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Lily Munroe thought she had married an honest dependable man but she was painfully mistaken It didn't take long for her once loving husband to become a secretive stranger mixing with shady people and even shadier dealings Although Lily nursed him through a sudden terminal illness her marriage was over long before he passed away During that difficult time only her passion for the exhilarating Iditarod race across Alaska gave her something to look forward to and she channeled her emotions into training dogs for the grueling event Now single again she's determined than ever to win the race awaken her sense of self and leave her past behindIn the competition the person to beat is two time winner Derek Wright a man Lily dubs Mr Wrong Extremely sexy and devilishly charming Derek is the consummate playboy Or is he? Although Lily can't deny her intense attraction she believes he is dangerous to her scarred heart Little does she know that Derek is an elite antiterrorism agent or how desperately she'll need to depend on his skills to keep her alive once the race is under way

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    On Thin IceLily Munroe veterinarian lives on a cattle ranch helping the cows birth calves fearful of planes – her mother died in a plane crash where her father was the pilot her father remarried his grown stepson is also a vet she married Sean a lying cheating con man – who only wanted her because his friend Derek wanted her first he left her on their honeymoon night having taken her virginity to pick up a woman at the bar downstairs She wanted to divorce him but then he told her he had terminal cancer and 6 months to live – and she being her could not leave him – it took him 3 years to die Sean Derek had purchased Diablo – a masterful bull whose sperm was worth a million dollars a canister and Sean set up an international network to sell other bull’s sperm forging her vet signature that the sperm belonged to Diablo – and with online gambling he lost millions weekly – he did set up an account in her name in the Caymans with lots of money And Lily has raced the Iditarod 5 times and raises and trains dogs to run the raceDerek TFLAC owns a ranch in Texas and Sean was his foreman Sean begs threatens Derek to purchase a ranch in Montana – the ranch Sean grew up on and whose father kicked him off of and for an unclear reason Derek did and he allowed Sean to lie and say he owned the ranch and Derek was his foreman Derek hires the right people who can take care of things in his absence when he goes out on assignments and when he sees Lily he falls in love they go on 3 dates and they get carried away kissing against his truck – and Lily is overwhelmed by the passion she feels and runs scared – right into Sean’s arms – Sean who reads people and says and does all the right things until their wedding night And Derek isn’t with another woman – though he allows others to believe that when he goes out on assignment he is with women And Derek spends as much time as he can to help Lily with Sean trying to relieve her burdens Sean died 6 months ago finally Derek is investigating and breaking down the sperm con network and he has decided Lily has spent enough time mourning he spends time with her teasing her – flirting with her – and he is also running the Iditarod and plans to have her as his by the end of the 10 days Lily found out 6 weeks earlier about the sperm con overhearing 2 of the hands talking about business as usual and they figure out she knows she is concerned that Derek is a part of it and figures to confront him after the race after her PI has reported back to her she does not want an affair with Derek she does not want to risk her heart – sure he will leave her that he isn’t a permanent kind of guy – so she argues with him she tells him no he calls him on his flirting and yet she feels safe when he is near – training his dogs alongside her own to be sure that they will be readyThere is a 3rd person who checks in every so often – one of the ranch hands who was offered 10000 to kill Lily and to make it look like an accident And then since this is afterall a T FLAC novel there is a terrorist threat in Alaska location unknown by Derek’s archenemy – one who is famous for using dirty bombs – so Derek is on alertThe Iditarod begins she is competitive – especially where Derek is concerned He ties her to him with a gps locater and a microphoneheadphones On the 2nd morning she goes to find a private place to void her bladder and someone with a rifle starts taking shots at her – missing her she struggles to roll around pull up her pants find cover – and the shooter is obviously an amateur and continues to miss her Derek thinks this is related to the terrorist the shooter was a 2nd ranch hand and the 1st one comes up on him is angry that they sent someone else to do his job and take his money – so he slashes his neck killing him Derek tracks the shooter finds him dead recognizes him and still ties it to his terrorist brings his team in to clean upHe gets ahead of her to a steep down where one needs switchbacks she talks him through it and is 10 minutes behind him he decides to wait for her at the first pull out and as she gets close he hears an explosion and a mini avalanche catches her a dozen pages on how the dogs and him and her work together to unbury her the sled 2 dogs again he thinks it’s his terrorists hmmmm He takes her to safety makes camp and puts her together with him in his tent and though they are both exhausted they do share some passionate kissing she wakes up in his arms the barriers are dropping the sexual tension is growingThey spend another 16 hours and then end up in a town where he has made reservations for a shared room – 2 beds they exchange looks but he assures her he will stay in his own bed and she takes a shower while he goes for food when he makes it back up she is sleeping an hour later she wakes up and invites him to have sex – maybe it would help her to relax get him out of her system she’d be happy enough and he decides to take her up on it but not to hurry through it she asks if he has a condom he says yes but he hasn’t bee with a woman in 6 years and has a clean bill of health she tells him she was worried about Sean and his history and what she might be carrying and she confesses she only had sex with Sean once on their honeymoon and learned of his cheating ways then Derek realizes that she is a virgin for all practical purposes and slowly makes love to her insuring her pleasure The next day he is behind her wanting to protect her his plan to get her to the next stop whener his people will take her in a plane to safety yeah right does he know this woman? he hears a snowmobile tracking them he is on the phone with his TFLAC crew – and with her and she timidly asks him to confirm that he did not know about the sperm con he admits he did but that he was investigating it and had put some people away and was still working on closing it down when he realizes she knows he realizes she has been the target all along he warns her to find cover as he lost the sound of the snowmobile she is traveling down a frozen river and before she can go back up the bank the shooter shoots at the ice in front of her causing cracks another dozen pages describing how he dogs avoided the cracks but that black ice broke and she went over a bump and she fell off the sled into the water Derek gets to her but can’t reach her hands without falling in the ice himself – she uses her knife anchor the ice pull herself forward finally getting close enough to reach for the belt he tosses her and pulls him to her and then he works uickly to warm her up and they ultimately end up having sex AhhhhHe goes after the shooter who thought he had been successful and tells Lily not to trust anyone He returns on the guys snowmobile she doesn’t recognize him she tries to shoot a warning shot but her rifle jammed and as he gets near her and he doesn’t know she doesn’t know who he is she swings the barrel of the gun at him knocking him out once he regains consciousness one eye is swollen closed Then his people call him with a location of the bomb – set to take out a new surveillance station near Nome and a storm is there which prevents his crew to get there in time – he needs to take the dogs and get there himself he tells Alex about being TFLAC to which she responds cool and she forces him to take her with him – both to keep her safe and so that she can be his eyesThey get to the base there’s an old plane she takes refuge in it with the dogs he takes out the 1st wave of terrorists gets to the bomb but can’t see well enough to diffuse it – he calls for Lily to help he tells her which wire to cut – working the way through the other wires delicately and then he defends them against the 2nd wave – getting a shot in the arm he forces her back on the plane and takes off shooting at the 3rd wave – and she is terrified almost passes out and when she starts to calm down she notices Derek has passed out she manages to get into the pilot’s chair and doesn’t want to know what to do but then along side her is one of Derek’s men in a helicopter – on his way to the base and seeing their problem he talks her through the landingIn the hospital she gets 3 stitches where she was grazed and he gets through surgery she meets his brothers others of the TFLAC crew and some of their wives and she breaks down crying – too much had happened and now she is certain she has lost Derek she sleeps she wakes up with Derek sitting next to her – she tries to noble with her goodby he tells her he loves her and doesn’t want to go – she sends him away – he accuses her of letting her fear of abandonment skew her faith in him she insists she needs spaceA miserable week passes – she doesn’t speak with him she goes to his barn when Don one of the hands calls for her – she can hear him his brothers wives in the house having dinner in the barn she is confronted by Derek’s arch enemy – and he wants her to call him to the barn so that he can kill him she dials his phone from her pocket and they all mobilize immediately the bad guys are caughtkilled and she is in his arms he takes her upstairs to shower she has the bad guys blood on her and tells his sisterinlaw to leave them alone for 24 hours she admits she needs him she was afrais and she jumps into his arms telling him this is her leap of faithAnd two days later is his fatgher’s wedding during the toasts he says something for his father then to Lily inviting her to the library where he has set up candles theminister so that thye can be married also ahhhhh

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    There are many characterizes I despise in a heroine Rarely are they all present in the same woman Lily Munroe has got to be a first Prickly bitchy oblivious martyr TSTL and the list goes on and on She has no concept of the phrase to thy own self be true and running from her own feelings should put her in shape for a cross country marathon Maybe that is how she got into shape to enter the Alaskan Iditarod race I never figured that T FLAC operative Derek Wright would be such a masochist but go figure The heart wants what the heart wants Poor guy At least Lily has a lot grit than I would have given her credit for because she really needed itLily Munroe had one date with Derek Wright and ran screaming from the feelings he aroused in her right into the arms of his best friend a real SOB Liar cheater embezzler the guy was a real loser which Lily didn't discover until after she married him Then the slime ball turns up with a terminal illness Lily wasn't going to leave but her marriage was over long before he passed away Her only passion was training her dogs and participating in the Iditarod race across Alaska Six months after Sean's death Lily finds herself at a crossroad in her life She hopes that the grueling race will help her sort out her life and what direction she should take She also hopes to put some distance between her and Derek WrightDerek Wright a man Lily dubs Mr Wrong has let everyone believe that his extended trips away from the ranch are nothing than the roaming's of a sexy charming playboy His missions for T FLAC are far from the jaunts of a playboy but Lily is desperately trying to guard her heart where he is concerned and when Derek joins the Iditarod race to pursue Lily finds it impossible to resist him Well the fact that someone is trying to kill her was a factor also

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    On Thin Ice35 StarsIn the aftermath of a disastrous marriage to a deceitful liar Lily Munroe is wary of risking her heart again but Derek Wright is determined to win her even if it means taking on the Iditarod However there is to face on the race across Alaska than merely the elements as a killer has Lily in his sights and Derek will have to use all of his skills to both woo and save the only woman he has always loved It has been a while since I read the previous book in the T FLAC series but the books are only loosely connected so it was easy to get back into the swing of things Books set in Alaska are a favorite of mine and Adair certainly knows how to use a setting to her advantage as the descriptions of the wilderness and the Itidarod add to the excitement of the mystery The suspense plot involves two separate threads which is unfortunate as neither is sufficiently developed It would have been better if Adair had focused on the threat against Lily and left the espionage aspects out of the euation The romance has potential especially as Derek is a fantastic hero Sadly Lily's distrust and stubborns while understandable detract from the overall relationship as she has a tendency toward running hot and cold that becomes rather irritating Despite these issues On Thin Ice is a fast paced action packed read and it reminded me to get back to the series

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    I’m torn between excellent action and suspense writing and problems with the heroineI loved the plot and events which included bad guys the Iditarod race and sled dogs It was well done with good writing Lily is a vet and trains sled dogs for the Iditarod races Both she and Derek are participants in the current race I enjoyed the story around the Iditarod Other plots included Lily overhearing a conversation about illegal activities As a result bad guys are trying to kill her Derek lives on a ranch near Lily’s hometown Derek is a secret agent for T FLAC a privately funded black ops antiterrorist group There is a terrorist threat which ends up involving both Derek and LilyI did not like Lily’s attitude and decisions Six years earlier she had three dates with Derek She was so drawn to him and liked him so much that she broke up with him because she was afraid he might hurt her by breaking up with her Then she marries someone she doesn’t love just to get away from Derek After her husband dies from cancer Derek wants a relationship with her but Lily is rude critical and insulting to him She does not want a relationship with him for the same stupid reason as beforeCAUTION SPOILERDuring the race Derek saves Lily’s life than once from assassination attempts They begin a passionate relationship As soon as the race is over she leaves him telling him she needs space He told her he loved her but she didn’t believe him and she continued to fear that he would break up with her I couldn’t handle her stupidityIn addition to Lily’s emotional stupidity a few times in the book there was a little too much pondering in Lily’s mind as to what to doSexual language moderate Number of sex scenes four Setting current day Montana and Alaska Copyright 2004 Genre romantic suspenseTo date I've read one other book by Cherry Adair My 1 star review for her book Kiss and Tell Copyright 2000 was posted on 22208

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    #6 T FLACDNF uit after 10 pagesI enjoyed the earlier T FLAC books but uit reading On Thin Ice a few weeks ago just SO unbelievable and downright stupid In the first ten pages a rookie female agent gorgeous of course is deemed to be vital to the team's success in a super important mission against an very bad manAs the mission is in a critical stage the female rookie agent disobeys her team leader's orders does some TSTL things then freezes in fear all of which endanger the mission and the lives of her team shakes head I have no patience with just plain idiotic plot set ups like this it makes me feel dumb just reading it Of course the team leader is ultra hunky sexy and the sexual chemistry crackles between the TSTL female agent and her team leader as a life and death mission is underway sigh That was my last Cherry Adair on the shelf and I won't be reading anything by her ever again

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    Wonderful book Set in Alaska at the time of the Fur Rendezvous festival and the Iditarod sled dog race from Anchorage to Nome I enjoyed the animals included in this book the dogs moose on the dogs ; great main characters and did I mention the dogs? A favorite for This Reader

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    Having sex to avoid hypothermia after an accident during the IditerodCherry was pushing it a little with this one It's my least favorite of her T FLAC series

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    Had a hard time finishing It wasn't what I thought it was going to be Too much like a Harleuin romance

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    Engrossing Romantic SuspenseThis book caught my interest from the first page and didn't let go till the end Not even then because I realized I had skipped several books in the series to read this oneNow I have the pleasure of going back and catching up with this fascinating familyI can see how reading the books in order would have benefits but I was able to figure out enough from this story to keep up with what was going on In that way it could be considered a stand alone book I wish I had read them in order thoughBetween the excitement and fascination running the famous Iditarod race brings to the story a terrorist cell planning an infamous attack in the hero and heroines area and someone desperately trying to kill either or both of them over some outrageously expensive bull spermWell you get a lot of adrenaline packed excitementThen there is the romance WowNote; there are a few explicit sex scenes and uite a bit of f bombs exploding

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    Fantastic setting for an adventure story with details of the Idatorod sp? either nicely researched or nicely imagined Nothing like a beautiful sexy hero who's spent 6 chaste years waiting for the heroine Very nice Mmm mmm good as the H says at one point Two sets of villains with at first unclear agendas throwing spoilers into the already harsh race environment makes for a super story