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In the second installment of the Siren Suicides trilogy Ailen Bright finds herself in a sticky situation Her new supernatural abilities haven't solved anything in fact they've royally messed up her life She can't be with the one person she loves though her self control is wavering by the second her old well dressed dog of a father hasn't learned any new tricks and her supposed siren sister doesn't seem to have her best interests at heart A pawn in the game between her father and the Siren of Canosa Ailen is constantly searching for her next move Through all the hardships however Ailen's self doubt begins to dissipate as she comes to accept her new identity

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    Canosa goes over the finer details of being a siren Every siren needs to eat It's important to know how to hunt During this teaching session Ailen hopes that their connection is family related than student teacher relatedWith death at her heels thoughts of death and suicide are left far behind While she wished for her own death not even 24 hours ago she couldn't stand the thought of her nemesis doing it for herThe story gets better in this second installment of the Siren Suicides There is action packed scenes The reader learns about sirens and the world of siren hunters

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    Happy to say that I still enjoy the story and the characters immensely I often felt that the main character was frustrating and stubborn in her refusal to show any real growth but was rewarded in earnest in the last three chapters I look forward to finishing the series and seeing how it will all turn out in the end That being said the book did show some technical difficulties and could have benefited from another round of proofreading

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    What sets this book apart from the first one is the relationship development; the relationships are all so complicated and they are portrayed with brutal honesty

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    A brilliant second instalment by Ksenia I loved the idea of acceptance and responsibility that was prominent in this book

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    I managed to continue this series and I would like to say that Im closer to the endingWhen it comes to reading trilogy books second books were the most boring ones and the best ones were 1st and the 3rd ones I might say that this book enlightrned me a bit so badThe series were created for people who struggled in depression Seeing the main character Ailen turning out to be a strong girl and adjusting to her life as a siren From a girl who drowned herself in a bath tub her suicide in Lake Union to her siren transformation She is getting stronger indeedHowever the fact that she keep making wrong decisions and trying to fix them makes me hope that she can finally have the answer she is looking forThis book is not bad but it did not made me surprise like the first book but the author managed to make me read it till the endI hope that the third book will give the ending it deserves to haveRating this 45

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    I loved book 1 of the series and I adored book 2 I can only imagine how book 3 will be Truly this book will like the look of a siren will catch you in it' gaze and it will keep you until all your soul will have been spent I really had a hard time putting this book down The action is constant What I love best about the characters is that I can easily put myself in their shoes It was really an incredible readIf you love a good story that will bring you many surprises with relatable characters and a thirst that will make you want for so much than this is the book for you

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    5 stars

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    Anske's writing is so uniue It's polished and scary I find the topic matter disturbing but its compassionate tragic and gritty all at the same time

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    'My Sisters in Death' is the second part of a three book series This series was at one time per my understanding once a single book This is a fact that impacts the book rating uite a bit I review based on three primary attributes the story the characters and the writing Plus I like to make some general observations about what I liked and didn't like and present a little recommended fornot recommended for advice I earnestly avoid spoilers I will do my best to follow that pattern in this reviewTHE STORY the story in this book is weak And I would suggest that's part of what you get when you have the first and last thirds of the original book removed from the mix There is a significant amount of geographical movement in the story a good deal of interaction between the main character and three of the secondary characters and an encouraging amount of character development NOTE in the first book the only character that really gets any development for my liking is the main character Ailen We see three other characters start to solid up and take on personalities in this sectionTHE CHARACTERS high score for Knesia on this point Ailen the main character takes on shape Hunter the boyfriendadversary starts fleshing out nicely We get to see a little of the humanity of the less than human father and Canosa the Alpha of the Sirens All other characters are still pretty much cardboard cut outs placed on stage to fill space as needed but that actually is fine in my mind Freuently when reading a book I got overwhelmed with the number of characters I have to keep track of The cast is full enough to make the story work And those who are important enough are developing nicely through these pagesTHE WRITING as part two of the same series in which I have already reviewed book one the writing is essentially the same The voice is consistent and appropriate for the story albeit strange to me A girl turning 16 She's mixed up brought up badly lives on the fringe of her own culture has few friends and is suicidal She annoys me I feel like she needs slapped uite freuently Oddly I mean that in a good way It's a creative and interesting voice In book one I wanted to slap her a lot Book two a bit less slapping and a growing inclination to give her a hug Well as long as she promises not to never mind That's a spoiler So the writing style is good The voice as odd as it is is good for the storyPROOFREADERS SIDENOTE one aside I want to offer is that I noticed several editing errors Places where words ran together and stuff like that They were only a mild distraction for me and my ADD tends to kick into high gear when I read so it shouldn't be a big deal for anyone else But if there ever is a republishing of these books in the Kindle andor Google format I used both in my reading it might be worth hunting them down and making the corrections Just a thoughtOBSERVATIONS there is an ample supply of death and dying in book two I mean a lot of it It makes me wonder things about how the story is going forward and where it came from How could the sirens have existed for so long doing what they do without notice and now suddenly Seattle gets turned upside down at the advent of Ailen's story I have ideas that I won't know for sure until I read book three next week To speak them would be very inappropriate Like a spoiler for this book and the next Or they would just be wrong and I'd look like a fool Or a bigger fool Something like thatRECOMMENDATIONS this remains unchanged from what I said before time to employ the copypaste function I would recommend this book to readers of YA people who like a bit of the hereafter in their story people who enjoy a mix of local landmarks in their fiction and either know Seattle or are interested in the area It feels to me like a good summerat the beach read or better yet a read me late at night on a crisp autumn with a fire in the fireplace kind of book If you don't like modern lit this might not be the book for you If you only read authors off the top 20 New York Times list this might not be your perfect read The voice is a bit immature but it's a first person teen voice so that makes sense to me If your not happy with the odd reference to a girls breasts and a few PG level references to sexuality it might be a pass for you If you only like books that are 1000 pages or it's a bit bite size friendly Even if you lump the three books back togetherThis books gets a 3 star review from me Even a bit of a weak 3 star honestly I can't in good conscience give it without a strong plot line to hold on to I don't mind chasing the main character all over the greater Seattle area but it's not the sort of story that wins you rave reviews On the other hand I know I must read book 3 so the joke's on me I suspect our conclusion will fare better

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    Anske really doesn’t waste any time between novels and by “time” I mean this second installment in the Siren Suicides trilogy starts exactly where the first book endedSo Ailen’s a siren and she’s trying to embrace that But it’s really hard to do when she’s still so uncertain about her feelings for Hunter and her father and even Canosa and the other sirens as well as her new nature and the need to kill humans by singing out their soul in order to survive While she struggles internally there’s also uite the umber of external problems her best friend is a siren hunter her father is a siren hunter Canosa wants her to kill both of them and Ailen realizes that she might just be a pawn in everyone else’s gameSo the uestion is who really cares about her enough to save her or will she have the courage and strength to save herself?Ailen’s character is so complex in this book her psychological torment increasing as the people or sirens around her continue to chase after her and force her to make decisions she doesn’t want to make In the meantime the word “monster” is thrown about uite the number of times as she uestions her loss of humanity and as the reader there’s definitely a few moments where you can’t help but wonder whether Ailen is actually the villain of this storyWhich means that her development as a character has taken uite the delicious turnIn this seuel we also get a lot of information about Canosa – the siren who turned Ailen into a siren – and Ailen’s father as well as what might have really happened the morning Ailen’s mother jumped from Aurora bridge The history between Canosa and Ailen’s father is grotesue and it’s absolutely wonderful what it reveals about why Canosa chose Ailen I think the worst part is that personally I knew all along what Canosa’s game was and yet it still sucker punched me due to the sheer power behind the hatred that exists between those twoAnd can I just say that I love Canosa? She’s a menace a pure and manipulative menace but she kind of feels like the most genuine character out of all of them And I love that in a character that I hate She’s twisted and demented and the way she is just makes so much sense that it’s lovelyOnce again it’s essentially a race across and through Seattle siren hunters chasing sirens and vice versa with plenty of collateral damage along the way What’s so heartbreaking is the way Hunter – Ailen’s best friend – is caught in the middle even so than Ailen in my opinion he’s in love with Ailen and Ailen’s in love with him but the their love grows the faster Hunter’s soul burns When it’s gone? He’s soulless; not dead but a natural enemy to the sirensPoor poor Hunter No sarcasm I promise; he’s had the least amount of choice in the whole mess and his torment over what he wants and his responsibilities and how little his chances of survival are is absolutely heartbreakingSo the hunt continues and the whole time you can’t help but chatter your teeth and wonder if Ailen can kill her father or save Hunter or if Ailen’s father is really so horrid and evil that he would kill Ailen but maybe there’s a chance at redemption for him? What grips you the hardest is the fact that this whole situation’s a trainwreck and as the characters let their desires and emotions get ahead of them nobody is safeThere was however one thing that started grating on me Through nearly every interaction the characters keep pushing the same buttons and the arguments started sounding the same Regardless of the fact that I understand these are big issues – Ailen and Hunter’s parents and their relationships and stress and all of the abuse Ailen’s trying to work through – it eventually became boring to hear them restated in different ways The situations and dialogue began to feel like a carousel – around and around and I’m having a good time but in the end I was never anyplace other than where I’d started and while there were answers to previous uestions I never uite felt like I learned anything majorly new other than what I might have already guessed which bled into my uestion of whether there’s any development going on within the uestionsThen again this trilogy is essentially a single novel told in three parts so i haven’t reached the conclusion of the story yet soon I’m very very eager to see where the third and final book takes these characters and the plotFinal Answer 4 5