usually when it counts he stands up and does the right thing Shiny Clementine's cousin was awesome Her and Clementine's relationship and friendship was great She's a bit of a cynic and balances out Clementine's optimism nicely Then there's Rae who I'd have loved to gotten to know better but who fascinated all the sameSo there you have four characters with so much potential that I could barely stand to pause in reading About halfway through though it started to become clear that Fiendish was going to take me up to the edge of what I was hoping to see and never uite deliver The characters and their gifts never really got the time they needed; the story seemed better suited to a novella than a full length novel; and the world seemed like it had a lot of thought put into it but didn't seem to have a lot of time on the pageAll in all though I enjoyed it while I was reading I can't help but feeling like Fiendish is just lacking

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    Brenna Yovanoff writes creepy ominous paranormal horror with a perfectly ingrained setting better than most YA authors Best of all her novels are all STAND ALONE No trilogies that make you wait years for resolution here While this doesn't stand up to Paper Valentine for me my favorite of hers it's solid and most people who have liked her past books will appreciate itRead alikes The Near Witch by Victoria Schwab; Chime by Franny Billingsly

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    Magical creepy and beautifully written I liked it a lot