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A woman with a dark pastForced into hiding after her NSA sanctioned task force lands on a terrorist cell’s hit list cryptologist Zahra Gill must rely on the skill and experience of her ex Special Ops Titanium Security teammates to keep her safe—including former Force Recon Marine Sean Dunphy The impossibly sexy man has the unnerving ability to shatter her concentration by simply walking into the same room Even though she’s sworn to keep him at a distance his charm and protectiveness weaken her resistance Drawn to his strength and magnetic sensuality she finally gives in to the passion she’s denied herself for so longeven though she knows she might lose her heart in the processThe man strong enough to win her trustSean’s had his eye on the guarded proud analyst from the first day they met He knows she’s hiding something from him but nothing could have prepared him for the shocking truth of her past When a targeted attack brutally exposes Zahra’s dark secrets Sean will do everything in his power to protect the woman he’s fallen for Unfortunately the cell hunting them has powerful connections and their enemy is closer than they ever imagined

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    4 starsReview completed September 11 2013I'm going to make it short and sweet Come on sweetness open wide I know you want it I know your mind is in the gutter now Tsk tskbut it's not what you have on your mind Not at all view spoiler hide spoiler

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    35 ⭐⭐⭐✨ Burned is the third installment of Titanium Security SeriesThe story picks up immediately after the previous book SingedAfter the bombing that almost killed Gage everyone has been on edge So with the help of the Titanium Security team NSA’s Cryptologist Zahra Gill had to move out as they were all targeted by the cell they were tracking Former Force Recon Marine Sean Dunphy had to protect Zahra as she was specifically targeted as being the “weakest link”Reading the first two books in the series I was kinda excited about reading Sean and Zahra's storyThe story was a little slow paced for me compared to the first book in the series Ignited which was my favorite😍 The action was back as well and the mystery of who was the mole in the NSAthough I think I had an idea who it was in the beginning 🙄 was a nice touch to the plot Sadly I did not feel any connection with Sean and Zahra They may have a good chemistry and have a sweet relationship It's that I just I feel like there is something missing Still it was a good book especially the pranks between Sean and Hunter loved it 😂 “I believe you I’m proud as hell that you’ve fought for what you wanted what you believe in”

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    This series has a continuing story arc and should be read in orderThe task force team is forced to move again after their safe house was compromised Zahra Gill has moved to her own place but when someone shows up late one night and creates a disturbance Titanium Security Agent Sean Dunphy decides to camp out until the threat is resolved Both have strong attractions to each other but Zahra has kept him at a distance and it’s obvious she’s guarding the secrets of her past However it soon becomes clear that for now Zahra is the focus of the terrorist threat and there’s a serious leak within NSA The set up for this story began in the last book so I was looking forward to learning about Zahra as it was clear she suffered some awful trauma in her past I liked how we were provided the latest terrorist operative’s point of view as it ratcheted up the tension when the team was unaware there was trouble brewing While most of the earlier part of the book tilted towards the romance the last third is all action and suspense I really enjoyed the story especially the second half where I found it difficult to put the book down Zahra and Sean’s romance worked too as there wasn’t any game playing and their relationship was sensual and honest The identity of the NSA leak is also disclosed and I’m glad that’s resolved The action was as exciting as I found the first book filled with realistic outcomes I’m still enjoying the series and am looking forward to what’s next for the team

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    AMAZING 5 shiny starsLOVE LOVED LOVED Sean Zahra's storyOnce again and in my opinion ALL of Kaylea Cross' books the writing characters and story line are fantasticOkay now I have to wait until Friday to read the next book in the series Ellis Jordyn's story and I CANNOT WAIT

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    uick and easy read and saw twist and turns coming a mile away but still love Kaylea CrossSteam level Mild

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    I just cannot get enough of this series Burned was FANTASTICDespite the danger and suspense surrounding them and the urgency to take Malik down we got to experience the lighter side of the team The pranks were hilarious I laughed so hard when the guys got their payback Sean’s reaction was priceless I loved him His humor his sensuality his fierce possessiveness and protectiveness of Zahra I fell for him big timeAnd Zahra captured my heart as well with her strength and vulnerability I enjoyed the two of them as much as I did Hunter and Khalia I didn’t want their story to endI'm counting the days until I get my hands on Blake

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    Maybe three stars is a bit low but I just finished a fabulous book and this one just didn't measure up to not only to the other books in the series but to other romantic suspense books I've read Just didn't cut it for meZahra Gill has a mysterious past and a burning desire to fight Islamic Fundamentalism in any way she can She is a translator with the NAS and is currently working to bring down Malik Hassani and his terrorist cell She is working with Sean Dunphy from Titanium Security for several week and the attraction goes both ways but Zahra is currently on a no man hiatus well was anyway With the group under attack they are hiding and trying to pinpoint the mole in the NSASean has made it his priority to keep Zahra safe and that's a very good thing when she ends up being the next target

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    Another hit for me Zahara and Sean were so good I loved them from the very start and they didn't disappoint me

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    Rating 35 starsI enjoyed this one the characters were good the team is around and the overall mystery arc continues

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    Series Titanium Security #3Rating 4 stars really enjoyableOne Sentence Summary From the moment former Force Recon Marine Sean Dunphy meets NSA cryptologist Zahra Gill he's captivated by the reserved beauty but convincing her to take a chance on him might be his biggest challenge yetIt's no secret at this point that I'm a big Kaylea Cross fan and Burned is another excellent addition to the books I've read I'm really enjoying the Titanium Security series and in Burned we see the team scrambling to find the person who is targeting the team Sean and Zahra have been working together since the first book and their chemistry has been evident but Zahra is on a dating hiatus and she's not used to trusting people I really enjoyed watching these two circling each other and seeing how Sean shows Zahra over and over again that he's a good guy and he'll always be there for her They have a really sweet development to their relationship definitely a slow burn here but once they finally get together they were on fireOne of the things I love about Kaylea Cross's writing is the way she weaves together the romance and the suspense with each getting lots of space to develop on the page I'm always sucked into the suspense and mystery while also falling in love with the characters and their stories In particular I loved Sean and his charming and confident personality He's a natural protector and seems to instinctively know how best to help Zahra without being overbearing I also really enjoyed Zahra who has been to hell and back and isn't afraid to keep fighting She might appear vulnerable and reserved on the outside but she has no problem speaking her mind or standing up for herselfIn addition I love the whole Titanium team and those that are working with them Cross also gives the reader lots of side character development without taking away from the main coupleReader Safety References to Muslim religion transforming into extremist behaviorsbeliefs Heroine was abused and almost killed for not conforming to family's extremist beliefs off page but described Heroine has a limp and occasionally pelvic and hip pain due to her attack issues and pain shown on page