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“Broken is finding the light and the healing you craveand knowing you can never have it”After the attack on his sister and his newfound abilities forming Henry Williams is struggling to keep it all together His wolf does not allow him to sleep and he is beginning to hear voices torturing him mercilesslyHenry feels as though there is a war brewing inside of him and he is unable to control it As a protector he must find a way to fight his inner demons before he is left vulnerable to the real onesBut an unexpected love finds Henry and he tries hard to resist it Will Henry be able to overcome his inner demons? Will he be able to protect his mate? This is book number 2 in this series Please note that it is suggested to read the series in seuential order Warning This novel is intended for mature YA readers 15 for language and mild violenceRelease Date June 23rd

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    More please I enjoyed Soul Promise even than I liked Soul Connection It could be that I was already familiar with the cast of characters or that I'm invested in the storyline but I hated to set down my kindle when real life called Henry endeared himself to me in Book 1 Soul Connection He was so loving and protective of his family especially his sister Jaz that you couldn't NOT love him Now that he's trying to sort out his HaflingWolf traits his life is the one being jumbled around and Rachel Walter has done a wonderful job making the reader feel his struggles Speaking of strugglesenter Skeeter Skeeter and Henry struggle with their feelings for one another She is independent sarcastic and full of enough spunk that she brings life to the storyline without being the sappy female lead A little light shines on their complicated relationship helping them move forward and right into the Battle from Hell The vast cast of characters give the author so many avenues to pursue and I can't wait to see what she comes up with I'm positively giddy at the thought of Barry finding his mate I hope she gives him a run for his money Now that being saidwithout any possible spoilers I will say this is an awesome series I can't wait for book three and I would highly recommend this to anyone that loves a bit of paranormal excitement

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    I have been waiting FOREVER for this bookThis is book 2 in the Soul Connection series and it is just so freaking fantastic I am LOVING the connections and the characters and the personalities and and andThis book focuses on Skeeter and Henry while it was obvious they were going to be connected just from reading the first book in the series I loved the struggle they each faced before figuring it outSkeeter is independent snarky confident and sassy Henry is still trying to figure this whole wolf thing out but he is such a softy and just a genuinely NICE guy that he just cant uite grasp why he fights so much with SkeeterThen there is of course a battle because this isn’t just a romance novel it is paranormalfantasish so the big baddies I was a little surprised at who it was as well as a little creeped out because weird Anyways the battle was epic and it showed how strong everyone was especially Henry he surprised not only himself but everyone else as wellI am SUPER excited for book 3 they introduced this new character at the end of book 2 and something kinda happens but not really and OMG I need to know WHAT IS GOING ON Please Rachel don’t make me wait forever again I 3 you and want the book ASAP Recommendation If you enjoyed CC Hunter’s Shadow Falls Series or Kelley Armstrong’s Darkest Powers Series you should totally check this book out It is paranormalfantasy with of course some romance plus the battles are awesome and yea go get Soul Connection if you haven’t read it yet and Soul Promise right nowThis review was originally posted on Paperbook Princess

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    Love the story and all the twist and turns The ONLY reason I have four I'd have preferred a 4 12 instead is that on multiply occasions while reading both books in this series I would have to re read sections of conversations It seemed like the emotions and convo were kind of our of sync and didn't make sense to me It's very likely this is just me I usually don't do a review of I really have anything bad to say about it because I don't want to discourage writers I made this exception because the story and all that goes on it is very good and not in its way uniue which for me is saying something as I have read A LOT of paranormal books That's why I really hate not putting a 5star rating It just would take me out of the moment having to try to follow the emotions and conversations the way they were laid out It almost seemed like either the writer was rushed to make a point so the conversation didn't naturally flow through to come to a needed emotion or point to be made or something like that You could see how a certain emotion was needed to lead to the characters to say or do something that would be important with the storyline but it's like big chunks were taken out that would have been a natural flow to get to that point a LOT of times that takes a good bit of boring talking to work up to said emotionpoint Hell I don't even know if I'm explaining all this right Point is i love the story and characters ect but feel like there's improvement to be made on the parts of conversations and the emotions with them Still COMPLETELY worth the read and I can't wait for the next book

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    I'm working on writing my review now It will be posted here after it goes live on my blog

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    I received an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest reviewI really enjoyed True Connection so when I was offered the chance to read and review Soul Promise I was really excited Soul Promise picks up right where TC left off but tells Henry’s story this time around I liked the fact that I could easily slip inside his head and fall back into his world Henry is going through a lot He’s just found out he can shape shift into a wolf that his biological father is a murderer and his head is filled with the whispers of something dark Henry struggles knowing that even though something is after him he doesn’t know how to protect himself or his familyMy favorite things about this series are the bonds between the characters Henry’s relationship with his family and his pack are extremely evident throughout both books It’s nice to see an emphasis placed on familial bonds and I love that Henry actually has a parent who knows what’s going on with him It’s awesome when parents actually take part in a YA novel rather than being sidelined or absent I also just love his relationships with Jazzy and Barry I love the comedic relief their teasing each other brings to the story but when things are rough they’re always there for each other I also loved his relationship with SkeeterDelilah Delilah has just enough spunk to go head to head with Henry and keep him grounded I was definitey cheering for them since book 1 actually and there were definitely some moments where I “sueed”I can’t say enough about the supernatural elements of this series the different beings are definitely uniue and fresh I think my favorite beings might just be the Firebirds So hopefully we’ll get to see from them or perhaps a book focused on Tristan?As for the overall story I felt that it was well paced there were a few places I felt the story was a little rushed I definitely couldn’t put this book down and was so happy it lived up to book 1 I can’t wait to read what’s in store for these crazy characters I would definitely recommend this series to readers who love a great cast of characters and uniue supernatural elements

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    First off let me start by saying that Rachel Walter the author is absolutely awesome Like if you haven’t spoken with her you are missing out BIG TIME The fun I have with this amazing woman is uncommon She is a rare find indeed And I couldn’t be happier than to have met her and have her ask me to review this book Because not only is she awesome so are her booksNow Soul Promise is part 2 in her series so if you haven’t read True Connection yet you may want to bi step this review until after you’ve read the first one You don’t really have to read the first one but to me with the characters and some back story I highly recommend you doing so I try not to spoil to many events in the book but I can’t promise not to So if you don’t want a spoiler alert then GO AWAY until you’ve read the first one READY SET GO You won’t be disappointed in Tue Connection but I’m not here to review it so carry onSoul Promise gave me my must needed insight of Henry and his challenges that I craved in the first book His strength and love moved me in ways that many authors can’t I related to him in so many ways Ah but my favorite is Ms Delilah She is so feisty and makes my inner wild child come out The way these two move around each other afraid to make a move afraid to fall but mostly afraid to not be the others mate is heart breaking and just makes you want to scream just DO IT ALREADY This book will leave you satisfied but wanting at the same timeI can’t wait to see where Rachel takes this series and see who’s story I will be reading nextBUY THIS BOOK READ IT PASS IT ON This book is perfect for any YA loving paranormal romance readers out there

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    I received this book from the author and from Paranormal Romance and Authors That RockSoul Promise is the second book in The Soulmate Series It can be read as a standalone but best if read after the first book True ConnectionHenry just discover his wolf He's a halfling an abomination to some He struggles to keep himself sane and deal with the odd threats whispered in his head He's being targeted and worse yet he doesn't know how to protect himself or anyone he cares about Delilah and Henry have feelings for each other but are too afraid to do anything about it Neither one knows if they are each other's mate or not Will they be or will their connection dissolve? With threats looming over their heads no one is safe and lives will be lost as new friends are gained Who will be left standing in the end?So much better than the first I really enjoyed this installment I could feel Henry's emotions and struggles leap off the page like they were my own I was pulled in with the action and threats that loomed over him I enjoyed the addition of new characters and creatures as well as seeing the familiar faces Delilah was a strong character that packed enough punch to keep Henry on his feet Things did sometimes happen too uickly and were easy going but overall the story was great I can't wait to read some of the other characters I would like to see Tristan's book I recommend this for any YA paranormal romance fan who enjoys love stories about soulmates and a love at first sight connectionI rate this 4 fangs

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    Series Soul Mate #2Category Genre YA Paranormal RomanceRecommended for 15 due to language and violenceGrammarediting ungraded – book received as an unedited ARC errors excusedReceived from Rachel Walter in exchange for an honest reviewTour by Crazy Girl Blog ToursThis is the second book in the Soul Mate series They do need to be read in orderHenry Williams is dealing with his new abilities and accepting his sister’s relationship with her Soul Mate Now it seems his two identities are at odds and he must face the relationships within his own body and mind or risking losing all that he loves Return to Lupiterra PA and rejoin our friends in the next battle between evil and normal protecting the innocents humans who do not even know that others are real I loved Henry in this story He tries so hard to protect everyone around him that he forgets to protect himself This is like so many people that I know in real life You know them too the mother who will not buy a winter coat for herself so that her child can have a coveted pair of jeans and the father who works a second job so that his son can see how a real man provides for his familyOnce again I loved reading characters who use the collouialisms that were a part of where I grew up Oh and “jaggoff” doesn’t mean what you think it does It means idiot in PittsburgheseI am looking forward to the next book in this series See yinz next time

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    I did not read the first book and this fact made the first part of the book very hard for me to get though There was a lot of information and inside information that if I had read the first one I would have known what is going on My suggestion is to read the first book before reading this oneSo although I did not read the first book I did Soul Promise The main story is about a guy Henry who is half human and half wolf so the book has a lot of conversation and fighting between the two halves It is interesting because while Henry has control over his wolf his wolf is really mouthy in the sense that when it senses something it wants OUT and OUT nowThen you have his sister and her friend skeeter who are not wolves but are something else which I was still trying to figure out as I read the book Anyways back to the main part of the book It has a good plot and I think that it is really good writing you know what you are getting when you read the first chapter in tone and styleI will definitely read most from this series as it is a good series and does have some solid characters While I would have called it YA because of the age of the characters it is intended for older and mature audiences due to the language Trust me when I say that it is not that bad language wise and I have read much much worse

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    Soul Promise is book 2 in Rachel Walter’s soul mate series If you haven’t read True Connection yet start there I was excited to see Henry get his story and he does in this book and much Henry is trying to figure out himself and his wolf and what he is to others All this and fighting the pull he has for Skeeter Now I want to slap them BOTH in this book It was like UIT FIGHTING IT But they are also fighting against a force that wants to tear their group apart Jazzy Seth and Barry are all there to help Henry through his tough time even when he pushes them away There are so many characters in this book but I am weird I like my core group and what they are into Henry had so much going against him even himself But he figured out that he should count on his friends to be there to help him through anything There is a battle I wont tell you about it but friends are lost I cried Get your tissues ready I will say this is a VERY heavy book Not just in size but in emotion Rachel does leave it open for all the characters to get something in the next book Me? I want a Barry book Then I will be thrilled HAHAHA Go Fall in love with all these friends You feel like part of their lives by the time you are through