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A smile will get you far but a smile and a gun will get you farther Al CaponeFederal Agent Alex Turner deals better with guns than boyfriends and prefers it that way Her emotional range is bleak but her aim is damn near perfectThinking saving the world is a far easier task than dating Agent Turner springs at the opportunity to prevent young scientist Marcus Gibbs from selling his biological weapon to the highest bidder With her goal in sight and Marcus eating out of the palm of her hand an obstacle she doesn't see coming interferes Meet Jeremy Hunt the distractingly handsome CEO of Sunscape Biotechnologies and Marcus's boss and best friendA man who is accustomed to getting what he wants Jeremy's never been one to take no for an answer which has Agent Turner realizing for the first time that her wit might get her farther than her weapon With no protocol or training to reference when it comes to matters of the heart she worries that this might be her hardest assignment yet

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    There are a lot of romance books out there and a lot of thrillers but there aren't very many books like this Emotionally Compromised occupies my happy spot between HOT and ZOMG managing to balance a high stakes plot and a sizzling romance at the same time Alex the heroine is a smart competent no bullshit badass and Jeremy Hunt the hero is a strong sensitive persistent hunk There are no domineering assholes or simpering wallflowers here At least not ones we're supposed to be rooting for When they clash it is believable and intense and when they come together well the author has a talent for those scenes Totally recommended

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    From the beginning of the first chapter she had me hooked I was immediately dragged into the plot line As the story continued I was dragged through an unbelievable roller coaster where I had absolutely no clue on what would occur at the beginning of each page As I read each emotionally compelling page I felt a complete wave flood over me with unknown emotions I never thought I knew If I could rate this over 5 stars I would The plot is emotionally compelling and makes you feel as if she is making you the one who is 'Emotionally Compromised' This book has it's plot twists that leave you at the edge of your seat It makes you keep reading Despite it's length I feel as if it wasn't enough I need of her characters and I'm ecstatic to read her next book in the series

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    Emotionally Compromised is sexy dangerous and one of the best books of all time This book is not like any other book I read all in one sitting and all because I could not put it down This book deserves to be in the New York Times Bestsellers Federal Agent is what every single girl secretly wishes to be; strong beautiful and of course an badass And oh so dreamy Jeremy even thought there were times I wanted to hit him The hot CEO was the perfect match for Alex Even thought their new love gets tested many times they learn how to deal with each other I know is not the last that we are going to see of them Alex Rose made the perfect couple that is imperfect

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    This review and at wwwtattooedbookreviewcomMy Rating 45 Stars “Relationships are stressful than saving the world”I love romantic suspense and this book succeeds in perfectly combining the romance and the suspense elements resulting in a story that is all at once sexy intense exciting and even funnyAlex and Jeremy come to realize in their own dysfunctional way that they are perfect for one another Their chemistry is absolutely sizzling and it’s impossible not to want them to be together The complement and challenge one another and even though they struggle in their budding relationship there’s not an overwhelming amount of drama They each manage to be strong when the other is weak and when it seems they still may not make it a heart stopping climax decides their fate They produce fireworks both in and out of the bedroom and the small moments of warmth and humor add balance Their interactions and emotions are genuine and even though the characters are bigger than life an incredibly sexy CEO and a dangerous and beautiful secret agent they still feel relatable I loved both primary characters but Alex especially she’s a bad ass and strong woman but still a woman with real feelings and struggles with relationshipsThe story is filled to the brim with excitement intrigue and action Witty dialogue punctuates the interactions between all of the characters the cast of secondary characters is well rounded in its own right The author gives many layers to even the villain of the story feels real and accessible and I could almost feel sorry for himThis book has spicy romance well realized characters and perfectly paced action and suspense and is a great read for fans of the genre I hope we get to see of these characters “This is dangerous He is dangerous We are dangerous but I guess I wouldn’t have it any other way”I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review

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    Agent Turner and Jeremy Hunt have a sizzling relationship The sparks are always flying whether in anger or lust Each has a very important opposite agenda in their careers But when they should be thinking and looking out for themselves they find themselves looking out for each other Even so they still cannot seem to throw aside outside interference and follow their heart The turn of every page had me rooting for this couple’s HEA and just when I was losing hope a climatic scene at last forces the two to realize what they mean to each other If you are looking for the thrill of romance mixed with the thrill of danger look no further than Emotionally Compromised by A Rosa

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    There wasn't a thing I disliked about this book The characters were spot on The sex was hot The suspense was thrillingThe only thing I don't like is how the seuel is not out yetBrilliant work from an up and coming author Her uirky style is one to fall in love withThe best is yet to come out of A Rosa and I can't wait to see where she takes me next

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    One simple word WOW This book is amazing Was hooked from the first to the very last page Completed the book within two days The plot line is original and the characters are both complex and complete Ive never been so eager to pick up my kindle Cannot wait for the seuel

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    Full Review on Emotionally Compromised by A Rose was a great read We start the book off by meeting Agent Alex Turner I really like this heroine; she was feisty sassy and down right bad ass Next we have our CEO playboy love interest Jeremy Hunt Cue in the jobproblem Marcus Gibbs Marcus is the best friend to Jeremy and is used to being second to Jeremy in all things Alex works as a waitress to try to catch the eye of Marcus but when Jeremy and Alex meet she knows she in for some problems The emotionally void Alex can’t understand the attraction she has for Jeremy but she knows she needs to stay as far away from him as she can if she wants to complete the job Jeremy has other ideas and pursues Alex to no end until she finally agrees and sparks fly with these two Marcus catches the two and plans must change for Alex to complete her mission There are tons of twist and turns in this story and I don’t want to give too much away so I will stop there but this was great read I recommend to anyone who likes a secret agent heroine suspense and love

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    Good golly gracious what a fantastic read I came across Emotionally Compromised via Wattpad and became completely interested in reading the entire book I will be forever grateful towards Alex for allowing me an ARC copy to be able to read it You made me one happy reader DSuch amazing characters and plot I had so much fun reading this book It's witty and romantic with a great edge full of danger ; I plan on buying it on and I absolutely cannot wait for the seuel Alex Rosa you have me hooked and I look forward to of your adventures ^^

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    Emotionally Compromised is a thrilling action packed romantic ride It's always fun to see them compete over is dominant in this relationship the badass agent Alex Turner or the hot businessman Jeremy HuntThe author has done a great job in depicting the antagonist's mindset the characters' shortcomings and flaws and how they get over itAll in all Emotionally Compromised is a totally worth reading action packed romantic rollercoaster that for me proved to a kickstarter for YA books